anonymous asked:

So, in an AU I'm working on, Opals and gems like them are artists and performers on Homeworld—y'know, like actors, singers, painters, jugglers, whatever. Given that they fit into those sorta fields, what specific roles could you see for a Boulder Opal, a Lightning Ridge Opal, and a Dragon's Breath Fire Opal? Thanks!

I hope you know Dragon’s Breath Opal is not an actual opal. It’s synthetic glass originally made to resemble fire opal. If you want to keep it, that’s fine, but if you want to stick to real opals switch them out for fire opal. Anyhow:

Boulder Opal: Sculptors. They use clay or other earth materials to make sculptures.murals for aristocrats and the diamond authority.

Lightning Ridge Opal: Singers. They could use electronic microphones or instruments to sing with.

Dragon’s Breath Opal: Fire dancing. This is pretty self-explanatory. 

-Mod Sardonyx

f0rget-t0-remembr  asked:

Hi there! I really enjoy your work, and thought you'd be a good person to ask this to. I'm considering a fusion of a Blue Sandstone and Black Opal resulting in a darker Spectrolite. Thoughts? (ideally, I'd like her to be mostly a v dark blue almost black gem, but to retain those awesome bursts of color from the Opal (and shimmering feel of the Sandstone)

A darker version of Spectrolite could work, yeah. Have you considered Lightning Ridge Opal?