Lookin’ a little flirty there, Kil. -u-

… yeah sorry I just can’t get over these two, they’re perfect okay shush.

I tried experimenting with the colors a bit to make her look more hybrid-ish but… ah I couldn’t find the right color combo, so I went with this plus a few markings. <|D; Sorry man. Hope you like though, t'was fun to draw! Such a cool butt-kickin’ bunny we got here, takes after Sai! Kinda looks like a bandit, eh?

and no her right eye isn’t missing, she’s just wearing the headband like that.

guys halp ho do I rain srsly I couldn’t get the wet look down at all argh

it wasn’t until after I finished this that I noticed that not all the droplets are going in the perfectly right angle, especially on the left 8/;; maybe I’m just being OCD but eh that really bothers me aaaaaargh

oh and I know they don’t look like they’re kissing, rather they’re sliding into each other to do so, but their heads were bigger in the earlier version. Either I left them both with stupidly big heads, or shrink ‘em down while losing the contact. 8T; I decided to risk it since I’m more 'bout anatomy, but… eh, oh well. I guess I’ll just have to try again next time.

Regardless, at least I got some atmospheric practice down here. These two are so cute. -u-


Turn up Tuesdays got me like #lightningstrikes tag five friends u wanna turn up with


New reference for the Vault Ponies. Darkshade is a 300 year old shadow pony, and defaults as the leader of the team. While much of who he is is shrouded in mystery, what is known is that if he manages to befriend someone, he will be a friend for life. Lightning Strike is a Pegasus from Cloudsdale, and is a bit of a genius when it comes to electricity. He is somewhat eccentric, and is always working on a project (one of these projects was the Vault itself). Zebel is a changeling and former member of Chrysalis’ army. While she prefers working alone, she understands that certain extreme circumstances require the aid of others. Diamond Rough is a unicorn from a northern mining settlement. Stern and unwavering, she is the most level headed of the group, and usually keeps the others in check.