Speaking of Francesco… I wonder if in Cars 3, he finds out about McQueen’s crash offscreen. Man, his reaction would shatter my heart as much as that of Sally or Mater

Things I Forget

Piper is vegetarian.

Grover was a major character in the first series.

That poodle from the Lightning Thief.

Percy crashed his own funeral in BotL.

Piper and Leo were turned into gold temporarily by Midas.

Khione made a Grace pun.

Tyson and Percy went to school together at one point.

Percy went on vacation with Rachel.

In BotL, they used wings to escape from the Daedalus’s workshop.

Nico was held captive at a ranch.

Zoë and Calypso are sisters.

Percy blew up the toilets in BoO.

Chris Rodriguez went mad from the Labyrinth, and Clarisse nursed him.

Thalia drove Apollo’s chariot.

Annabeth’s dad flew a fighter plane into battle on her behalf.

Luke held up the sky, even if only to trap Annabeth.

Percy fell into a pit, and would have drowned in earth if Hazel hadn’t jumped in and saved him.

Reyna and Hylla fought a band of pirates.

Ethan tried to steal the Sword of Hades.

Nancy Bobofit.

Lol we are all so worried about Lightning but in reality it’s gonna be like
Lightning: *crashes* “….AW GREAT. THAT’S JUST GREAT”
Or: *crashes* *sirens and Owen Wilson noises*
Or: *McCrash* /cuts to Luigi and Guido using their Anime Sad Eyes™ to cry/

Cars 3 Lightning's Crash Preview

We all saw how in that new clip of Lightning flipping and rolling across the track, how his head/eyes literally smashed and dug into the concrete ground, right?



Not to mention they were closed the whole time!



He’s going to be in blazing agony hell.

If he’s passed out, he’s lucky, because he’d be screaming bloody murder.

And everything on his body is just being torn from him…you can see his pipes (the ones that yellow/fire light sparks through whenever he revs his engine), is sticking out and more visible. Because everything around it is GONE. And his paint, too. It’s all a mess. His body is being ripped apart and taken away like a puzzle piece. The back of his body is being ripped too (sponser/tail).


Crash - a Cars Fanfiction

Okay, now here’s a big one I wanted to put out today. I wrote this immediately after the first Cars 3 teaser trailer came out, and it’s kind of a speculative thing for a certain part of that certain trailer…

with all that said please enjoy your feels! :D link:

Genre: Tragedy/Drama

Words: 757

Rating: T for extremely mild violence/gore

Summary: It was supposed to be an ordinary race.

Notes: slightly AU, slight speculation for Cars 3

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Are you McFreaking Idiots?

McQueen doesn’t die. The movie won’t be about his friends morning! Lightning will survive the crash, like we’ve seen a lot of cars do, but he’ll sustain a physical and/or mental disability, forcing him to think he’s a bother, but will soo realize that it isn’t the KaChow on the outside, but the KaChow on the inside

  • Me: *sees Cars 3 preview* Wow this actually looks way better than the second one. I can't wait to see what it's about.
  • Also Me: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Lightning McQueen are you ok, what the fuck kind of movie are they planning, making lightning crash like that?!
  • Also me: Well looks like I have a few months until the movie comes out the anticipation is killing me.
  • Also me: I'll bring the tissues.

on our lil love hotel journey together we have seen a donkey kong motel, a bed overseen by pooh on a swing, a literal toilet in the middle of the room, lightning mcqueen crashing thru the side of a lovers elope, secret blacklight donald duck and mickeys in the walls. but nothing..nothing could prepare me for the discovery i made last night. like a voyager lost in the harsh unforgiving desert i traveled meaninglessly thru the sandy abyss. and my eyes set forth on the mysterious, yet enchanting, mirage paradise before me

………hotel peepee

I really want to see Cas’ wings in season 12. Not the shadows. Not burnt into the ground (don’t even think it) but his real deal wings and maybe they’re not so plush anymore and they’re broken, but they’ll be glorious all the same.

And then maybe Dean will see them. He’ll be speechless at first, in awe, after the lightning and crash of thunder.

Cas will probably look down at his feet, embarrassed by the shape they’re in. Dean will come over to him, and gently stroke some of the feathers, while he has this youthful grin on his face and he’ll be all,

“Wow, Cas. Your wings… they’re–”


“I was gonna say, ‘beautiful’.”

And then Cas will slowly look up at Dean with that cute half smile and and and

and then I will drive off a cliff. Bye.