lights textures

some things ive discovered while browsing mods for da:o

  • there are a lot of ‘young & attractive wynne’ mods which is just ?? to me lmao
  • whitewashing
  • actual good mods w fully voiced new npcs or quests like holy hell im so impressed
  • sexy lady armour that, as a feminist, i rail against, but as a wlw,
  • so many good additions to the cc or items, lighting fixes, texture fixes, goddamn mods may be a cesspit of whitewashing & objectification but there is so much good work that ppl put in as well 

shjt u h how do you edit out edgy text you absolutely regret putting in your picture when its kind of embedded into a background that took you like half an hour to get exactly right and that you can probably never replicate?? asking for a friend


“ Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me…”

.::Andrew Lincoln
& Jeffrey Dean Morgan::.

Beautiful in blue, black & white


I hate when clickbait articles are like “artist shows what cartoon characters would look like as real people!” when literally the only thing they do is add realistic texture to otherwise unchanged character designs

Great… cool… highly detailed lighting and texture looks alarmingly gross on stylized characters. Tell me something I don’t know. That’s not what Fry would look like “as a real person”. Show me the best reverse-caricature cosplay for once.