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Hello yes I am 100% on board for the 2M2M musical and i would like to add that Juno still performs angsty monologues and every time he does all the lights shut off so it's just him in the spotlight and it's a running joke that every time the lights shut off everyone in the company groans.

That is absolutely perfect.

I would like to add that any other members of the company who are doing things in the background– walking, talking, whatever– immediately crash into things or fall over because WTF WHERE DID THE LIGHTS GO!?!? DAMMIT, JUNO!

plug a night light in - a juno/peter mix (8tracks | playmoss)

side a: peter

slash/burn -  thao & the get down stay down // chemical switches - andrew bird // sentimental tune - tegan and sara // the engine driver - the decemberists // night light - the mountain goats

side b: juno

world sick - broken social scene // actor out of work - st vincent // turn me well - micachu // i’ll believe in anything - wolf parade // ocean of noise - arcade fire

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What are some cute, fun reads for the summer? (Romance... Etc?)

I have some I could recommend!

Some summer mysteries that you might like, but are not very light, include:

Some that we have just bought for our summer holidays include:

Some we have not read but heard some really good things about:

Anyone else have any summer-themed/light romance recs?

so I found out that I’m cancer sun, virgo moon and virgo rising. ive put it in my about but like its not something I should gloat about? at least now people have a heads up of my demonic astrological combination