Coffee Between Friends

Crowbar arrived ten minutes early. He was always early. He entered the cafe, spying the patrons. He was no fool, he knew that due to Serenity’s suspicions she’d have SOMEONE here watching him. He made the effort to walk the length of the restaurant. No one that he recognized off the bat, but no doubt there was an agent SOMEWHERE. 

He took a seat, taking the menu in hand. He would wait for his date like a proper gentleman.

The Crack Shot and The Mayor, who can’t shoot for shit.

He’d turn up unawares and surprise her, that’s what he’d decided; he couldn’t remember if they’d set a time, so arriving early in the morning would be better than naught. He’d opted for more casual wear today, or as casual as his keen fashion sense allowed him; grey was the theme today, with hints of navy blue thrown in for variety, with any luck she’d notice and see that he did listen to her, sometimes.

He’d pulled up outside her apartment complex within a short amount of time, they really didn’t live that far away at all! In a car anyway. He didn’t really know how these things worked, did he bring his own gun, or was it provided? Nevertheless, he still had a few wrapped up safely in the rear of the car, unnoticeable, leftover from his escapade with Sleuth.

Stepping from the car he basked in the crisp morning freshness of his city, always something he enjoyed on those particularly groggy mornings, it boded well for his already particularly jubilant mood.

Traversing the floors he was stood before her door within a few minutes, swaying happily as he rapped on the framework energetically, and then once more in rapid succession, boy was he eager, and he hadn’t a clue as to why. Regardless, he threw his voice beyond the door offering a third notification of his arrival as he waited impatiently. ‘She’s slow, dawdling, she needs to hurry up’ were the thoughts running through his head, when in actuality only mere seconds had passed, just what was wrong with him this morning?


There he was, in the kitchen, adding the finishing touches to the absolute most perfect cupcakes; a request by his favorite sass-master extraordinaire assistant…who happened to be especially frustrated at the moment.

He wasn’t entirely sure what he would tell her once she’d arrived. The truth clearly, but she wouldn’t be happy with it, so rather than brood over what he’d be telling her he spent his energy on prettying cupcakes…what did she even like to eat? Ah well, everything he made tasted fantastic, it mattered little.

At the very least she was bringing him some brand new chalk! It had been weeks since he’d ran out, and right when he was about to buy some more he was confined to his apartment. Typical.

Nevertheless, he was still in a good mood, baking always did that to him; he probably wouldn’t have even minded if she saw him in his ‘Kiss The Mayor’ apron; she bought him the thing after all.

Hmm, she’d never actually told him when she’d be arriving, and she was also keeping on top of his own work…maybe she’d be a little later than he’d assumed; it didn’t matter anyhow, he was more than sure she’d brighten up the moment she tasted the cupcakes, all he could do was wait in anticipation; it wasn’t often Serenity came around…and where was Abel anyhow? Probably in another room somewhere, who knew.

lightofdemocracy  asked:

[pvt] Thank you very much for the gift, William. It was just what I needed. Once again I am very sorry. My faith in you should never have wavered. You've given me so much. I will make it up to you.

[pvt] You never did anything wrong, I’m just showing that I do care.

I hope it was made to your satisfaction, I admit, I’m not all that good at concocting beverages. I’ve seen you snoozing before though, so I think I’ll make it a regular thing 8]

You just let me know if you need to be more comfortable, you’ve afforded yourself a few naps every now and again.

lightofdemocracy  asked:

[pvt] Sir, is it true you're off clothes shopping with a gangster? I don't doubt that this is all part of some bigger incredibly democratic plan but /please be careful/, okay? And remember to buy a new shirt. --. --- --- -.. / .-.. ..- -.-. -.-


Um, yes. No need to worry though, I might have the combat expertise of a small Human child, but I’m still stronger than him 8]

There is an ulterior motive here, but it’s nothing drastic or game changing, simply a personal matter.

… ah yes, right, new shirt, noted.

Knock, Knock

First things first after he’d arrived that day, deal with Serenity.

He’d love nothing more than to console the poor girl, but she didn’t need him intruding into their personal matters; he’d keep this professional.
He was reluctant, standing outside her office, terrified of what the consequences of him returning to work would entail so soon after his rejection. There were a hundred different ways he could have handled her, all better than what he’d settled for, but this was pure conjecture, and all too late; the deed had been done.

His knuckles were brushing against the wood, ready to rap at the door. He should walk away, let her be, this could very well serve to torment her further, but she needed some kind of closure; hopefully his return would at the very least provide some relief, lighten her work load.

[Knock, Knock]

Two light, timid knocks. He didn’t want to startle her, this had to be gentle. He spoke softly from behind the confines of the door.

“Serenity? It’s me, William. Can I come in for a moment?”

lightofdemocracy  asked:

[pvt] William, a large part of your constituency are humans. And a large part of that part are human women. PLEASE try to have some idea of what you're talking about before making sweeping generalizations because you're making yourself look like a fool. No one wants to follow rules from someone who doesn't even understand the people he's governing.

[pvt] Well, if the public believe me a fool I can calmly point out that nobody can come to grasp the entire livelihood, biology and culture of each and every race in just eleven years.

Up until then I only had one source for human information, and that was a male. I believe it proves to the people I am open to new ideas, they’re aware that I do not know everything, and so in turn, I must be open to new aspects.

The public are aware I didn’t become the Mayor accidentally, Serenity.