A String of Lights

Aries: Sparks - Their potential and capacity to create reality is breath-taking.  Will they die out in a couple of heartbeats, or become the start of a flare?  Oh, wouldn’t you like to know.  

Taurus: Chandeliers - To lead a significant life is to shower oneself in luxury and gold, with its glass panels and shining bulbs beautifully illuminating a room to perhaps distract from its fragility. 

Gemini: Lightbulbs - To light up instantaneously shows its ability to infinitely and unexpectedly create ideas within its mind.  Are they sparks of genius, or simply insanity?  

Cancer: Lanterns - To tie one’s wish to a lantern and watching it fly away gives a sense of longing and sadness, but also an unrelenting desire to hope for a better future.  Its light and the hope it carries meanders, its destination unknown.

Leo: Fireworks - It doesn’t ask for your attention, it demands it.  The anticipation of what color it will explode into, its irresistible unpredictability, it is what keeps people waiting for more.

Virgo: Candles - Not necessarily used to light up a room, but to fill it with a sweet aroma.  It’s light soft yet undeniable, for coming too close can still leave people with an unforgettable burn.

Libra: Neon - Vibrant and expressive, their ability to take on different colors is a testament to their ability to change.  One day they could tell you they’re open, but the next they can tell you they’re closed, shrouding itself in the allure of mystery.

Scorpio: Stars - Billions of light years away, drifting through the night sky like tears slowly trailing down the face of the universe.  You could travel billions of years only to find that they’re gone, and their secrets gone with them.

Sagittarius: Fire - Dangerous yet inviting, it’s a force which hurts if people haven’t built the strength to withstand and appreciate its flames.  

Capricorn: Moonlight - Romantic yet distant, it radiates eternally to attract those seeking to unearth its secrets.  Some say the moon has a face with a smile, or perhaps that’s what it wants people to see.

Aquarius: Fireflies - Aimless and youthful in its movement, with a perception of the world which treats those around it as empty canvasses, its light a paintbrush desiring to give color to everyone it meets.

Pisces: Night lights - Though most exist to dispel the darkness, this one is often used to dispel fear.  It never shines, it only glows, gently lighting the way to someone’s peace of mind.