lights quiet

so quiet, this light in my woods
each lash a tattoo of secrets
measured in flame’s tongues
burning deep into the skin

time does not scour promised wait
it does not unburden cursed weight
the solstice’s wet work is done
by firelight, and now the days dilate

we drive along empty roads at night
using maps drawn in unsteady ink
this cleanse never razed so good
it leaves fertile soil to the trees

remnants of winter into summer
chart paths to a singular desert
your name whispered in the dust
a lost grave of memories and time

You won the battle, but Fuck You if you think you won the war. This is not over.  We will fight with every last inch of ourselves, with every last breath. We will fight for our brothers and sisters of color, for our disabled family, for our LGBT family. We will fight for our right to humanity, We will fight for our right to life, to love, to liberty. We will fight you from the grave if we must. You have not won. We will rage against the dying of the light. But Better yet We will not let the Light Die. We will snuff out your hatefulness, your insanity. We will put to rest your injustice. We will burn your cruelty to the ground. We will light the Beacon of hope and call to all of those who would carry it with us. We will not let you win. We will not let this Light burn out. We will dream, we will hope, we will love, we will rage, we will scream, we will fight and we will stand against you together. We will stand our ground. We will not go quietly into the night.  Light your Beacon Fire. Let it burn.  Show the world our Fire, our hope. It’s our turn. You won‘t win this war. It’s not your world anymore. Light your Beacon. Let it Burn.

after all these years, shishio is happy. after six. freaking. years. shishio finally has the chance to be with someone with whom he can truly be himself again.

i am so, so happy for him, because he deserved so much more from hnr, seriously. and he finally has the chance to be happy. i never saw him smile that much since he was with suzume, and i want to cry for him (no, really, i got choked up when i saw his smile in the last couple pages).

and, y'know, what really makes me happy about this one-shot? we see the fruit of his labor. he’s more honest now, and suzume taught him that. he put away the sushi tie, because he didn’t want anything to hinder his chances with samejima. he bit the bullet and kissed her, because he liked her and wanted her to know that. he freaking waited outside his apartment for who knows how long, in the cold, for samejima to come back home so that he could tell her the truth, because dammit he’s messed things up twice already and he didn’t want to lose a good thing a third time.

he did the running this time, and man. i was pissed before over the hnr ending, despite being a mazume shipper, but now i’m just happy that shishio can be happy because this guy really deserved it. ;_;