lights ignite

cardinal people, aries, cancer, libra, and capricorn operate on this sort of mode of impulsive energy, like a spectrum or surge that flows through them, they are open to possibilities and movement. however a cardinal person drained of spirit and activity becomes a shell of themselves, withdrawn and waning. people are beams of light that can ignite and present new opportunities, because they are constantly on edge and reactive, there is rarely a moment that passes without meaning 

Touch me
Let your fingers
Find me
My face
My skin
Let the beauty
Seep in
Sweaty palms
Night lights
Let our souls
Through the fire
And the flames
Our inferno
Can’t be tamed
Your touch,
Your feel,
Is it something?
Is it real?
I need more
I crave you
I hope your touch
Wants my touch too.
—  J.Delissio, day 169, touch
The Last Jedi Teaser Poster Anyalsis

Worth a Thousand Words

An Analysis of The Last Jedi Teaser Poster

Having just returned home from Star Wars Celebration: Orlando, I am filled with emotions, excitement and anticipation for the next installment of the Skywalker family saga. I was fortunately enough sit in the The Last Jedi panel, after 20 hours of sitting on a concrete floor, and an additional 10 hours before hand, queueing outside. However, that panel was worth every second of the wait time. And while most people will say the long anticipated teaser trailer stole the show, as an artist and illustrator, for me, the star of the show was the teaser poster, that was also revealed.

My jaw literally dropped as I stood in stunned silence as the crowd cheered around me. In fact, my line buddy, a member of the 501st by the name of Matt, repeatedly asked if I was okay as stood agape at the poster, amazed in it’s brilliant design as well as very clear and intentional use of visual story telling. I was flabbergasted at the bold choices made by Lucasfilm in this teaser poster, and I do believe that this is more of an indicator of the film’s story, rather than the trailer. This poster tells us, the viewer, everything we need to know about the direction of the upcoming movie, as well as helps dispel the rumors that The Last Jedi will be nothing more than a carbon clone of The Empire Strikes Back.

Before I go into detail I just want to say that it’s no secret that I ship reylo, however, for the purposes of this discussion, I am setting aside my implicit biases and talking about the facts stated in this poster, rather than fan speculation and conjecture.

First and foremost, what stood out to me is the simplicity in the poster’s design. We see only three characters, Rey, Luke and Kylo Ren. After doing extensive research, I found that this is the ONLY poster with just three characters. All previous Star Wars posters depict the main ensemble of cast members, as far back as 1979’s A New Hope. Never before has a Star Wars poster depicted only three members of the cast, and it is a clear statement that these three characters are the most important in relation to the story. There is also a not so subtle nod to Luke Skywalker in the original promotional theatrical poster for A New Hope. Both Rey and Luke are positioned in almost the same spacial area, in the same pose, with an ignited light saber raised up. For Luke, this symbolized his acceptance of his heroic journey, and the inherent power he possessed. For Rey, however, the meaning is vastly different. The sequel trilogy is very much about passing the torch from the old generation to the new, and unlike in The Force Awakens, Rey is present and accepting of that power, physically and metaphorically, in The Last Jedi, the second installment, rather than the first. Rey is our new hero, now heroine, embarking on her own heroine’s journey.

Now I know not many fans like Kylo Ren, and in fact they perceive him as a whiny emo cry baby, trying his best (and failing) to emulate Grandpa Vader, but his importance in the story cannot be overstated! He is the descendent of Darth Vader, and Leia Organa, and as much as most fans dislike him, that’s just simply a fact! The Star Wars trilogy movies are about the Skywalker family, and he is the new Skywalker of the trilogy. He is important to the cinematic universe as a whole, and characters from the The Force Awakens who easily had double the amount of screen time as him, such as Finn, were purposefully omitted from the poster in lieu of Kylo Ren. Regardless of how much fans like his character, he is going to play a very impactful role in the film to come. I know that he is not the most important character or the focal point of the poster, however, given the overly negative response he solicits from fans, I felt that it is important and necessary to make my position, and the poster’s narrative clear; even if you don’t like his character, Kylo Ren is a key player in the Skywalker family saga, and the cinematic universe as a whole.

When analyzing any piece of artwork, regardless of the the medium, the best jumping off point is the focal point. In The Last Jedi teaser poster, the viewer’s eye is immediately drawn to Rey, brought forth by the strong contrast of the blue halo of light emitting from her lightsaber. In terms of visual hierarchy and storytelling, she is the most important element to not only the poster, but in the movie it represents. Her position, in the lower center of the foreground suggests that she is the most grounded of the three characters, and thus the one that we, as the viewer, is meant to relate to the most. However, she is removed from both Luke and Kylo, positioned below them, which indicates that she was not a initially part of their conflict. And originally, she wasn’t. Rey was just a scavenger, abandoned by her parents on Jakku, struggling each day to survive. At that point, Rey didn’t know or care about the Force, Resistance or the First Order. Her primary goals and motivations were pure and simple, survival.

This coincides with the backstory indicated in not only The Force Awakens but also in Claudia Grey’s novel, Bloodline. There are no indication that either men knew who Rey was or her origins until she found BB-8 and became tangled in fight with the First Order. Luke and Kylo have a contentious and tumultuous past, filled with conflict and anger, as they stand on opposite sides of Rey’s light saber. This is a visual metaphor for the Force, and where Luke and Kylo represent the Light side, and Dark side respectively. Separating them is Rey, and the light of her saber. Although she is removed from their history, Rey has been flung into the foreground of the struggle between opposing sides of the Force. She is part of their present, and thus their future. In short, the resolution of Luke and Kylo’s conflict rests on Rey’s shoulders, both metaphorically and visually in the poster.

The struggle been Kylo Ren and Luke is an interesting and important to the story, but what is more important is what it represents! At its core, Star Wars is a fairy tail, and was intended to tell stories and teach children about the human condition and morality. Understanding every detail of Luke and Kylo’s past is less important as what their struggle represents. It is the timeless struggle of good vs. evil. If the timeline in Bloodline is to be trusted completely, and there are no extra twists and turns in the interum, Kylo Ren turned to the Dark side of the Force approximately six years prior, and has been unable to locate or confront Luke since his disappearance. What has changed in that time? Why will Kylo suddenly be able to locate his former master on Ahch-to? The answer is right in the poster, Rey!

This of course opens the doors to a whole new set of theories, such as a Force Bond, or Snoke obtains a copy of the map and so on. But there is practically no solid evidence to substantiate any of these claims, and at this point, they are pure conjecture.

I also find Rey’s placement in the middle quite interesting in the wider context of the history of the Force itself. One of the central themes Star Wars has always been finding balance. In the prequel trilogy we saw this through Anakin’s development from the heroic Jedi knight, to the Sith Lord, Darth Vader. And yes, Anakin is responsible for choosing his actions and must therefor accept the consequences of such actions, however, the biggest contributing factor to his descent into darkness was the Jedi Order and their absolute refusal to acquiesce to the basic human nature of love and attachment. In fact, one can argue that the Jedi Order is even more barbaric and cruel than the Sith. Companionship and attachment is one of the hallmarks of humanity, and by denying them, they are essentially denying being human. But the Jedi Order in both the prequel and and original trilogy was the personification of the Light side of the Force, while the Sith representing Darkness. Too much of either side’s influence causes the Force to spiral out of balance, and thus the galaxy is thrown into chaos again. This was demonstrated numerous times on both sides, such as Anakin’s betrayal, or the New Republic unknowingly creating the groundwork for the First Order.

In short, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Both light and dark must be present in order to achieve balance, and Rey’s placement, directly between the light and dark, makes her the fulcrum, or the point of equilibrium. In essence, it is Rey who is who is going to bring about that balance.

Another interesting observation I made was that all three characters, Luke, Rey and Kylo Ren are all colored in red. I cannot stress this enough, the psychology of color is important! Specific colors invoke particular and subconscious imagery and responses. Color theory and its use in marketing and illustration is a universal language. In fact, color tells just as much, if not more, of a story as the composition! There are two primary colors in the poster, red and blue. Red is the color of darkness, evil and passion. Blue on the other hand conveys serenity and tranquility. Why is Kylo’s lightsaber red? Not because he uses the Dark side of the Force, but because the color red has a strong visual impact and the human brain automatically associates red with darkness and power. It’s no coincidence that the color red is associated with the Sith, while blue is attributed to the Jedi! Everything you see on screen or in print was designed to create a specific response from the viewer and convey as much information as possible with no words.

Further more, in both The Force Awakens and the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi, it’s made quite clear that our heroes and villain are all experiencing a crisis of faith in the Force. Rey had her entire existence turned up on its head looking for guidance and training. Luke, it is suggested, fell into despair and solitude after the death of his acolytes because his teachings and philosophies failed to save his own nephew. Kylo, who just recently murdered his own father in hopes of committing himself entirely to the darkness, felt more weak and confused than ever before (this is said nearly word for work in The Force Awakens novelization). Because the color red is frequently associated with the dark side of the Force, and I find it quite compelling that all three figures are bathed in red. To me, this suggests that the trio are all going to be struggling with their inner demons, which often implies the temptation of the dark side. In fact, the only beacon of light and hope comes from Rey’s light saber. Some have argued that the light comes from Rey herself, but when you compare her upper body to her lower body, you can observe that just like the figures above her, Rey’s form is red, and the blue reflected in her face is emanating from the lightsaber, rather than Rey herself. This coincides with Rian Johnson’s choice to make the Episode VIII title font red, and maintains visual continuity. The most logical conclusion one can extrapolate is in The Last Jedi is going to delve into much deeper and darker overtones and story lines than it’s predecessors.

The positioning of Luke and Kylo in relation to each other is another aspect to this poster that I find intriguing. Luke and Kylo’s heads are above Rey; in this poster they are literally watching over her, and her choice to accept the Skywalker lightsaber. However, they are on opposing sides of the saber, as described above, representing the light and the dark. As a viewer, this design illustrates a sense of tension and conflict in both Luke and Kylo, but also in how they view Rey, and her choices. This image is clearly setting up the overtone that Rey has to struggle between choosing accepting either Luke or Kylo. In other words, it’s another iteration of the never ending struggle between the light and the dark.

Looking back in The Force Awakens for a moment, we remember that Kylo Ren extended the offer to teach Rey, “You need a teacher. I can show you the ways of the Force!” We all know the choice Rey makes at the end of the movie, but what about Luke? Will Luke even want to teach Rey after his previous failings at reviving the old Jedi Order? The following does begin to tread into the territory of conjecture and theorizing, however I do believe there is solid evidence to back up what I am about to speculate, or else I would have omitted it form this analysis. At The Last Jedi panel, Daisy Ridley, under the watchful eye and ear of Kathleen Kennedy, did reveal some very interesting information. We, as the audience were MEANT to know this information prior to viewing the poster, or else the CEO of Lucasfilm would never have permitted that information be divulged (like the Rogue One mishap at Celebration Europe 2016). Summarized, Daisy stated that Rey indeed does meet her hero, Luke Skywalker, and like in real life, how we  (Rey) envision our heroes does not always coincide with the reality of our heroes. This very clearly sets up the idea that Rey and Luke are going to have a less than harmonious relationship in The Last Jedi. This is also backed up by some previous leaks and spoilers from, however until we know the veracity of those rumors, I do not treat them as fact, like I do the things said directly from the people at Lucasfilm. The statements from Daisy Ridley at the panel, however, were purposeful in sparking ideas and igniting the flame of this idea that Luke and Rey will not have a peaceful mentor/mentee relationship in the same light as Yoda and Luke’s relationship.

Mentorship has always been another key themes throughout the Star Wars saga, from Anakin’s tutelage under Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn, to Luke studying with Yoda. There is every indication that those reoccurring themes will continue, but in a different fashion. It’s been made pretty clear that Rey is going to struggle with Luke’s training, and we already know of Kylo Ren’s unrelenting conflict within himself, stemming from the teachings of Supreme Leader Snoke. Snoke ordered Kylo to kill his own father, an act that he did follow through with, but the novelization has proven that that act made him more conflicted than ever before. Where it should have brought him strength, instead he found weakness and doubt.

And all of this ties back to Kylo Ren’s original offer to Rey to teach her. It is my belief, based on the evidence above, that Rey is going to struggle between the teachings of Kylo Ren and Luke. You may ask “how will Rey learn from Kylo? They aren’t on the same planet?” Well even that is partially answered in Episode VII, and confirmed in tweets made by Pablo Hidalgo. Pablo definitively said that Rey learned so much so quickly at Starkiller Base because she extracted the information from Kylo Ren’s mind during the infamous interrogation scene. So in a way, Kylo has already become her first mentor.

Both the Light and the Dark are justified in their beliefs and teachings. Adam Driver previously stated in an interview that Kylo Ren vehemently believes he is and was justified in his actions, and it’s quite clear that Luke fully intended to disappear into the galaxy as a frizzled old hermit. What will happen if Luke does not agree to initially train Rey? She has all of these newly awakens powers, and no way to control them. Just like Kylo stated, she really does need a teacher. But which teacher? The Light or the Dark? Or, at what this poster suggests, something in the middle!

By placing both of Rey’s mentors above her, two Force users who are much more skilled and honed than she is, it indicates that both mentors are going to be fighting within Rey’s psyche. Luke will be teaching her one method, while Kylo and his Dark side influence will be pulling Rey in the opposite direction. This is wiring and character growth done right! The setting and characters have been established in the first film of the sequel trilogy, while the second installment places challenges and obstacles in their path. Without those challenges, characters will not grow or develop. Even more evidence for this is Rian Johnson’s prior statements that the characters in The Last Jedi are going to be tested and pushed beyond their limits. What would challenge Rey more than knowing she is can identify and relate to the person she hates the most, Kylo Ren? That would force the characters into a position where they have no choice but to adapt and evolve into something that spans beyond the juxtaposition of the Light and Dark side of the Force.

In other words, Grey Jedi!

Most likely it won’t be in so many words, but the concept behind it will remain the same. A world of Force users that are not bound by the narrow dogmatic codes of the Jedi or Sith! And while I do find both of their ideologies absolutely fascinating an an integral part of the Star Wars canonical universe, by constricting Force sensitives to Jedi/Sith, Good/Evil, Light/Dark is extremely limiting and grossly inhibits the idea of character depth, subtlety, progression and nuance. Maz Kanata and Ahsoka Tano are prime examples of Force sensitive individuals in the Star Wars universe who are canon and are Force sensitive, but do not fall into the dichotomy of Jedi and Sith. There has never been a main hero character in the films (which are the primary story telling means in the entire franchise that reaches the most viewers and has the biggest impact on mainstream pop culture). Luke Skywalker was seen as universal good, the epitome of the Joseph Campbell’s hero, who embarks on heroic journey on behalf of goodness and justice. The passing of the torch from Luke to Rey indicates a paradigm shift in the understanding of the Force for not only the characters but the viewers and fans as well.

The light saber in the poster is another piece of evidence for this! There is no partition between red (Darkness) and blue (Light). Instead there is a gradient emanating from both ends of the lightsaber, further emphasizing that this story will not be so simply as “kill the monster, save the world” but instead of dimensionality and gradation. There is middle ground to be found in the Force between the Light and the Dark, and Rey is the key to unlocking it. Or as Rey quite simply puts it in the trailer “balance.”


On a personal side note, I do believe this teaser poster does further add fuel to the Reylo fire, and it makes be believe even more fervently that Reylo will eventually become canon in some iteration, but I wanted to keep my personal biases and theories out of this analysis. If anyone enjoyed reading this and would like to read my views on The Last Jedi teaser trailer and how it relates to Reylo, I’d be more than happy to comply. But I wanted and needed to get this poster off my chest first. My mind has been boiling over, wanted to put these thoughts down in some sort of organized fashion because as someone who is fluent in the language of illustrations as a medium for visual story telling, this poster blew my mind. I stood just flabbergasted at how blatantly the story implications were, but when I asked people about their thoughts they all came to different conclusions. And yes, that is the point of this poster, to get people talking and theorizing about what it all means, however visual story telling generally complies with a set of rules that are universally, albeit often subconsciously, understood by the viewer.

 Whew! I wrote this entire analysis in a single sitting. I apologize if there are any immediate grammatical errors, but I proof read this a number of times, so I am pretty sure that it’s correct. 

EDIT: Thank you to @sleemo who helped me fix the grammatical errors in this!

“Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you”

Fix You // Coldplay

das Feuer - fire (as an element)
der Brand - fire (as in: a fire)
die Flamme - flame
brennbar - flammable/burnable

das Feuerzeug - lighter
das Streichholz - matchstick
Streichhölzer - matches
die Kerze - candle

das Lagerfeuer - campfire
der Kamin - fireplace
das Brennholz/Feuerholz - firewood
der Zunder - tinder

die Feuerwehr - fire brigade/fire department
der Feuerwehrmann - fireman
die Feuerwehrfrau - female firefighter
der Feuerlöscher - fire extinguisher
der Feuerwehrschlauch - fire hose

die Brandursache - cause of a fire
der Brandfleck - burn mark
die Verbrennung - combustion/incineration/burn (injury)
die Brandwunde - burn (injury)

die Zigarette - cigarette
die Zigarre - cigar
die Pfeife - pipe (also means whistle)

das Feuerwerk - fireworks (display)
der Feuerwerkskörper - firework
der Knallkörper - firecracker

die Hitze - heat
die Wärme - warmth
der Rauch - smoke
die Asche - ash

brennen - to burn
anzünden - to ignite/light (something)
rauchen - to smoke
löschen - to extinguish (other meaning: to delete)
grillen - to barbecue
schmelzen - to melt

at dawn

presenting the gryffindor quidditch captains through the years to celebrate the new @hpquidditchnet !

It starts at dawn.

Minerva McGonagall stands broom in hand, eyes on the lilac stained sky. She feels the urge stirring in her bones, the urge to take off, to feel the cold breeze under her ribs, to fly. The smell of broom polish is intoxicating, the soft rustling as robes flutter in the wind a symphony to her ears, her heart soaring underneath the red and gold crest.

She is home.

It starts at dawn.

James Potter watches the tired faces of his team as they complete drill after drill. His eyes track their movements, scribbling notes in his head over the lists of names that burned through the evening paper the night before. He etches drills and plays over the images that haunt his dreams, filling every space in his skull with scrawling diagrams until it is just a sea of ink. Marlene sails the quaffle through the hoops, fist in the air and cheer in her throat.

This, he thinks, this is what we’re fighting for.

It starts at dawn.

Too damn early, in Charlie Weasley’s opinion. It had seemed like a good idea when the new keeper, Wood, had suggested it, but now he’s freezing his arse off at five in the morning instead of buried under duvets he’s reconsidering. The sun’s lighting up the pitch, igniting the fire that burns in his stomach.  It’s this feeling in his chest, the one he gets when he flies high above the stands, that makes him feel like he could breath fire.

It starts at dawn.

And Oliver Wood is ready. Because the feel of a broom under him and goggles holding his hair back on his forehead does something to him. Like every part of him finally settles, slotting together to make a machine of blood and bone and sinew. He is ready, captains armband tight around his arm, ready to carve his team into history where they belong. There is lighting in his bones and thunder in his heart.

A storm is coming.

It starts at dawn.

Angelina Johnson can already feel the weight balanced between her shoulder blades, already hear the fears whispering in her ear. But there is fire in her veins and she won’t go down without a fight. She watches her team, her family, fly. Katie and Alicia, laughing as they duck and weave through the air; Fred and George trying to aim bludgers through the hoops; Ron, looping the pitch slowly as he adjusts his gloves; and Harry, Harry with his eyes that have seen too much, making pulling out of a dive look like a lost art.

There is hope yet she thinks.

It starts at dawn.

Well, it should be starting at dawn but Harry Potter has never been known for his timekeeping abilities. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, he never does, he probably never will, but standing there, boots crunching under leaves that have swept onto the pitch, he feels a tranquillity he hasn’t felt in a while. The team is different from the one he entered six years ago but it’s still the same warmth in his chest as he kicks off from the ground.

The pounding in his chest reminds him he’s alive.

It starts at dawn.

Ginny Weasley bites her lip as she leans against the base of one of the hoops. The pitch is one of the few places she can come without hearing the screams of battle, without smelling the smoke of war. Her hand is still shaking though as she glances to the stands where she used to sit and watch games, watch her brothers, watch Fred. A new morning breaks as the sun rises and she walks to the huddle of scarlet clad players.

And so the game plays on.

Nothing At Stake - 6

[A/N: Okay I promised smut and I lied, but the next chapter is half written and that does have smut and you can expect it in a couple of hours! I hope you like the kind of direction this is heading in, I’m not 100% where it’s going to end up but I’ve got some of it mapped out and I feel like this could be a bit of a lengthy fic?

Also at the bottom of this fic I have tagged a few people who I recognise consistently like and reblog my fics so I hope you don’t mind and if you would like to be added to the tags or removed than you are more than welcome to say! Hope those who have been tagged don’t mind!]

Word Count: 1321

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He wanted me to be a star.
He loved celestial bodies,
Or the idea of them:
The glow and gleam,
Stellar wet dream;
Always fantasized
Gliding along
The Milky Way.
But he didn’t know them,
Didn’t care to map
Their location in the sky
Nor consider their formation;
Wishing one to fall
And land in his lap.
It was all about the light
Provided, pleasure ignited–
Burning out for him,
Dying for his whims.
He laughed, ‘That’s what they get
For their vainglory.’
He wanted me untouchable,
But to hold me too,
Forgetting stars char
Grasping hands with plans
To pluck them from on high;
Stardust falls
In shady eyes.
He cursed the day
This star was born
Never expecting
The supernova to come.
—  This star has found another to shine alongside // prompted by @creatingnikki

Katy Perry  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You’re so hypnotizing.”
  • “I smell like a minibar.”
  • “Could you be the devil?”
  • “Could you be an angel?”
  • “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”
  • “I will love you unconditionally.”
  • “Think we kissed, but I forgot…”
  • “You’re from a whole ‘nother world.”
  • “I guess that I forgot I had a choice.”
  • “You’re original, cannot be replaced.”
  • “I wish I knew then what I know, now.”
  • “My heart stops when you look at me.”
  • “There must be something in the water.”
  • “Come on, show 'em what you’re worth.”
  • “Let’s run away and don’t ever look back.”
  • “You ripped me off, your love was cheap.”
  • “I do it all because I love you… I love you.”
  • “I should know that you’re no good for me.”
  • “I let you push me past the breaking point.”
  • “You don’t have to feel like a wasted space.”
  • “I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything…”
  • “I lost my fake ID, but you lost the motel key.”
  • “You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine.”
  • “I should’ve told you what you meant to me…”
  • “Never planned that, one day, I’d be losing you.”
  • “You make me feel like I’m livin’ a teenage dream.”
  • “Let’s go all the way tonight. No regrets… just love.”
  • “Shut up and put your money where your mouth is.”
  • “It’s time to face the music, I’m no longer your muse.”
  • “Do you ever feel already buried deep six feet under?”
  • “It’s not what good girls do, not how they should behave.”
  • “This is the part of me that you’re never gonna ever take away from me.”
  • “You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast.”
Age of Triumph Record Book (Still a Work in Progress)

Bungie announced a new record book that will be available on March 28th on their Twitch stream today. Here’s what I was able to gather: 


  • Traveler’s Eclipse
  • City Watch
  • Comet’s Heart
  • Logical Conclusion
  • All in All
  • T-Shirt code


Special milestone to celebrate Day 1 players, which rewards an emblem.

  • From the Beginning: Completed an activity between Destiny release and Dark Below release. Reward: Ab Principio
  • Lunar Veteran: ? Reward: ?
  • Wolf Breaker: Complete an activity between House of Wolves and The Taken King release. Reward: Lupi Reginae
  • Year of Triumph: ?
  • Doom of Oryx: Completed an activity between The Taken King release and Rise of Iron release. Reward: Clades Orygis
  • Rising Light: ?
  • Second Year of Triumph: Compleded an activity during the Year 2 Moments of Triumph. Rewards: Insignia of Triumphs
  • Reign of Iron: ?


  • The Black Garden: Complete “The Black Garden” mission from “Destiny.”
  • The Wakening: Complete “The Wakening” mission from “The Dark Below.”
  • Queen’s Ransom: Complete the “Queen’s Ransom” from “House of Wolves.”
  • Regicide: Complete the “Regicide” mission from “The Taken King.”
  • The Taken War: Complete the “Summoner’s Circle” mission from “The Taken King.”
  • At the Gates: Complete the quests “At the Gates” and “Return to the Prison” from “The Taken King.”
  • An Iron Lord Rises: Complete “The Iron Tomb” mission from “Rise of Iron.”
  • Stories Past: Complete all Story milestones in the Age of Triumph Record Book to unlock this page’s emblem. (7) Reward: The Tale Told

Titan’s Will

Class Specific pages are mostly comprised of the same milestones

Emblem is awarded for each completed page for the classes

  • Hold the Line: Reach Level 40 as a Titan
  • No Surrender: ?
  • Get Personal: Defeat enemies with Melee abilities as a Titan (250)
  • Portable Destruction: ?
  • Super Star: Defeat enemies with your Super abilities as a Titan. (100)
  • Light Show: ?
  • Victory or Death: Complete the Crucible Titan quests “Striking Fist,” “Armored Void,” and “Flameforged.”
  • Be the Wall: ? Reward: ?

Hunter’s Way

  • Mountain’s Summit: Reach Level 40 as a Hunter
  • Hunter and Hunted: ?
  • Cutting Edge: Defeat enemies with Melee abilities as a Hunter. (250)
  • Whizz Bang: ?
  • Insuperable: Defeat enemies with your Super abilities as a Hunter. (100)
  • Eliminate, Illuminate: ?
  • Self-Sufficient: Complete the Crucible Hunter quests “Just a Handful of Bullets,” “Sheathed Lightning,” and “Draw From the Void.”
  • Who Walks Alone: Reward: ?

Warlock’s Path

  • Secrets Learned: Reach Level 40 as a Warlock.
  • Show Your Might: ?
  • Up Close: Defeat enemies with Melee abilities as a Warlock. (250)
  • Tactical Explosive: ?
  • Shock and Awe: Defeat enemies with your Super abilities as a Warlock. (100)
  • A Burst of Light: ?
  • A Hard Lesson: Complete the Crucible Warlock quests “Voidmaster,” “A Song For the Sun,” and “Fulminator.”
  • Mysterious Path: ? Reward: ?


  • You’re the Hero: Complete Strikes on Heroic difficulty. (20)
  • In the Dark: ?
  • Race to the Finish: Complete a Nightfall Strike in less than 30 minutes.
  • Lead from the Front: ?
  • On Target: Earn Precision kills in Strikes. (500)
  • One-Guardian Army: ?
  • Back in the Fight: Revive allies during Nightfall strikes. (10)
  • Team Effort: ?

The Crucible

Crucible pages have to be completed after the launch of the event.

  • Quality Control: Capture control points in Control Crucible matches. (30)
  • Clash Warfare: ?
  • Rumble Tumble: Earn points in Rumble Crucible matches. (10000)
  • Master at Arms: ?
  • Historian: Recover Dead Ghosts on Crucible maps during Private Matches. (30)
  • Ignite the Light: ?
  • Pride of Shaxx: Win matches in the Crucible. (30)
  • Forged Ingot: ?


4 new challenge modes for the raids

Elemental primaries are back

400 Vex Mythoclast has been officially confirmed

Elemental primary sandbox changes will be announced in the 3rd reveal stream

  • Glass Ceiling: Complete the 390 Light version of Vault of Glass.
  • Crota, Endless: ?
  • King of Kings: Complete the 390 Light version of King’s Fall.
  • Machina Maxima: ?
  • Blind Labyrinth: Eliminate all Gorgons in the 390 Light version of Vault of Glass.
  • Silence Falls: ?
  • Raid Insignia: Collect all Raid Challenge Emblems. (9)
  • Light’s Stronghold: ? Reward: ?


Not all shaders, ships and ghosts are required to complete the nodes

  • Life is Fleeting: Aquire Ships. (75)
  • Slings and Sparrows: ?
  • Made in the Shade: Aquire Shaders. (100)
  • Flying Colors: ?
  • Outlandish Arms: Aquire Exotic Weapons. (55)
  • Outlandish Dress: ?
  • Quaint and Curious: Grimoire Score (5000)
  • The Most Toys: ? Reward: ?


  • Echoes of the Ages: Recover Dead Ghosts. (130)
  • Echoes of Darkness: ?
  • Sleeping Echoes: Collect Dormant SIVA. (25)
  • Sneak Peak: ?
  • Public Defender: Achieve Gold Tier Ratings in Public Events. (20)
  • Concordat’s Shadow: ?
  • Spelunker: Disturb the Remains.
  • The World Explored: ?


Get Rank 25 in all 3 Tower Factions

  • Jalaal’s Favor: Reach Rank 25 with Dead Orbit. Reward: Arach and Ruin
  • Lakshimi’s Favor: ? Reward: ?
  • Hideo’s Favor: Reach Rank 25 with New Monarchy. Reward: Blood of the Monarchy
  • Shaxx’s Esteem: ? Reward: ?
  • Vanguard’s Esteem: Reach Rank 25 with the Vanguard. Reward: Vanguard Signet
  • Cryptarchs’ Esteem: ?
  • Efrideet’s Regard: Reach Rank 5 with the Iron Banner.
  • Beloved of All: Complete all Allegiances milestones in the Age of Triumph Record Book to unlock this page’s emblem. Reward: Trust and Honor

Trials of Osiris

It is retroactive so if you went flawless before, you are fine.

You only need 6/7 to unlock the final node

  • To the Lighthouse: Complete a Flawless Trials Ticket.
  • Trials and Tribulations: ?
  • Deconstruction: Earn a Wrecking Ball medal in Trials. (1)
  • Primary Adept: ?
  • Special Adept: Defeat Guardians in Trials with Special Weapons. (30)
  • Heavy Adept: ?
  • Lifegiver: Revive fallen teammates in Trials. (25)
  • Judge, Jury, Executioner: Complete Trials of Osiris milestones in the Age of Triumph Record Book to unlock this page’s emblem. (6) Reward: By Fire

The nodes marked with “?” indicates that they did not hover over it to reveal it’s requirement. However, you can probably sense a pattern and make an educated prediction on what some of the nodes are judging by that pattern and the names. As well as that, certain nodes will auto-filled if you meet the requirements come March 28th.


Stand By Me Pt. 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: swearing, violence, drinking, fighting

Word Count: 5,228

This series has been a long time in the making, so I hope y’all enjoy it!!

Originally posted by hunterchesters

It wasn’t slow and over time, like the movies say, when I realized I was in love. It all hit me in one moment. It wasn’t a big, special moment, when I realized, it was at seven in the morning, during our morning coffee.

He had just rolled out of bed, his hair sticking out in every possible angle, his clothes still wrinkly from the night of sleep, his eyes still heavy and sleepy.

“‘Morning, Y/n,” he mumbled as he walked into the kitchen of the bunker.

“Good morning,” I replied with a smile. He shot me a lazy grin as he shuffled over to the coffee pot. He poured his coffee, the dark liquid steaming in the cup, and then took his place at the kitchen table. He opened the local newspaper, looking for possible cases, as he cautiously sipped on his hot coffee. It was in that exact moment I realized I was in love with that man. Sleepy eyes scanning the paper, hair ruffled and messy. He looked up at me, hazel eyes meeting mine, giving me another sleepy half-smile. It was in that moment, I knew I was in love with him, in love with Sam Winchester.

The memory of realizing I’m in love with Sam is a great one, at first. After Sam finished his first cup of coffee, he stood up for a refill. He walked over to the pot, and as he was pouring his coffee,  he turned to me. His eyes finally not so sleepy, ran over me. Of course I didn’t look good. My hair was thrown up in a bun, I was tired from lack of sleep, and I was in an oversized sweatshirt and shorts. I blushed under his gaze, and as he opened his mouth to speak, a visitor wrapped their arms around him. That visitor being his girlfriend…

“Good morning,” she said sweetly to Sam.

“Good morning, baby,” Sam replied as he turned to her, leaning down to brush a soft kiss on her lips. I watched from my seat at the kitchen table, trying to box my jealousy away with a heap of other emotions about the couple. When the two first became a couple, I wanted nothing more than for them to break up. But now… Now I just want Sam to be happy, and if that means him being with Gina, then I’m ok with it.

I snap out of the memory with a jolt as Dean slams a large stack of books on the table.

“Easy Dean, books aren’t indestructible you know,” Sam says, protecting the bunker’s archive of books.

“I know you nerd, I’m just frustrated.”

“We are all, and we’re all stressed too, but it shouldn’t be much longer until we have a plan,” Sam explains while scanning the book in front of him. It’s something about monsters and Halloween. Halloween is in only three days, and we have to make a plan to protect the area surrounding Cold Oak, which is said to be one of the most haunted towns in the country.

“Hey guys, I might have something here,” I say, looking up from the newspaper I’ve been scanning.

“Finally,” Dean says with a sigh.

“This article says something about a girl who went missing after being at a new club,” I say scanning over the article.

“So what, hot chicks go missing from clubs all the time, there’s old creeps everywhere,” Dean says contradicting me.

“I know, I know, but I just feel like there’s something off about this. I mean the club just opened up and oh look! The club is just north of Cold Oak in a town called Benton, which is a little fishing town filled with lakes.  I mean that has to mean something, it’s just before Halloween, near Cold Oak, let’s just check it out,” I explain, hoping the boys will agree to check it out.

“Fine, we’ll check it out. But, if you’re wrong, you buy us a round,” Dean replied.

“Alright, deal.”

“ Well then, we should go pack our things, we have a nine hour drive ahead of us,” Dean sighed, gathering up his books.

“I should probably go talk to Gina, tell her about the trip,” Sam explained.

“Yeah, well I should go pack too I guess,” I said, rounding up the newspapers and books.

“We leave in an hour,” Dean yells from the hall. I follow him down the hall and head into my room.

My room is basically my pride and joy. Living in the bunker with two boys gets exhausting, so I made my room my escape. My large, plush, queen-sized bed is centered against the wall opposite of my door. Two dark wood nightstands are on both sides of the bed, and a matching dresser is across from the bed. A decent sized desk is in the corner of the far wall, with a very full bookshelf to the right of it. My walls are light gray, and my sheets are matching, topped with a white comforter, and army green throw pillows and throw blanket to add some color. The boys always give me crap for going all out in my room, but I think it looks nice.

I grab my duffle bag and throw some flannels, long sleeve shirts, and jeans in it. After packing clothes, and toiletries, I move on to the fun part, the weapons. I first go to my weapon of choice, my set of silver daggers. There’s something so satisfying about throwing a nice dagger. I then throw in my pistol and some salt and holy water in, even though the Impala is stocked with all the essentials. I check the time and realize it’s probably time to go.

When I get out to the Impala, Dean is packing the trunk, and Sam is saying goodbye to Gina. I throw my bag in the trunk, and hop into the back seat.

“Let’s go, lovebirds,” Dean calls out from the driver’s seat. Sam shoots Dean a dirty look and turns back to Gina. He leans down for a goodbye kiss, her long hair spilling down her back as she reaches up to  return the kiss. She is a beautiful woman. Her black, glossy hair nearly reaches her waist, her plump lips are perfectly pink, and her upturned eyes are a deep brown. All her features blend together perfectly, her and Sam make a nice couple together.

Sam finally breaks away from Gina, and he enters the passenger seat, slamming the door behind him.

“The troops are all here, let’s go gang,” Dean says, pulling away from the bunker.

Most of the drive is rainy and dark, and also really boring. Dean is jamming to some classic rock like usual, Sam has a flashlight and map out trying to give Dean directions over the loud music, and I’m stuck in the back, trying to formulate a plan for the next couple days. When we check out the club, and nothing is suspicious, then we can just head over to Cold Oak and stay in that area until Halloween has passed, to make sure nothing fishy is going on. But if something is up with the club, then we’ll have to take care of that matter first, and still try to get to Cold Oak by Halloween. It’ll be tricky to do both, but we’ll manage. As I continue to stress about our time the smooth driving of the Impala, the blare of the music, and the darkness outside make the perfect combination to put me right to sleep.

I don’t know how much time has passed when I wake up to a large hand on my shoulder, shaking me out of my sleep.

“We’re here, darling,” Dean says with a grin. I shake myself out of my sleepiness and take in my surroundings. The usual grimey hotel, with a too bright sign and a line of doors leading to filthy rooms.

“I’ll grab us a room, you two can grab our bags,” Dean says to Sam and me as I hop out of the car.

“Did you have a nice nap?” Sam teases with a smile. I laugh and playfully punch his arm.

“It was great actually, thanks for asking,” I shoot back as I grab my bag out of the trunk.

“Well, you didn’t miss much. The drive was just boring corn fields and farms for the most part, plus it was rainy the whole way,” Sam explains while grabbing his and Dean’s bags.

“Wow, how exciting,” I say sarcastically, heading over to the room Dean just entered. I throw our bags onto a bed with tacky, floral bedding.

“I call not sleeping on the couch,” I declared, before I got stuck on the small couch.

“Me too!” Dean replies, leaving Sam glancing sadly at the tiny couch. His huge frame, and long limbs won’t come close to fitting on the old thing, but oh well.

“Fine,” Sam sighs, “I get stuck on the couch again, like always.”

I laugh and climb onto my bed, trying my best to get comfortable with the flat pillow, and scratchy comforter.

“Don’t bother trying to get comfy, we’ve got a club to go to,” Dean says, grabbing the keys.

“Dean, it’s two in the morning,” Sam argues.

“Exactly, it’s the prime clubbing hour,” Dean says as he walks out the door. Sam and I just look at each other and sigh as we follow him out the door.

The drive was short and sweet, the club was just ten minutes north of our hotel. We pull up to a packed parking lot, glaring lights shooting out from the roof, and music so loud we can hear it from the car.

“Well, here we go I guess,” Sam mumbles as we approach the doors of the club. The bouncer let us inside, and the three of us enter a wild scene.   

The club is dark, but bright strobe lights ignite the bar and dance floor. The dance floor is densely packed with young adults, drunkenly dancing the night away. Dean looks around, eyes devouring the pretty girls in short dresses. Sam is looking around wide-eyed, like this is the last place he wants to be. I am all business, I just want to investigate so we can decide if this is a case or not.

“I’ll start by interviewing, uh, that girl,” Dean says, selecting a blonde with long hair and a short dress.

“I guess I’ll look for any clues, like sulfur, cold spots, etc,” Sam shouted over the blaring music. That left me to go talk to the bartender. He’s a normal-looking young guy. Dark hair, blue eyes, chatting up the customers in hope for better tips.

“What can I get for you, miss?”

“Uh, I’ll just take a water please,” I reply, deciding it’s best if I don’t drink.

“Oh come on, it’s Saturday night, live a little,” the bartender says with a charming smile, “I’ll even give you your first drink on the house.”      

“Ok, fine,” I say, it’s easier if I just go along with him. A minute later he sets a very orange looking drink in front of me.

“It’s called a hurricane,” he tells me with a laugh.

“Oh yes, I’m very familiar,” I reply. This drink takes me back to my 21 birthday party. A hurricane is a mix of vodka, gin, rum, amaretto, orange liqueur, different juices, and it only leads to bad decisions. But since I’m going along with the bartender, I cautiously sip my drink anyway.

“Isn’t it good?”

“Oh yes, definitely,” I reply. The bartender helps a few other customers, before returning to where I’m sitting.

“So, tell me about yourself,” he says.

“I mean there’s not much to tell… My name is Y/n, I come from a really small town in Minnesota, and I travel a lot for work, which is how I wound up here.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/n. I’m Josh,” he replies. We then dive into a long conversation about our lives growing up, and school and college. Before I know it, I’m two and a half hurricanes in, and I’m pretty drunk.

“Ya kno what, Josh, y-you’re the bes man ever. Y-you wouldn’t jus abandon me for y-your stupid Asian girlfriend. Righ?” I slur to him. All this talk of Sam makes me think of those dreamy hazel eyes. He’s exactly what I want in a man. Gentle, caring, intelligent, and don’t even get me started on his looks. Those pink lips, hazel eyes, long hair that I just want to run my hands through… All of a sudden Josh’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

“Of course not,” Josh says with a reassuring smile. “It looks like you’ve had enough to drink, let’s get you a cab, and get you home.”

“No, no, I came here wif my friends, bu I don’t see them. Huh, maybe they wen home,” I utter, looking around and not seeing either Winchester through my drunken haze.

“Yeah, yeah, we’ll just take you to a cab then, there’s one waiting outside already,” Josh tells me. He supports me with one arm, while guiding me out to the front of the club. But once we get out there, I don’t see a cab anywhere.

“Heyyy, where the cab,” I exclaim to Josh.

“Oh, right. It’s uh, just around the corner. Come now,” Josh says, guiding me toward the back of the building. Just before we turned the corner, a familiar voice calls out.

“Hey, Y/n, there you are!” I turn to see Sam and Dean walking toward Josh and me.

“Heyyy, those are me friends,” I slur to Josh. My vision is now starting to go black at edges.

“We’ve been looking everywhere for you Y/n. Come on, we’ll take you home now,” Sam says, trying to guide me away from Josh.

“Oh, I was just taking her to a cab. You two just go home, don’t worry about Y/n. I will get her home safely,” Josh protests. For some reason he really wants me to go to a cab, but I just can’t think of why.

“No, that’s ok buddy, she’s with us, we’ll take her off your hands,” Dean says while forcefully grabbing my arm, and yanking me out of Josh’s grip.

“Well all right then. Just a warning, she ordered one too many hurricanes, so good luck with her,” Josh says informing Sam and Dean of the night I’ve had. The boys don’t reply as we walk to the Impala. I try to keep up with their fast pace, but I keep stumbling and tripping.

“Come on, darling,” Dean says as he helps me into the back seat of the Impala, “Just don’t throw up in my baby.”

“Why would I throw up? I’m not even d-drunk,” I giggle. The only response I get is a laugh out of Dean, and a sigh from Sam. Why doesn’t Sam love me? I think about confronting  him about that when we pull into the motel parking lot. I guess I’ll talk to him later.

“Come on, Y/n, let’s get you some water and in bed,” Dean says, guiding me into our room.

After downing a glass of water, throwing on my comfiest sweatshirt, and snuggling into my not-so-comfy bed, I finally have time to think about my night. Why did Josh want to take me to a cab so badly? Why did he lie about me ordering drinks? As I’m pondering these questions, I start to drift off into a deep sleep.

I slowly come out of my slumber, tired eyes blinking out of sleep. Buttery rays of morning sunshine bleed into the room, through the crack in the curtains, spilling down the wall. I roll over, turning to the nightstand to check the time. It’s only seven-thirty. Dean is wearing the same clothes he was last night, asleep on top of his bed. I glance to the couch, the blanket Sam used is folded neatly next to his pillow. He must be out for a run, or getting coffee. I decide to get up and try to find him, but the second I sit up, my hangover hits me.

It’s like I’m honestly, truly dying. My head is pounding with the force of a thousand horses, I feel like I’m about to throw up my entire stomach, and the morning sunshine is a million times too bright. I groan, and push through the pain, and get up anyway. I throw on a pair of jeans, and head out the door. I start to head down the sidewalk, when I hear a familiar voice.


“Hey Sam, what are you doing out here?” I say to Sam who’s sitting on the sidewalk with only a bottle of water.

“I just got done with my run. I didn’t think you’d be up for hours,” Sam replies with a laugh.

“Ha, ha, very funny,” I say sarcastically with an eye roll.

“Not gonna lie, you were pretty hammered last night. You’re lucky you made it to your bed before you passed out,” Sam teased, hazel eyes meeting mine as he gestures for me to take a seat, “Come, sit.”

“There’s a couple things I was thinking about, from last night,” I start, after sitting down next to the younger Winchester.

“Like what?”

“Well, the bartender, Josh, really wanted to take me to a cab. But when we got outside there was no cab… Also he told you two that I ordered too many drinks, but he was the one who kept putting them in front of me, I never ordered one,” I tell Sam while thinking of possible explanations to the weird night.

“Yeah, Dean and I were talking about that last night. I think we should go back tonight to further investigate,” Sam explains. All I could focus on while he spoke were his soft lips, and the morning light shining onto his brown locks, the light reflecting in his eyes, making them look more green this morning. I snap out of it and manage to come up with a response.

“Y-yeah, that sounds, uh, good,” I mumble.

“Are you ok, Y/n?”

“Uh, yeah I’m good. Just a little sick after last night,” I respond.

“I’m sure,” Sam replies with a laugh, “Let’s go get some food and coffee into you.”

Sam and I head back into the motel room, after picking up some coffee and donuts. We walk in to find Dean awake, and fresh out of the shower. We talk to him about our plan for the night, and how we think it’s best to go back to the club tonight. We then spend the morning, and most of the afternoon prepping for the night, going over our plan, and packing weapons and other important tools for the night. Then, we got dressed and ready and headed out for the night.

When the three of us arrived at the club later that night, it was the same scene as last night. Blaring music, so loud you can barely hear the person next to you talking. A stuffy smell from the mix of sweat and alcohol. Different color strobe lights dancing and flashing in all directions. We all split up and took our places.

“Hey, you’re back,” Josh says as I take an all too familiar seat at the bar.

“Yes! Last night was a good time, so I decided I have to come back for more,” I reply, trying to spark his interest.

“What is your drink of choice for this fine evening? Another hurricane?”

“No, I’m thinking simpler tonight. A martini will do just fine,” I answer. Josh then goes to work mixing up the cocktail for me, before setting the drink in front of me.

“Enjoy,” he says with a rather creepy smile. He then returns to his bartending duties, and while he does that I take my first action of the plan. I quickly dump the clear drink into a nearby plant, and replace it with water before Josh comes back. I finish my last sip of the “cocktail” just as he arrives.

“Done already? I’ll make you another,” the bartender says. Thirty minutes later, and three “martinis” in and I begin my next phase of the plan, acting drunk.

“Ya kno Josh, I jus really like you. You’re such a good bartener, you make yummy drinks,” I slur to him.

“I know, I know. Hey, did you come here with friends again?”

“No, this time I lef ‘em at home, they’re too un-fun,” I giggle. Hopefully he will buy my act, and try to take me to a cab again just like last night.

“Let me help you get home, you may have had a little too much to drink again,” Josh tells me with a fake smile.

“Okie dokie,” I say with my best drunk smile. Josh then comes around from the bar, and begins to lead me away, but not out the front club doors. He starts to lead me to the back of the club, into a different room. This is not part of our plan. I start to get nervous as we walk through a set of double doors to a room in the back of the nightclub, and before I have time to assess my surroundings, everything goes black.

The pounding in my head is like nothing I’ve felt before. It’s deeper than the usual headache or migraine, and more sharp. My vision comes back in patches, in a flutter of blinking and blur I see a group of men standing around. In the next patch I notice a warehouse type building I’m in. Finally, my vision is fully coming back.

“Well, well, well… Someone’s finally awake I see,” says a tall blonde man that I don’t recognize, “Good morning, Y/n.”

“Who the hell are you? Where am I?” I know they’ll never answer my questions, but I can’t help but blurt them out anyway.

“Well sweetie,” I cringe at the nickname, “My name is Brent Barlow and we are in the warehouse of the club. Any other questions?”

“Why am I tied up? What do you want with me?”

“Well, now we’re getting to the good stuff. You’re tied up so you can’t hurt us, because you’re obviously a hunter. We did strip you of your weapons by the way. What we want with you… That’s what we’re debating about now.”

“What do you mean?”

“We basically have three options: hold you as a hostage until your hunter friends come to find you, use you as our little plaything, or we could eat you.”

“Hey boss,” a dark-haired man calls out, “Why not all three?”

“That’s not a bad idea. Since you came up with it Jakob, you can get the first bite,” Brent says with a wink. I try to contain my fear, not only for my life, but for Sam and Dean’s too, but it’s not working too well.

“How do you know if I even have hunter friends coming?” I ask, trying to buy Sam and Dean some time.

“Well sweetie, we saw the tall one sniffing around the club last night for demon trails, and we saw them tonight setting up all sorts of traps for us. Hah, silly humans, we Encanto have been around for thousands of years, we’re smarter than that.”

Encanto are originally from the Phillipines, but they eventually migrated here. They’re a monster who are disguised as normal, rather attractive-looking men. Encanto typically live around large bodies of water like oceans or big lakes, and they prey on humans, usually women. Our original plan was to use me as bait and have Josh lead me to the “cab” and then have Sam and Dean waiting to capture him and make him lead us to their nest. Then we’d wipe them all out, and move on to Cold Oak for Halloween, which is now only a day and a half away.

“While we’re waiting boys, let’s have some fun with our new toy, before we taste her,” Brent says with a hungry smile. I start to sweat and trying even harder to break my zip-ties, but they’re too strong. The men circle in around my chair, and Brent approaches, his hand finding a spot on my thigh. Right as he starts to move it upward, he gets interrupted.

“Boss, I think they’re here,” a fine-looking brunette says from by the door.

“Sorry for the interruption, Y/n. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back for our playtime in no time at all,” Brent informs me, I say a silent prayer that Sam and Dean make it out of here safely.

I flinch at the first hit I hear. I don’t know who was hit, where they were hit, or how hard. My mind immediately goes to Sam… I need him to be ok, I know he will be ok. He is a very skilled hunter, so is Dean, this is nothing for them. But for some reason I can’t shake this bad feeling in my stomach.

“Sam, go find her,” Dean grunts, clearly in pain. I then hear more hitting, yelling, and gunshots. A silver bullet through the brain is what is needed to kill these monsters.

“You’re not going anywhere, sweetie,” an all too familiar voice whispers in my ear. Brent then wraps his arms around my body, and starts dragging me, chair and all, to the back of the warehouse.

“Y/n! Where are you Y/n?” I hear Sam yelling, I hope he doesn’t find me, Brent is different than the others. He is their leader, their “Boss,” I just have a bad feeling about him.

“If you say anything, I’ll stab you in the stomach, and while you slowly bleed out, you’ll watch me carve up your little friend,” Brent threatens. I can tell he’s  getting nervous, and I am too, so I do something that may end very badly. I yell.

“Sam! I’m back here, Sam!” I scream with all my strength. That’s when Brent plunges his dagger right into my thigh. I scream from the intense, sharp pain. All the nerves in my leg are on fire, pain shooting up my leg, making the pounding in my head even worse. Tears silently slide down my face, and I bite my lip to keep from screaming again.

“Grace, there you are,” Sam says in relief as he rounds the corner and finally finds me. I look at him, eyes wide with a mix of shock, fear, and relief. Hair disheveled and wet with sweat, and probably blood too. He has a small cut, probably from a punch, above his right eyebrow, blood trickling down his face. Sam also has a cut on his left arm, his shirt and jacket torn through. I can’t help the flow of tears that fall as I see Sam. They’re a mix of relief that he’s here, sadness because he’s hurt, and anger for who hurt him.

“Sam, wait. He’s here, he’s around here somewhere, be careful,” I rasp out, I can’t let him get hurt because of me. I love him, he can’t ever get hurt.

“Y/n, what happened?” Sam says as he sees the knife still sticking in my thigh, blood now seeping out the wound.

“That’s not important. I’m telling you Sam, he’s around here somewhere, I don’t know where he went. He’s stronger than the others, he’s the leader,” I whisper as fast as I can, hoping Sam will be somewhat prepared for when Brent leaps out from wherever he’s hiding.

“It’s nothing I can’t handle,” Sam responds with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes, “Now let’s get you out of here.”

“Sam, I’m sorry, I ju-,” I don’t get to finish my sentence before Brent sneaks up behind Sam, and casually puts a knife to his throat.

“Listen here you two, we have a little bargaining to work out. So, I’m hungry and I need a snack, Y/n, we’re gonna take you, fuck you, then eat you, got it? Now, your friend here won’t get hurt, if you just calmly give yourself to us,” Brent says calmly to Sam and me.

“Don’t do it Y/n, please,” Sam chokes out through the pressure on his neck, “Please, Y/n.”

“I’m sorry Sam, I have to. I can’t let you get hurt because of me,” I reply to Sam, I then look and Brent and say, “Ok, I’ll go with you. Just let Sam go, and Dean too.”

“Y/n, no!” Sam barks out, but it’s too late, the deal is done.

“Well, now that we have a de-,” I thought my fate was sealed, but Dean thought otherwise. He slams the butt of his gun into the base of Brent’s skull, making him drop the knife from Sam’s neck.

“You bitch,” he sputters from the ground. Sam is already to me, cutting my zip-ties off. In the background I hear Dean and Brent in hand-to-hand combat, throwing punches left and right. Sam finally cuts off the last tie, and scoops me into a hug.

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry,” I say over and over.

“What are you sorry for?” Sam asks.

“It’s just, uh, I cau-” I’m interrupted by a grunt from Sam, “Sam, what’s wrong?”

“SAM, NO,” Dean screams. I’m confused at first, but now I see why. Before I can react, from where he’s standing, Dean picks up his gun and aims right for Brent’s head. With perfect aim he shoots Brent straight through the head, but it’s too late.

“Sam,” I sob, and he slowly slides out of our hug, to the ground, trying to press his large hands to the wound on his back.

“Shh, it’s ok Y/n, I’ll be fine,” Sam rasps out. I sit there unable to move, unable to even comfort him in his last moments, frozen by the shock of it all.

“Y/n, help him! Sammy, don’t worry, we’ll get you to a hospital, you’ll be fine,” Dean cries out, as he kneels over Sam. I snap out of my shock, and run over to Sam.

“Sam, no, this isn’t it. You don’t get to die here, open your eyes,” I plead, as his eyes start to drop. He’s breathing is becoming more shallow by the second, and there’s a growing pool of blood under him.

“Sammy, damnit, no!” Dean cries. I press my hands to the wound on his lower back, but too much blood is steadily flowing out.

“No, there’s too much blood. Why is there so much blood?” I wonder. I can feel him slipping away, I can see it in his eyes, which are barely opened anymore.

“I’m so sorr-” Sam rasps out, even in his last words he’s thinking about us instead of himself.

“Sammy, SAM NO! DAMNIT SAM OPEN YOUR EYES! WAKE UP SAM!” Dean screams while shaking Sam.

“No, this isn’t… This wasn’t supposed to happen. This can’t be real, what’s happening?” I mutter. But this is in fact real, this is 100% real, and I didn’t even get to tell him how I really feel.

But it’s too late now. He’s already gone, the man I’m in love with, is dead.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

the phantom menace (1999) drinking game

drink when:
anyone says “Ani”
anyone uses the force
a light saber is ignited
jar jar says “meesa”
imperial march theme is heard
anyone says “midichlorian”
alien language is heard
a droid says “roger roger”
wilhelm scream
a hologram appears

Good Morning- Rich Clune

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Ok guys I’m really sorry I’m not sticking to a schedule and am falling further behind! I’m trying guys! Promise! I should catch up by Friday at the latest! Love you all! Anyway… for those sticking around for the smut: enjoy! For those skipping: Up next is Andre Burakovsky!

Warning: smut, sex, smexy time, cussing

Anon Request: Hi! Do you think u could write a rich clune smut?? And could u maybe make the girl curvier?? I love ur writing:))))


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