Final Fantasy XV Omen Trailer

Damn that trailer was some thing! 
I had to watch it a few times to actually get what was happening! 

And I came to a theory; at the end of the Trailer Regis is talking to the Cristal, and that voice reminded me of a certain someone! It’s Bhunivelze! I double checked the ending of FF13 and yes the voice is the same! 

So what if this world is the new reborn world of FF13? 
Light and the others did live in a very modern new world, so this could be a far future.
Maybe Bhuni has finally awoken and wants his revenge as he is talking from in the trailer? He says he want to see a certain death so he can rest in peace, that death is Luna? but why? because she’s a seeress? Maybe a descendent of Yeul?

I’m mean it’s said that FF13, FF15 and FFzero do have a connection with its myths right?

any thoughts? 


The time of crystals and gods is over, vanished into a past that no longer is. Humankind will be born afresh. Ours is a new future, bright with promise. Sometimes shadows will darken our path, we shall tremble in fear before the night. But we won’t be alone. We will reach out our hands…and in the warmth of another hand holding our own, we will know hope. We will survive, and prosper. The crystal age is just a legend, from before the world was born. And it ended before you were born.