Lightning Appreciation Week

Day 7: Why You Love Lightning→  Because I see so much of myself in her (and she’s my idol)

↳ “I look at her, always beautiful, always hurt, always strong to hide it and always solely standing for herself. I see her, full of poetry, full of pain and I feel myself bleeding her wounds.”

         - VÀZAKI NADA


lightning week day 7 - why i love lightning

Why do I love Lightning? Well, to say the least, I was coming out of a dark period of my life when I first got Final Fantasy XIII. I didn’t know much about the game other than how great the graphics looked at the time. Lightning ended up making a real strong impression on me. In a world where male protagonists still dominate most forms of media, it’s really important to me that Lightning had an entire trilogy to shine as a protagonist. What I admire most about Lightning is her determination to rescue her sister Serah. Even when she was thrown out of the timeline and went up against an actual god, she never backed down. That determination is what inspires me to keep going when I’m having a hard time in real life.