lights off


this weekends motto: im too lazy to straighten my hair so lets pretend these looks were planned,

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I finally did the bias selfie tag thing that @kookiebaen tagged me in about a million years ago! I’m sorry to be here looking like this, though, haha. A few other people also wanted me to do this lol. @chanyeaoll @normality-is-unnecessary and @foxistrash .. idk @etherealchen also tried to convince me haha. I’ll tag the people who tried to convince me and @jonggdaes to do it haha. (you all look better than me lmao anyways. gl !!)

oh boy i can finally post the illustration i did for menons-la-danse

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:poussey washington was such a kind, sweet person and was genuinely good. heck, even her inmate picture is adorable. she was so sad and alone for such a long time but she finally found someone to love who loves her back and were actually planning their future together. she found an interest in cooking and planned to get a job doing that after prison. she deserved the world and had so much going for her but now she just gets to have her own headstone in the byg trope graveyard

Please fire me. My boss turned all the lights in the office off because she had a headache. When I told her I needed them on so I could read she replied, “that sounds like a personal problem.”