Bill FitzGibbons (American, b. 1950, Memphis, TN, based San Antonio, TX, USA) - LightRails, located at the 18th Street viaduct, downtown Birmingham, Alabama, 2013 (AL Computerized LED Light System).  The installation illuminates the neglected, dark railroad 18th Street underpass.

The neighbourhood karaoke bar was super empty, so I figured I’d catch the lightrail over to the art’s district.

I’ve always wanted to do art, but I’ve never really gotten round to it - Ma and Ba don’t believe you can make a living out of it. But, hey, they aren’t here now! There’s a big patch of pavement here just waiting for someone to spruce it up.

anyone else get rly nostalgic for like, transit of places uve traveled to before??? like im on the denver lightrail rn and its reminding me so much of the lightrail in seattle and im so emotional… or sometimes on certain stretches of road ill miss driving a uhaul through rural illinois. or sometimes i miss the big tour bus i was on in paris.. i think this is just my sagittarius moon talking

Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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