I almost died of a heart attack in the middle of a Mac store today. I had to take my Macbook in to have a diagnostic run because my charger kind of exploded, and to replace the stupid thing under warranty they need to run a whole test on the computer. So the guy boots it up and turns it to face me because I have a password set, and when I signed in, my desktop popped up in full view.

My desktop is a rotation of porny Frostiron fan art, mostly lightonlight‘s  30 Day Porn Challenge art. There isn’t even a word to describe that moment of utter terror that I felt as soon as the screen came on. I managed to stall long enough to change it back to a default background before turning it back over, but if anyone was behind me they got an eyeful. 


The perils of liking porny shit, man.

June marks my third year on tumblr! I thought it was about time I did one of these in light of the occasion. Three years in and I’m still horrible with photoshop.

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