Electrifying Performance

In China’s Fujian province in Dacuo Village, a local band called Lightningfan specializes in producing electric arcs from Tesla coils that are charged with 1 million volts of electricity, and are in sync with the music they play.

Shielded by protective clothing made from ferroalloy silk thread, the members of Lightningfan play their instruments while generating lightning bolts as long as 4.2 meters without suffering any bodily harm. Their suits insulate them from the current which passes into the ground, and allows them to shape the artificial lightning bolts into various patterns during concerts. Needless to say, their performances are electrifying.

CHINA, FUZHOU : The guitarist of the band “Lightningfan” Wang Hongbin creates lightning with a Tesla Coil in their village outside of Fuzhou in China’s Fujian province on June 24, 2013. The Tesla Coil invented by Nikola Tesla in 1891 is a transformer that produces vast amounts of voltage at high frequencies that creates long bolts of electricity like lightening. Inventor and founding member of the band Wang Zengxiang, an electrical engineer made his first Tesla Coil in 2007 and afterwards formed his 10 member band who, whilst wearing ferroalloy metal suits play guitars, violins and drums with bolts of lightening crackling from them and their instruments to the beat. AFP PHOTO/Peter PARKS