Soo, here are some new pics of the area I added to my town. I got struck by builders block quite hard, so I didnt really do any work here for months. But recently I have started to pick things up again and Im quite pleased with this little new area. 
Still gotta detail it a bit more and then Ill show some close-ups too! 
for now enjoy these new pics of the town - first one showing the new district that Im adding to the town, second one is a lovely view from the bridge and third (and my fav) a rather stylish lightpost that I’m really happy with. 

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Shit… He didn’t mean to make the kid cry, and that notebook had quite a bit of force behind it.  His student was getting strong…  He unraveled his scarf from the lightpost, landing on his feet gracefully as a cat.  Sighing and rolling his shoulders a bit he spoke.

“Midoriya, you have to be ready for anything as an aspiring hero and that includes sneak attacks…”

Damn he messed up a bit.  These dares were getting tricky…