lights of emerald city

the moment right before a hug. knowing each lyric of a song. night skies and city lights. a deep emerald green color. the calm before a storm. sneaking out. mystically wonderful. looking down from an airplane and seeing the paper world below. a string of fairy lights around a window. fiercely independent. skinny dipping. laughing even after the joke is over. a beautiful enigma within an enigma.
—  name aesthetics: Laura //requested by anonymous

Ten year old Elphaba Thropp brushes her sister’s hair, preparing Nessa for the carnival, at her father’s request. The carnival Elphaba had been begging to go to for six years.

For the next three days the carnival was in town, Elphaba gets her sister ready and walks her out the door, watching her sister walk away to have the night of fun Elphaba had dreamed about for six years. Elphaba helps her mother around the house, doing whatever is asked of her, then sits by the door, waiting for her father and sister to return home, hoping, praying, wishing one of them would think of her and bring just one thing back.

They don’t.

Twenty-two year old Elphaba Thropp skips behind Galinda Upland as she’s pulled along to be shown everything there is to see. Galinda’s soft, pink hand in Elphaba’s dry green once, her fingers tingling at being touched with such love. It never got old.

Elphaba came to a stop and looked at a machine spinning around, covered in some fluffy substance.
“What’s that pink stuff?” Elphaba eyed it in confusion.
“It’s cotton candy, Elphie! It’s so sweet and soft and yummy! It melts right in your mouth!“ Galinda smiles warmly, blue eyes sparkling. Her smile was infectious, and Elphaba felt her mouth curve upwards.

“Two cotton candies, please!” Galinda said in her usual, cheery voice. She turned to Elphaba and winked. “My treat.”

Elphaba watched in amazement as the Munchkinlander placed a paper cone in the machine and pink began to wrap around it. Soon, it was bigger than Elphaba’s face. The worker handed the mountain of cotton candy to Galinda, who in turn handed it to Elphaba and patiently waited for hers.

Elphaba again watched the pink fluff build around the cone until it was handed to Galinda. Galinda looked up at Elphaba expectantly.
“Take a piece off and try it, love!”

Elphaba gently broke off a piece and held it in between her index finger and thumb. Elphaba placed it on her tongue and shuddered as the sweet, sticky substance melted away.

“Do you like it? Do you really like it?” Galinda asked in a child-like voice that made Elphaba fall for her all over again.
“I love it, Galinda.”

Elphaba, determined to pay Galinda back for the best thing she’d ever tasted, used some of her tickets to buy a round of ring toss. Galinda clapped her hands together.
“You can do it, Elphie!”

Elphaba tossed the ring with surprising accuracy and it landed on the farthest bottle.

All five rings landed on the farthest bottle, and the worker raised her eyebrows in surprise.
“What’ll it be?”

Elphaba pointed to a giant pink bear. The carnival employee handed it to her, and in turn Elphaba handed it to Galinda. Galinda squealed and threw her arms around Elphaba.

Galinda convinces Elphaba to ride the Ferris Wheel.

It comes to a rocky stop and Elphaba grabs Galinda’s arm.
“Is it broken?” Elphaba asks, concerned for her girlfriend’s safety.
“No, silly! It just does that so people can get off.”
Elphaba raises an eyebrow but says nothing.

It comes to a stop at the top. The wind ruffles their hair. Elphaba can see for miles.
The sun is setting in front of them, sending colors cascading across the sky. It’s the first time Elphaba’s felt so free.
“I wish I could fly. I could be up here all the time.” Elphaba speaks softly, her words are only for Galinda’s ears.

Galinda leans her head on the green girl’s shoulder.

On the second trip the top, Elphaba suddenly unbuckles herself and Galinda, grabbing Galinda’s hand and pulling her up.

The wind wraps around them and they stand a little closer together for warmth.
Elphaba brushes Galinda’s blonde curls behind her ear.
“See that?” Elphaba mutters, her lips almost touching Galinda’s ear. “The green lights? That’s the Emerald City. That’s where we’ll go, my sweet. Just you and I.”

Galinda looks up into her love’s striking green eyes.
“I love you, Elphaba Thropp.” Galinda whispers, standing on her tip toes to kiss her green nose.

Elphaba shuts her eyes and smiled, savoring the feeling of Galinda’s soft lips against her skin.

Galinda’s head came to rest on Elphaba’s green shoulder. Elphaba dropped her own head of black onto Galinda’s blonde one.

The two girl’s stood, backs to the sunset, facing their future.

Their kisses tasted like cotton candy.

Geeks are not the world’s rowdiest people. We’re quiet and introspective, and usually more comfortable communing with our keyboards or a good book than each other. Our idea of how to paint the
Emerald City red involves light liquor, heavy munchies, and marathon sessions of video games of the ‘giant robots shooting each other and everything else in sight’ variety. We debate competing lines of software or gaming consoles with passion, and dissect every movie, television show, and novel in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

With as many of us as there are in this town, people inevitably find ways to cater to us when we get in the mood to spend our hard-earned dollars. Downtown Seattle boasts grandiose geek magnets, like the Experience Music Project and the Experience Science Fiction museum, but it has much humbler and far more obscure attractions too, like the place we all went to for our ship party that evening: a hole-in-the-wall bar called the Electric Penguin on Capitol Hill.

—  Angela Korra'ti, Faerie Blood