Wow I did a follow forever! Yeah so everyone was doing one so I thought what the hell why not and bam. Instead of making a christmas version I decided to sort of recap my favourite blogs of the entire year. My list is pretty small in comparison to some follow forever I’ve seen, that’s because of two reasons basically: I don’t follow too many blogs (I think) and I’m 99,8% sure I forgot about someone, so if you feel left out I’m sorry I just have a bad memory lmao.

I’m too lazy too do a A-Z list so here’s my favourite people that make my dashboard (some since, literally, I joined tumblr) a mix of blood tears, uncontrollable breathing and screaming, also you’re here either because you’re a perfect blog with a (perfect) person or because all the things you touched with photoshop were also touched by god or something I love you very very much thank:


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PS- There’s like 5 blogs here who I rarely or never talked with so hi

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The large bear of a man turned his gaze into the distance where he saw a familiar pinkette walking over to him. A slight smile formed over his lips as he instantly recognized the woman approaching him. He walked over to her, shortening the distance she had to walk and shook his head with that same smile on his face. “Well, well, well if it isn’t my favorite sergeant. Where have you been? Is that little sister of yours doing good?”

Walking into a Trap (lightningofdeath)

The ‘Lanes Between’…a pathway which only those wielding a Keyblade could use, shows a single Keyblade Wielder zooming through the empty reaches of this pathway.  Ahead the young man could see a world just ahead, as he was covered from head to toe in a special armor, used to keep him protected within the Lanes Between.

“I wonder if I could find them there…Only one way to find out."  He muttered to himself, as he zipped off to the world ahead.

Out in the middle of a vast plane, a portal opens from the Lanes Between, as he slowly comes off from his glider, and disperses his armor.  He could be seen wearing normal clothes, or to as normal as what he normally wore every day through his journey, as he looked around.  "Wow…I guess Im far from any civilization here.  I better start walking."  He said to himself, as he was just about to head off…but then suddenly sees himself surrounding by familiar creatures.

"Unversed!” He said, as he quickly summoned his Keyblade to his hand, as the little creatures, called the Flood, started to swarm around him.


A motionless body clad in silver flashed into existence only a few hundred feet in the air. A body which seemed to tumble over itself in a mere fashion as though it had been dropped from some form of aircraft. Regardless of it’s descent, it showed no sign of slowing as it rapidly approached the very ground that was swiftly approaching. It was then that something seemingly amazing had occurred as it’s form was soon enveloped in a blue field as the body vanished from sight. Like the existence of a ghost, it had vanished in mere moments as it’s shape took form only mere meters from a particular building. The Blue sphere revealed it’s silhouetted figure as it’s hulking form materialized from nothing, only to dissipate and reveal a figure as an immense statue which imposed upon all. A rush of energy that crackled in the air would burst from the very shape as it would stand to it’s full height.

The newcomer stood at a firm seven feet and eleven inches within it’s bulky armor. A pair of burning blue ‘eyes’ enveloped in light peered around the general vicinity while he begun to take the first steps from the smoking ground. Silently he reached for his weapon, a two handed blade of significant length as the giant would remain still as he observed his general surroundings.

It wasn’t much longer before the giant settled it’s nerves while it unleashed a sigh of not relief but frustration. The giant shifted his footing as he would mutter something beneath his breath while he attempted to reach his comrades. Unfortunately, he was cut off from the mere static. A frown was to take shape upon the face beneath the knightly helm while a gentle breeze seemed to cause the cloak that swept from his thick shoulders to catch and expand to it’s fullest form. It’s brilliant velvet red would shine beneath what little light was offered while the parchment attached to his armor would comply to the wind as well. He stood without compromise nor without any betrayal of uncertainty outside of what left his voice. 

“This place is not known to me…”

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The male’s lavender hues narrowed as the unexpected guests entered the crumbling palace of Etro, sitting back on the throne that the goddess had once filled. “Have you come to end my life?” He mused to himself, aloud. He knew not their purpose, but only that he wouldn’t die. That he couldn’t die.

Wandering alone - Closed Rp for lightningofdeath

The Farron girl had been traveling with not a clue of her location or where she was really going. Her mind was in shambles from when she had been released from her crystal containment. Yet faint memories still lingered deep in her dreams, about a certain person, they still resided there..

Serah stopped in her tracks as she came across an older woman, who was she? What was she doing out here? She had been doing her best to avoid the monsters that seemed to wander the lands and attack travelers. “Um..” Her voice was quiet as she tried to think of something to say. Serah then naively walked up to the woman, “..Excuse me, but I was wondering if you could help me with something, I’m lost.”

      The afternoon sun burned hot in the sky as Vanille skipped through the plains of Gran Pulse with an absent-minded hum. White flower petals danced in circles around her, carried by the familiar gentle breeze, as though guided by her song. It was a gorgeous day, as usual, and Vanille never let one pass by without taking full advantage of it. After all, there’s nothing like the wildness of nature to ease the soul.

      “Pulse hasn’t changed a bit since I woke up,” she muttered to herself cheerily, kneeling down to pick one of the flowers. Accidentally bringing it too close to her face, the pollen tickled her nose and she sneezed. “Waa-haaaa-CHOO!” Once she recovered and opened her eyes again, she caught sight of a blurry yellow and pink human-like object chasing after some of the nearby wildlife in the distance. That’s strange. That looks almost like… Lightning.

      Wait a second… is that really-


      “Hey! Heeeeey!” Vanille called out and erupted into a fit of excited laughter. She felt restless to see her old friend again - still unsure if her eyes were playing tricks on her or not - and broke into a run, waving her arms around in the air frantically. “Lightning! Over here!!”

Another Cycle. Another day. (Closed)

Tidus was taking his time to wander around Dream’s End, flipping a blitzball in his hand. No one seemed to be around and he was getting bored just fighting a pointless manikin for no reason. “This is boring…no old man. No other person to fight. There has to be something out here.” He said, looking around.

He was lucky when he had noticed someone else on the other side of the world joining him, and a smile grew across his face as he realized it was a warrior of Cosmos. “Well well, looks like I got something.” He said, staying where he was.

'8 new followers have entered Waterloo Road'









It was 4pm, Lorraine was about to leave, and 7 people had just shown up in the reception of Waterloo Road, along with a dog.

Clearly none of them knew how protocol in Waterloo Road ran. She’d have to change that.

“-Standard school protocol is that visitors can only come during school hours, a.k.a from 9am to 3:30pm. Only exception to that is if there is an absolute emergency, and I’m pretty sure an emergency doesn’t warrant 7 people who are not part of the authorities and a dog to come into the school. Speaking of which, dunno who the dog belongs to, but animals aren’t allowed in school premises either so I’d appreciate it if you guys took care of that.”

Aaaaaaaaand pause for breath.

“So why the big parade in the reception?”