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When she steps out from behind the curtain, Marty feels his jaw utterly drop. He thinks he’s never been more glad that Callen and Sam are out chasing another lead, because for the longest time, he can truly do no more than stare at the goddess in front of him. She’s clad in a tight, slinky black dress that hugs all of her curves as though it were made only for her. The hem hits her thigh deliciously high, and Marty knows that if that in itself isn’t enough to have the attention of every male in the club tonight, well, the sinfully high heels strapped to her feet most certainly would.

In three hours, Marty will hate this undercover op of hers; in three hours, he’ll utterly hate the fact that anyone else’s eyes will see his Kensi like this (though to the rest of the world, she’ll be Mona, not Kensi). Right now, though, he can’t stop his own eyes from drinking in the delicious sight before him.

When she turns to him, there’s a smirk at her lips and a devilish sparkle dancing in her eyes - Marty knows she hates these kinds of assignments too; hates resorting to her sexuality to make or break a case. At the same time, though, it’s these few moments before that she can’t help but have a little fun with - the moments when they’re all alone, when his ocean blue eyes are wide as saucers as his appreciative gaze travels the length of her body. “Someone likes what he sees,” she purrs, swaying her hips seductively as she crosses toward him, her steps confident and strong despite the height of her heels.

Marty swallows hard, unable to utter more than a simple curse under his breath.

It’s a powerful feeling, rendering the loquacious Marty Deeks almost entirely speechless. Kensi brushes her fingers through her hair, letting the strands fall in perfect waves over her bare shoulders, knowing her partner, her lover, is watching her every last motion. It’s dangerous - she knows the walls have eyes here. She knows Hetty is everywhere, even if she’s currently thousands of miles away in DC. Even if Callen and Sam and Hetty are not present, Eric and Nell are upstairs and Granger, the puppetmaster of this current operation, is most certainly lurking somewhere.

Today, none of that stops her from having a little fun. Marty’s eyes grow impossibly wider as she stops directly in front of where he sits; oh so torturously slowly, she lowers herself to straddle his lap, feeling more than hearing his sharp gasp. “What - what are you…” he stammers out, swallowing as Kensi threads the fingers of one hand through his hair.

“Just practicing,” she murmurs, shivering despite herself when his palms find the bare skin of her thighs. Fuck, if only it could be his hands on her all night long, instead of the hands of random strangers, possible suspects. She forces that thought from her head, instead focusing on the desire she can see growing in his eyes. “You know, making sure I'm…in character…”

Before Marty can articulate a reply, her mouth finds his, taking his lips in a slow, shivery, utterly seductive kiss. There’s nothing in the world quite like the feel of his mouth on hers, the gentle press of his lips contrasting with the delicious scratch of his scruff against her skin. Her fingers tighten in his hair, gently tilting his head toward her as she deepens the kiss, delighting in the quiet moan that rumbles in the back of his throat.

For a moment, as his hands squeeze her thighs and his mouth meshes with hers, Kensi wonders who is truly winning this little game she’s started. She’d meant to tease him, torment him, leave him with the promise of later peeling the slinky fabric away from her body; now, though, she thinks he could make her forget exactly where they are. He could make her forget everything except the desperate need to feel him against her, deep inside her. Just the thought has her moaning in desire against his mouth, and that’s when she knows she needs to stop this (because if she doesn’t, she knows Marty’s fingers are going to be a lot more daring than they are right now, just barely sneaking under the hem of her dress; she knows if she doesn’t stop this, Callen and Sam are not going to be pleased with what they interrupt when they return).

Her heart flutters when he whimpers slightly as she breaks the kiss, leaving him breathless, desperate, needing so, so much more. Kensi smiles brightly, fluttering her lashes as she struggles to maintain any semblance of control.

(She thinks the only thing that saves her here is that Marty is clearly further gone than she is.)

His lips part to speak, but Kensi shushes him gently, pressing a finger to his lips. “Tonight, Detective,” she whispers, a quiet promise that when this op is done, she’s all his. She’s always all his. “Tonight…”

And then, she rises from his lap, shaking her hair back from her face as Marty just watches, still clearly stunned. “You - you are the devil,” he breathes, shaking his head as Kensi adjusts her dress.

“Maybe,” Kensi purrs, willing her heart to slow so she can finish her last minute preparations for the op. “But…I think you love it.”

(God, how he does.)