Zodiac Signs - Crystals & Minerals

Aries: spectrolite

Taurus: azurite

Gemini: tanzan aura

Cancer: erythrite

Leo: chalcopyrite + dolomite

Virgo: ametrine

Libra: morganite

Scorpio: amethyst geode

Sagittarius: lightning ridge black opal

Capricorn: “iron rose” hematite

Aquarius: dendritic opal

Pisces: angel aura quartz

Name: Lightning Ridge Opal, LRO Gem: Black Opal Height: 5’ 3" Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Weapon: Kylie (non-returning boomerang) Talents/Skills: Can gaze into the past, present, or future, Can determine truthfulness or one’s intent by reading eyes Lightning Ridge Opal is extremely lucky and is generally very good at easing distress. She lives by the idea that one should turn their fears into eagerness and optimism. She tends to be very fiery and passionate. She takes great interest in studying the habits of a wide range of plant life. She can sometimes come off as a bit strange.


And now for the second gem I’ve made

Lighting Ridge black Opal (or just Ridge)

She assists Peacock in her investigations and is the main offense (and therapist) of the group

She can manipulate electric currents and “heal” people emotionally with ease.

Her gem is located in the center of her left hand, which allows her to summon an canon to shoot balls of energy from.

She has great stamina but it pretty lazy and sarcastic

Australian solid black opal blue sapphire green tsavorite garnet white gold pendant necklace