lights & caves


Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

A small thing about Lance and the Blue Lion:

Blue encountered the team first and thus could have had her pick of any of them had she wanted. While three of the five Lions place glyphs to lead their paladin to them, Green takes a ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ approach while Yellow has only a few marks, but with precise instructions. Blue, however, fills the entire cave, lights them up, and then personally breaks the floor in easily the largest show of activity, and as soon as Lance is in her cavern he starts talking about how he feels like she’s staring at him.

Blue not only chose Lance, he was her first choice, and she was very excited about him. Given Keith had been there before to photograph the markings and probably spent a lot of time in that cave, Blue repeatedly passed up Keith- who is the person that Iverson told Lance he was the subpar replacement of. 

This is reinforced in Blue’s cavern, when Keith specifically replies negative to Lance’s “Does anyone else feel like this thing is staring at them” and Keith touches Blue’s barrier to no effect.

A sentient being has been stuck in a cave for a very long time, and rather than take the first opportunity to get out of there, she chose to wait for Lance. It’s unclear if she specifically knew Lance was out there, or if she was just immediately charmed by him as soon as he showed up.

So basically if Blue was human and the kind of person to carry a wallet there would probably be a picture of Lance in it and everyone she talked to for more than five seconds would see it.

I was playing a game run by my dad.  The only really relevant character to this story is a human fire wizard named Pero.  We had been trying to find and kill a werewolf and had tracked him to a cave and had been exploring parts of the cave to find him.

DM: You enter the cavern and it is covered in spider webs from ceiling to floor.  If you try to move through it your movement speed will be cut in half.

Pero: Webs are flammable, right?  I’m gonna light it up!

DM: Are you sure?

Pero: Flame on.

DM: Alright, you throw your fire and it goes ‘pewwwww’ as it flies through the air.  When it lands on the webs, the whole cave lights up instantly and you are momentarily blinded by the brightness of it.

Later we came upon a charred spider carcass and another nearly dead and extremely burnt spider.  My dad later told me that the fight with the spiders was meant to take up the entire session and there was supposed to be a lot of loot and scrolls, but our resident pyro burnt them all to a crisp.