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As I prepare for motherhood I cannot believe how incredibly harsh our society is on new first time moms! There are so many incredibly insincere people, majority of them women, criticizing and shaming other moms because of their parenting choices. It’s unbelievable how this culture is so UNSUPPORTIVE of motherhood! People are so quick to say, “you’re doing this wrong”, and chastising moms based on certain choices they make. So what? Let that mom raise her children vegan, her children aren’t being held back by anything! Let that mom co-sleep with her child, those years slip by so fast that when you blink they will be off on their own! You can’t get those years back. Let that mom choose to educate her child at home, there is no rule that they can only learn in schools, & by a teacher (this is coming from an educator herself AKA me). Let that mom choose what benefits her and her child’s needs! No child is the same. Like a fingerprint, each child is unique and different.
Stop chastising moms for using cloth diapers, or deciding on regular diapers! Stop telling other moms that letting your child cry to sleep at night is bad, or that caving in to cuddle them back to sleep will “set them up for failure”! These opinions are JUST OPINIONS that these moms who work hard to keep everything together just do not need unless she asks specifically for advice.
This not only goes for parenting, the same goes for pregnancy and your birth plan. Choose what you want. Epidural no epidural. A hospital versus a birthing center or birthing at home. We all have one goal: to bring a healthy baby into the world! Some choices resonate well with others but you cannot shame a new mom for what she chooses! She makes her choices based on what is best for her and her lifestyle.

Do not assume that she has not done any research on what she chooses! If you are concerned about her choices, why does it affect you? Are you going to be raising her child?

We know it’s hard to refrain from giving out negative opinions but the carelessness of those negative opinions are like ripples in the ocean. It starts small, but eventually spreads to the shore. Be mindful of your words, what you think, what you say, and how you act. If you want to give advice or your opinion, I was taught by my boss from a job I had when I was 18 years old that stuck with me forever which is to…


Ask the person, “would you like some helpful advice?” If the mom says “no thank you” then please RESPECT her answer. And be OK with her response. No one was born to be a parent expert right away, it’s all instinct and a learning experience.

So if a mom is excited to share something about her life with you in a photo or blog post, be happy and encouraging because she was proud to share it with you!

We need to be one sisterhood, one tribe, encouraging and assisting when asked for help. If you spread love and helpfulness it will truly change our world and the way we see things. 🙏🏻💫🌙☄️💖

Be kind, be gentle, and be loving, always.


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Situations: 13 Sentences: 1 with Steve Rogers please? Thank you beautiful!

13. expecting a child
1. “I’m with you for a reason, stupid.”

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“Can you stop pacing like that? You’re making me nervous.”

Your boyfriend stopped in his tracks, immediately coming to sit next to you at the end of the bed. 

“Sorry, doll. Guess I’m a little anxious.” 

“Me too.” The two of you sat in silence for a moment, and Steve reached over to take your hand, rubbing small circles into your skin. It calmed you–for a few seconds, at least. And then you remembered the little stick sitting on the bathroom counter, just a few feet away, and instantly you were on edge again. Steve seemed to sense the tension rise in you again and he let go of your hand, wrapping an arm around your waist instead. He pressed his lips to your temple, then sighed as your tucked your head into the crook of his neck. 

“Do you regret it?” His voice was so quiet, you almost missed it. You pulled away from his, catching his eye. 

“Regret what?” 

“I mean, if you’re–and we’re gonna be–this is–”  He dropped his arm from around you, bringing his hands up to run them over his face. “This obviously wasn’t planned, I think that’s what I’m trying to say here.” 

“All I know is that I love you, and I will never regret that. I know we can deal with everything else,” you told him, grabbing his hands and gentle prying them away from his face. 

“You mean that?” He asked. 

“Of course I do. I’m with you for a reason, stupid,” you replied, smiling and bumping his shoulder with yours. He grinned back at you, then took a deep breath, blowing it out slowly through his mouth. 

“You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” you said, getting ready to stand up. Steve held you back, jumping to his feet instead. 

“Let me?” You nodded, silent as you watched him make his way towards the bathroom. He flipped the light on, grabbing the pregnancy test from the counter and staring down at it. The seconds seemed to stretch into an eternity before he finally turned around, unshed tears glistening in his eyes and euphoric smile spreading slowly across his face. “We’re having a baby,” he whispered, spinning the stick around to show you. Even from across the room, you could make out two straight two lines in the little window, indicating positive results. In seconds, you were off the bed and on the other side of the room, practically jumping into his arms. The two of you connected in flurry of passion, hands sliding into hair and lips meeting lips. 

“I love you,” Steve mumbled against your mouth, leaning away from you enough to press a hand against your stomach. “Both of you.”

Em’s Birthday Drabbles!

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Dude, I don't know why, but I just saw your reply to my 'Alistair 4 dad' message, and thought of wee Duncan makes me so happy! Also, I can't decide who would baby the poor guy/girl (I don't think Alistair would let gender get in the way of naming all his children Duncan), Bree or Alistair... or possibly the very blond older Duncans/siblings.

All I want in this world is for Alistair to grow fat and old and happy with the loving partner of his choice.  

… And then I reserve a special place in my heart for the ‘if Alistair had ALL the babies he’d name ALL the babies Duncan’ AU.  Duncan, Duncanna, Duncanessa, Duncan IV, Wee Duncan, Baby Wee Duncan, Duncould, Duncant, I mean the list could go on and on.  

If Alistair had babies, he would totally baby his babies more than Bree.  She can be a taskmaster when she puts her mind to it.

Announcement: Tom Holland x Black Reader

In light of Queen Bey’s pregnancy Reader freaks out and Tom looks at her like she lost her mind.

You were staying in London with Tom and his family. Everyone was sitting at the dinner table, Tom begged you to put your phone done, “Fine.” You closed the screen and turned it face down. You were sitting in between Tom and Harry. 

“So Y/N, when does production start for Y/M/N?” Mr. Holland asked. “In a month.”

After 20 minutes of conversation, your phone started ringing off the hook. “Sorry.” You picked your phone up and opened it. “AHHHHHHHHHH!” You screamed and jumped up. Everyone jumped and looked at you in concern, “Is everything okay?” Mrs. Holland asked. 

You started pacing back and forth, “Oh my God.” Tom got up and grabbed your shoulder, “Love what’s wrong?”

You tried to speak but you couldn’t. After 5 minutes of everyone trying to calm you down, you spoke. “Beyonce is having TWINS!” You yelled. Everyone groaned, “Really Y/N? Really?” Sam asked looking mad. “That’s not important.” Harry said shrugging. “Oh no.” Tom whispered knowing that you were about to go on a rant. 

“Really? You out of your mind? This is the best news since, since I don’t when.”

“God is real.” You said smiling. “That’s it. Now we gotta have kids, Tom.” You said causing his parents to choke on their food. “W-what?”

“Beyonce is having twins now we gotta have twins, come on lets go.”

“What the hell?” Tom asked looking freaked out. “Obviously it’s in your DNA.” You said motioning between Sam and Harry who were dying of laughter. 

“You are ridiculous Y/N.” Tom sighed. “I can’t breathe.” You felt yourself hyperventilating. “I love her. Like why did this bitch just make 2017 better?” You started crying. “I hate her. SHe is so sickening. She’s probably gonna name those kids Green and Poison Ivy, watch.”

“She’s probably gonna copyright the names because she’s THAT bitch.” You said. “I know it was suspicious when her ass just disappeared  and BAM first day of Black History Month. That bitch is cunt.” You nodded taking a sip of your water while everyone stared at you. 

“I’m done. I swear I’m done.” You said looking around at the table. You were quiet for a few minutes until you pulled out the picture and showed Tom. “But look babe, she’s probably going to name them after flowers.”

“Y/N, please just eat and then you can talk about it later.”

“Fine.” You looked around, “Maybe Rose Ivy-”, “Y/N!” Everyone said collectively 


I feel like its the right time to bring this back.

@clcckhands continued from here

                 She looked at him skeptically, nearly a smile on her lips. “Darling, this wouldn’t be my first child. Let me assure you, the pains of birth and carrying a child are not lost on me. Any benefit I have from a child would be shared with you, through love.”

                A quiet sigh as she looked away, smile slipping with her glance.

                                 “I miss having children, that’s all… And I imagine you would like at least one, and when a better you than now?”

Shaving. Scarlett & Faraday distant future scene

He had remained there with her, a late afternoon nap suiting the both of them.  He lay on his back with an arm around her, her curled snuggly to the length of his body. The first indication he got of her being awake was the movement of her fingers.  She played idly with the creases on his shirt, his dirty lab coat having been formerly hung over a nearby monitor frame.  

He would have thought nothing of it, content to instead doze and dream of what might soon be in his world, had her fingers not trailed up to the position aside his heart.  He frowned when her touch lingered..  The scar beneath the fabric there was sensitive both in touch and memory..  He opened his eyes looking to her and saw the pensive expression carved into her features like a fine marble statue.  


He uttered his words softly feeling too loud a voice would sound harsh in the quiet stillness of the room around them.  She had been the cause of this scar.. By her own hand and will she had been the one to send the bullet piercing through his flesh.  She had done so to save him.  Thinking him dead those that promised him a far worse of a fate turned their heads away from the fallen body.  Even so she never did seem to forgive herself for a situation she could only respond to and never control.

Failing to break her of her thoughts verbally he grasped her hand in his own, halting the motion on his chest and causing her head to snap up at him in startled surprise.

“Scarlett..  Please talk to me,” he implored.  Surely it was better to share her worries than to allow them to build inside herself.

She looked confused, disorientated for a moment and then looked to her hand in his realising what she had been doing.  Her eyes widen and she shook her head quickly making an effort to pacify him.

“Oh! N-no I.. I wasn’t thinking about-”  Well.. Maybe a little bit she confessed to herself with a frown but it really wasn’t the main focus of her thoughts.  She signed not really sure how to put any of her current feelings into words – mostly because her feelings where neither here nor there.  “I’m sorry..  I’m just really scattered right now.  Hormones hate me and really I only want to take a break from crying just so I can stuff my face with any food I can get my hands on.”  

Her lips twitched.  It would be a funny joke if it weren’t true.

He didn’t let go of her hand.  Instead his thumb rubbed small circles on the back of it as he studied her face. “Well, those are things I can help with I’m sure.  I can play for you and give you a shoulder if you want to cry and I’m pretty sure we have a decent enough stock of food down in the storage room.”

“That should make for a good snack,” she stated with a short laugh and in response he pulled her hand over his shoulder to draw her body in closer so he could kiss her cheek.  She laughed at his antics and claimed her arm back resting it against the shallow of his neck.  

“You have enough on your plate already; you have been overworking yourself again.  I can tell because you’re more hairy than normal.”  

Her finger stroked the growing mass of fur along his cheek and over his chin and he had to concede with a touch of his own that he was getting a bit unkempt…

“So a shave first and then a late breakfast?”

“It is the evening Faraday.”

“A very late breakfast?”

She laughed, a real smile gracing her lips and making her glow with mirth.  “Alright.  A very late breakfast.  Do you mind if I do the shaving?”

Her request was unexpected to him but he found no reason to decline.  “Ah sure?  Though I would rather keep the style I have.”

Agreed she lifted herself off of him so that he could rise from the old and beaten mattress and head to a lower level of Acadia.  There was nothing fancy these days.  No porcelain bathrooms or marble sinks though she had been able to build a working communal shower area some years back.  The tank was purified and heated but had to be filled up manually.  For this task however a bucket of water, some soap and a cloth would work just fine.  

He kept a blade sharp for this task and handed it to her with confidence as he unbuttoned his shirt collar. He washed his face and turned to her moving his head to her touch when she pressed delicately with her fingers upon his jawline.  

Shae was her chosen scent more recently and it filled his senses when she stepped in close to him. Her hand lay upon his face while the blade of the razor glided along his cheek and neck.  He moved to her gentle indications and remained still feeling his eyes close to the sensations.  It was oddly calming.

He rested his hands upon her hips not really sure what else to do with them, beyond dangling them pointlessly, and took pride in the thought of weight and swelling slowly gathering around there in the up-coming weeks.  

The other side of his face was requested and presented to her wordlessly and once again the razor drew across his skin.  A shiver was resisted.  Plenty of damage could be caused with that blade accidentally or not and yet the thought never once occurred to him to back away from her.  There was a strange comfort he found in the act of someone else doing the grooming for him and ever more so when that person cared about your opinion and presentation.  Warmth came from having another hold your well-being in such a manner that mundane chores such as this became a choice of theirs to do.    

“There,” she declared happily once she had finished trimming and tidying up his preferred style with a pair of scissors.  “Handsome as the day you stepped out of your epidermal suffusion pool.”  

If it where anyone else he would have bristled at the remark but he knew her better and simply rolled his eyes and tapped her nose lightly with the handle of the now sheathed razor. Funny.  So.  Late breakfast.”

She chuckled letting him go to wipe his face over with a splash of water and then a towel.  He regarded his own reflection with a raised eyebrow of approval.  It always looked neater and more symmetrical when someone else did it – providing they knew what they were doing of course.

“Evening breakfast sounds good yes,” she agreed happily.            

I know it's long but please read.

Someone seriously help me because my body is so messed up right now and idek what it is!

1. Head aches daily for 3 weeks.
2. Cramps (They feel like period cramps but also feel different but the same? If that makes sense)
3. Bloating.
4. Nauseous.
5. Tired 24/7.
6. Sore breasts.

By the way I hope I’m not pregnant I had my period about a week ago but it was light! My first pregnancy I had I also had my period but was also light and lasted 7 days… But my last pregnancy all my symptoms were was my hair getting longer, my nails growing faster and my butt getting bigger..

If anybody has any other suggestions other then pregnancy lemme know! But if all you can think of is pregnancy also lemme know so I can get checked out :)

also.. MY stomach is hard but when I press down near my ovary it feels like a bump???

There’s also more but they’re irrelevant to this post.
Asexual and Pregnant and That's Okay!
I want to share this letter someone sent me about their concerns about the implications of my pregnancy in light of my public asexuality, as well as my reply and their subsequent response, just in case there is anyone else out there who might have similar concerns or questions.  I am always open to LGBTQIA-related discussions, and am proud to represent my place in humanity’s spectrum! 

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Blogmas 7; Mistletoe.

The mistletoe kiss request. H kissing not only her, but her pregnant belly under the mistletoe… and be like daddy couldn’t forget about you or something like that idk

Here is the story that got deleted at 3am on Saturday morning; where I nearly cried and screamed and woke all my family up. 

I absolutely adored writing this story, and re-writing it as well, and I love writing some Daddy!Harry when the missus is pregnant and expecting and Harry just dotes like crazy on the bump between her hips. There will definitely be more along these lines for the rest of Blogmas. 

I promise, I’ll get better at posting and we’ll have a lot more stories posted in the next few days in December. 

Enjoy. xx

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