I dedicate this to Lauren.
>> Hi hun, I hope you like this little edit I did for you. And don't give up, continue fighting!!! Continue on living!!! Like I said, even though it seems that you're crashing down, means it's the end, it is not, we just have to fight and to continue. Like Lightning, even though everything seems to crash down [and her home crashed down] and she losses Serah, she didn't gave up, and did the things she thinks she have to do. Continue living. And she decided to fight, and in the end, little did she know that a new world, rather a new life awaits her, and I'm sure that same goes with us. Continue fighting, love, don't give up. Think positive and I'm sure you'll someday find your true happiness ,even if it's not today, remember the popular quote: Good things come to those who wait. ^^ FIGHTING, girl!!!! Ily!!! <333