lights go on again

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We don’t need reserve or restraint, our unconscious understanding of each other
Becomes our own pace and the flowing comfort’s the same as in the past

When we are lost or when we are anxious, our usual selves are
In our base, so we can be brave and look ahead today as well

It’s as if we were destined to become like this from long ago, looking into the water we can understand each others’ feelings

Let’s dive into today with all our heart                                                                     That smile speaks for itself, the light we reached now lets us grasp the hope to go further again 

♡ (*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ 

(lyrics from makoto’s and haru’s characters song duet “ My base, your pace” and “Always here”) ♡ 

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비스트 - Lights Go On Again

[두준] Oh, lights go on again…
[Doojoon] Oh, lights go on again

Yes, sir, the lights go on again
Keep on and on and on
On and on and on

[준형] 계속 헤매었지 긴 어둠 속에서
[Junhyung] Gesok hemae eotji gin eodul sogeoseo
난 한 줄기 빛이 닿는
Nan han julgi bichi daneun
그곳에 닿기 위해서
Gugose dagi wihaeseo
난 이제 시간이 왔음에
Nan ije sigani waseume
가쁜 숨 가다듬고
Gabeun soom gadadeumgo
너희들 앞에 당당히 설게
Nauideul ape dangdanghi seolge

[현승] 아무리 힘들어도
[Hyunseung] Amuri himdeureodo
지쳐서 쓰러져도
Jichyeoseo seureojyeodo
나를 다시 비춰주는 빛
Nareul dasi bichweojuneun bit

Oh yeah yeah yeah

[기광] 포기하고 싶어도
[Kikwang] Pogihago sipeodo
도망치려고 해봐도
Domangjiryeogo haebwado
날 향해 더 환하게
Nal hyanghae deo hwanhage
나를 다시 비춰주는 빛
Nareul dasi bichweojuneun bit

[동운] 지금 불이 켜지면
[Dongwoon] Jigeum buri kyeojimyeon
다시 나를 밝히면
Dasi nareul balkhimyeon
내 몸을 다시 일으켜
Nae momeul dasi ireukyeo

Lights go on again
Lights go on again

[요섭] 다시 빛을 비추면
[Yoseob] Dasi bicheul bichumyeon
다시 나를 깨우면
Dasi nareul kkaeumyeon
내 마음을 다시 움직여
Nae maeumeul dasi umjigyeo

Lights go on again
Lights go on again

Oh lights go on again
Oh oh lights go on again yeah
Oh lights go on again
Oh oh lights go on again on again

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george devalier headcanons

Gilbert lives.
Vash accepts Roderich and Gilbert’s relationship.
Tino and Berwald find each other.
Mathias and Lukas make it out okay.
Sadik moves on for the better.
Yao realizes he deserves better, and Ivan learns to accept it.
Feliks and Toris are reunited.
Eduard is there for Raivis when the lights go on again.
Lili and Elizaveta live a long and happy life together.
Kiku and Heracles are doing well wherever they are.
Francis and Matthew are able to bond without a war in the way.
Roma lets his grandsons be themselves, and is proud of who they’ve become.
Lovino finally tells Antonio he loves him.

George deValier is happy.