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“Hello” Negi greeted the two new comers.

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“Nice to see you Asu…na-san…?” Negi started, but trailed off when he saw Asuna. Something seemed different about her, her expression wasn’t the one he was used to. He had a sinking feeling about this.

“Are you alright?” He asked with concern in his voice.

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The large bear of a man turned his gaze into the distance where he saw a familiar pinkette walking over to him. A slight smile formed over his lips as he instantly recognized the woman approaching him. He walked over to her, shortening the distance she had to walk and shook his head with that same smile on his face. “Well, well, well if it isn’t my favorite sergeant. Where have you been? Is that little sister of yours doing good?”


Lightning widened her eyes as she felt the sudden increase in weight in her shorts. She was simply working out for the day, and thus, she wore sports underwear instead of the usual thin layered ones that’s just enough to cover a small part of what’s underneath. The said weight turned into a budge that poked through her shorts, throwing off a startling glance and a fear that sank through her chest.

Heading to the bathroom, she quickly closed the door and kept her privacy enclosed as she open the said trousers. The sight of such a… manly… thing… —wait WHAT.

 Azure eyes widen at the appearance of such a foreign limb, almost like a sack of meat waiting to be chopped off. Except it was her own —and she wouldn’t want to slice her own arousal off even if she was paid to.

 ”F*ck…” She cursed to herself, biting her lips at such an awkward and indecent sight. The soldier noted to go to the bedroom had the pulsian hadn’t occupied it. In that case, she’ll have to make do with sneaking past Vanille to get to her cabinet and dress in baggy pants, or at least cover it up somehow. Whichever would do.

Heading to the bedroom, Lightning opened the door quietly, only to see Vanille right at the spot. What a terrible timing.

 ”Uh, hey… Y-You surprised me there for a second…” She muttered nervously, her hand hiding the budge underneath as she attempt to scoot past the pulsian.

It was any other time that the pulsian’s subconscious turned to a determined state to finish every chore before Lightning arrived from her physical activity. Black boots grew louder in every constant, audible tap and the movements gradually reduced just as Vanille had been checking the flavor of the meal she recently cooked. Without even having the chance to notice the soldier’s presence, a moderate thud made her follow where the sound came from which concluded the bathroom door was left closed by the soldier.

The red-head released a whispered sigh due to her slight wonder, her lips pressing together as if they remained into a firm line. A pair of arms was placed on either side of her waist as her vision broadened blandly through her realization that Lightning must have been in a hurry to attend her private matters inside the restroom, not that it was odd, she didn’t mind since they were both human beings. It was completely normal.

As she switched the stove off, she soon knew that the rosette had been in the room for a few minutes, but to remind her that the main courses were prepared, the smaller female did not hesitate to pace a few steps forward in order to head in front of the entrance. As soon as her finger nearly curled to knock on the wood, the passageway opened in an exposure of the familiar face she had always recognized with an anxious look upon the soldier. Emerald gems were locked onto another set of crystal ones, confusion added in the oerban’s perspective.

Hearing the agitated tone of the taller individual, she managed to respond in sincerity, both palms intertwining from the back of her waist. 

Her lips divided themselves to a certain extent her head tilted to the side, a soft smile flashed the other, “I was just about to tell you that you needed to take a break for lunch. I cooked up our meals.”

Scanning her sight unintentionally from the top of Lightning’s head and to the tip of her toes, a quiet gasp liberated from her lips.

How odd. It wasn’t likely for Lightning to cover her cloth that easily with her hand. As she was driven by concern and puzzlement all at the same time, Vanille couldn’t take her eyes off of the soldier’s actions as if she had been trying to avoid her.

With a pause, she chose to approach the strawberry blonde closer, their distance was at an arm’s length while a smile remained in her countenance, “Hey Lightning, is something the matter?”

Walking into a Trap (lightningofdeath)

The ‘Lanes Between’…a pathway which only those wielding a Keyblade could use, shows a single Keyblade Wielder zooming through the empty reaches of this pathway.  Ahead the young man could see a world just ahead, as he was covered from head to toe in a special armor, used to keep him protected within the Lanes Between.

“I wonder if I could find them there…Only one way to find out."  He muttered to himself, as he zipped off to the world ahead.

Out in the middle of a vast plane, a portal opens from the Lanes Between, as he slowly comes off from his glider, and disperses his armor.  He could be seen wearing normal clothes, or to as normal as what he normally wore every day through his journey, as he looked around.  "Wow…I guess Im far from any civilization here.  I better start walking."  He said to himself, as he was just about to head off…but then suddenly sees himself surrounding by familiar creatures.

"Unversed!” He said, as he quickly summoned his Keyblade to his hand, as the little creatures, called the Flood, started to swarm around him.