The Origin and Powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes, from Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Volume 2

[Image description: Legionaries Ayla Ranzz, Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen fly through the air. They carry with them Imra and Garth’s two children, Garridan and Graym Ranzz. One of the twins sits in Garth’s lap as he files, and the other hangs on to Imra’s back. Imra kisses Garth’s cheek, making him blush, and the child on Imra’s back makes faces at Ayla, who laughs.]


“In the end, refraining from mass murder paid off. Remember that, kids.” – Life lessons from Ayla Ranzz.

Winath is such a bizarre planet. (Although I always find that they seem to mostly have standard single-marriage nuclear families there, in a planet so obsessed with everyone being a twin, and not… weird commune type extended-family structures, kind of odd? And then my brain sort of goes off on a tangent about how to work everything I know about Winath into my Founders OT3 feelings. I just feel like Garth would be really conflicted about things sometimes.)

Also, bluh, I just kind of love how every Ranzz is a tiny ball of rage and violence, deep down.

Although it makes me feel very conflicted in re: Mekt. He may have been a horrible person, but he also never really had a chance.