Caught Red-Handed: Ash

Ash pushed through the door to the apartment that she shared with Johnny, lugging her heavy suitcase behind her. She yawned so widely that she almost felt her jaw crack from the force of it. She had taken a red-eye flight and then a train just to get home today so even though it was around dinnertime she was ready for bed. She had been gone for a couple days to visit her mom but she had to jet off to South America in the middle of Ash’s trip so Ash began her journey home a day early. 

She dropped her keys into the key bowl by the front door and carelessly shoved her jacket in the closet. Interestingly enough neither Johnny nor Meena’s jackets were hung up in their usual places. Ash considered the fact critically for a second but her brain could barely register the time let alone where her friends were. So she shrugged and tugged on her suitcase handle, yanking it forward. She only made it a few steps before she stumbled over something on the ground. 

Confused, Ash glared down at the object that dared stop her forward motion. Meena’s baby blue jacket lay innocently draped over Johnny’s converse and a few inches away one of Meena’s sneakers lay on top of Johnny’s precious leather jacket. A few feet away her other shoe peeked around the corner. Ash just stared blankly at the haphazardly strewn clothing items and then narrowed her eyes. A little voice in the back of her head yelled for attention, but was almost immediately interrupted by another yawn. 

She just shrugged and stepped over the clothes, rolling her suitcase over the floor towards her bedroom. She didn’t even glance at the living room, but she did register the sound of Frank Sifaka pouring out from the speakers. She threw her suitcase onto the bed and then walked back into the kitchen. 

She busied herself in the kitchen staring at the inside of the fridge for a good couple of minutes until she finally pulled out a container of cold spaghetti and meatballs. She grabbed a fork from the dirty dishwasher, examined it and then decided that it was clean enough. She then proceeded to stuff a huge forkful of spaghetti into her mouth as she walked into the living room. The long noodles hung from her mouth as she gobbled them up. She looked up to begin her search for the TV remote and saw something that made her stop in her tracks.  

Thrown over the TV was Johnny’s favorite blue-green lightning bolt T-shirt. She gaped at it for a little bit before walking towards it and yanking it off of the TV screen. She growled and mused to herself that her roommate was turning into a messy gorilla. That thought died as soon as she turned around and looked at the scene that was playing out on the couch. 

Johnny and Meena were spread on the couch kissing passionately. Johnny was shirtless and Meena’s hands were buried in his hair, stroking his chest slowly. Johnny was cupping Meena’s face in his hands as he captured her lips over and over. Ash watched in shock as his hand slowly reached up and unbuttoned one of the buttons on her button up. 

Ash sat down on the beanbag in front of the TV and swallowed the spaghetti in her mouth before speaking up. 

“Getting a little handsy there Johnny. Dontcha think?” Meena and Johnny immediately jumped apart, struggling to regain some kind of dignity as Ash stirred her spaghetti and watched, a huge smirk dominating her face. Johnny searched around for his shirt, his eyes darting all over as he looked for it, until he found it in Ash’s hand. 

“Shite.” He said under his breath and crossed his arms over his chest in an awkward attempt to cover up his partial nudity. Ash rolled her eyes and gave him a pointed look, but he just hugged his arms tighter over his chest. Meena was desperately trying to button up her shirt but her nervousness made her hands too shaky and she eventually she decided to hold her shirt closed with one hand. 

“So Meena…Johnny…” She looked at both of them and then casually shoved another big bite of spaghetti in her mouth. Johnny frowned at her and rolled his eyes when she slowly chewed the spaghetti. The couple sat in suspense as she swallowed and the food and stirred around what was left in the container. 

Suddenly her gaze zeroed in on Meena’s neck and she got an evil glint in her eyes. She stood up and walked over to the couch, climbing up into Meena’s lap until she was staring critically at her blushing friend. 

“Meena. Meena, Meena, Meena.” She tisked and then jabbed her finger at the large purplish marks that were developing on her neck, “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” She yelled and Meena quickly put her hand over the marks as if that would hide them. 

Johnny’s cheeks turned even redder than before and he sheepishly scratched the back of his head. “Shite. Sorry love.” Johnny mumbled and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. 

“You filthy animals!” Ash teased and chuckled loudly then schooled her face so that it was a mockery of a stern glare. “I leave you two alone for a weekend and you get all frisky with each other.” She got down and started pacing like a concerned parent. 

Johnny rolled his eyes and leaned back on the couch but Meena looked down in shame. Ash spun around suddenly and threw Johnny’s shirt at him. It hit him directly in the face, covering his grumpy expression and making an audible thwap! Johnny tore it off of his face and slipped it on so that he was once again decent. 

“What would your parents say? Both of you.” Ash shook her head and put her hand on her chin, pretending to think. 

Meena groaned and put her head in her hands, causing her shirt to fall open again and her hickeys to be revealed to the world. Johnny blushed slightly when he caught a glimpse of the skin of Meena’s chest and quickly turned his gaze away. Meena didn’t seem to notice but Ash did. She caught Johnny’s eye and wagged her finger at him. Johnny childishly stuck his tongue out at her, and thus the stupid face war began. Silently the two began battling to see who could make the worst face at their opponent. 

After a few minutes of pulling on and exaggerating different facial features they glanced at Meena and found her smiling and giggling to herself. Ash immediately went back to mock serious mode and gestured to the two of them. 

“You two know what this means right?” She smirked and Johnny narrowed his eyes suspiciously, “You two have to be my slaves for…. a month.” She decided and then nodded as if that single motion would make it law. 

“Wot?!?! That’s bullshit Ash! Why would we do that?” Johnny sputtered in annoyance at the idea of being her ’slave’. 

Ash frowned at his attitude and then crossed her arms over his chest, glaring at him, “Because if you don’t I’ll tell Meena’s family about those little beauty marks right there, and what exactly I caught you two doing.” 

Johnny opened his mouth to retort but was quickly stopped when he caught sight of the pale, mortified look on Meena’s face. He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath before putting his head in his hands just like Meena had before Ash voiced her demands. 

“Fine.” He mumbled and Ash grinned like it was Christmas. She rubbed her hands together and plopped herself on the couch between the two. 

“Let’s get this party started.” She grabbed the remote and turned the TV channel to an old James Bobcat movie. She gently nudged Meena and nodded towards the kitchen. 

“I could use some popcorn Meena.” Meena nodded and hurried off to the kitchen to get popcorn. Johnny glared at Ash but she ignored him and leaned back against the couch cushions. 

“Get used to it Pretty Boy.” She said as she took the pillow from behind Johnny and rested it behind her head. She looked at Johnny pointedly and he rolled his eyes in annoyance. 

“One whole month.” She murmured to herself. Boy was she glad that she had taken that early trip home.


Masculine Fashion for Denki Kaminari from Boku No Hero Academia

Sleeveless Black and White Hoodie x / Black and White Track Pants x

Lightning Bolt Shirt x / Black Choker x

Lightning Bolt Pendant x / Sunglasses x

For Anon! I hope you like it

~Mod Ernest

Mabel’s Mind Palace - Ch. 9 - FINAL CHAPTER

Mabel’s Mind Palace - Ch. 9 - FINAL CHAPTER

Hey guys, so the last chapter was well-received, and I have decided to make this one the final chapter. Sorry for those who expected more content on this story, but I feel like where I ended off the last chapter was a pretty good place to stop. This final chapter will be the epilogue to the whole story, basically giving a little recap as to what’s been going on with the Pines twins since discovering their new-found magical abilities. The Pines twins were juniors in college when this story began, and now they’ve finished college and are about to graduate at the top of their class. Of course, they’ve had all that time to practice and master their magic and the Mind Palace, under the careful observations of Grunkle Ford.

I could extend the story, but seeing as the story is based on the Mind Palace technique, there’s really not much else I can expand on.

Thank you guys for sticking with this story, and keep an eye out for future stories. This particular story may be finished, but I’ll definitely keep the MindPalace!AU alive forever, in my heart and in my memory.

(Word Count: 4163 words)

Chapter 1 ] || [ Chapter 2 ] || [ Chapter 3 ] || [ Chapter 4 ] || [ Chapter 5 ] || [ Chapter 6 ] || [ Chapter 7 ] || [ Chapter 8 ] || [ Chapter 9 – FINAL CHAPTER ]

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How about a thing where all the guys are dads on fathers day

AAHH this is just too cute i can already see it! FRIENDSHIP REUNION TIME! 

“Make sure you tell the boys I said hi.”

Percy nodded and kissed his wife. “Sure thing.” He moved to the front door, but hesitated opening it. “Are you sure it’s alright for me to go out for a while?”

Annabeth laughed and nodded. “Of course it is. It’s Father’s Day, Percy. You’re a dad, unless you’ve already forgotten after six years. Besides you’re going to hang out with our friends. I know if you and Jason don’t see each other for over a month you go insane because of your dumb bromance you have.”

Percy laughed and opened the front door. “I’ll make sure to tell them you say hi. When do you want me home?”

Annabeth scoffed and rolled her eyes jokingly. “Preferably never. The house would be a lot cleaner without you.” Her mouth turned to a soft smile as she said her real response. “Seven would be ideal. Luke wants to help me make a special dinner for you.”

Percy kissed his wife on the cheek and headed out the door, laughing all the while. “I’ll be home by seven.”


“And at breakfast, she gave me this little framed picture of a painting she made in school of the three of us. I had a lightning bolt t-shirt and Pipes had a little dove on her dress. I swear it was the most precious thing in the entire world.” 

Percy laughed at his friend. The group sat at a round booth at a local Long Island sports bar, drinking and carrying on on their “day off”

“I think you’re going a little soft, bro. I never though something like that would melt the renown Jason Grace.”

“Oh shut up, Percy. You can’t tell me your son didn’t do anything for you today that melted your dumb heart.”

Percy shrugged and took a sip of his beer. “He made a mini replica of Camp Half-Blood and New Rome.”

Frank laughed from across the table. “He is definitely Annabeth’s son, that’s for sure.”

“That’s nothing!” Leo slammed his fist on the table obnoxiously, getting the group’s full attention. “My boy made Festus a baby dragon. He handed me the tiny bronze dragon this morning and said that he wanted Festus to be able to celebrate today too.” 

“How could a two year old do that?” Nico looked over at Leo skeptically.

“Yeah I mean he may have your skill but he’s still a bit young to be able to do something like that.” Percy chimed in his agreement with Nico. 

Leo lifted up his drink and smirked at the rest of the group. “He’s a Valdez, waterboy. Valdez’s can do anything. Like, remember how I died and then came back to life because I’m just that awesome.”

Frank groaned and put his face in the palm of his hand. “Oh not this again.” 

“And how I exploded little miss Dirt Queen Gaea, heroically sacrificing myself all the while.”

Will scoffed and looked over at Leo. “You were suicidal and reckless. And no one knew you were alive until three years later. We were all there. We saw the explosion.”

“Hey! I had some unfinished business with my smokin’ hot goddess wife! That also might be why my son is the best kid in the entire world. He is half goddess.” 

Jason laughed and spoke up above Leo. “Alright! So since we all know there is no way we can get Leo off his high horse at this point, let’s move on. What about you guys. Frank? Will and Nico? What did your kids do for you today?”

Frank beamed at the thought of his and Hazel’s daughters. One was eight and the other was five. “Well they both drew pictures like your girl Leia did, Jason. The girls both have their mother’s art skills, let me tell you. They were both beautiful pictures depicting some of the battle scenes we told them about with the battle of the Giants and whatnot. And they asked me to teach them how to shoot a bow this morning. So that was really fun. They didn’t necessarily do anything special, but being able to spend time with them was all I wanted.”

Jason smiled wide and leaned on his hand. “That’s so sweet, Frank. See guys, Frank gets it.”

“Well there you have it, folks. Jason Grace and Frank Zhang win the award for biggest saps in the entire world. Their prize is not a trophy but a free pass to continue living their extremely basic and conventional picket fence lifestyles with their gorgeous wives and lovely children. Isn’t that just peachy?”

Leo took a sip of his drink before continuing his speech. “Meanwhile Leo Valdez wins the award for most badass family in the entire world with Percy Jackson in a close second place, mainly because of his wife. Their award is indeed a trophy that I will make later tonight and also free passes to keep kicking ass as parents and building badass shit. That is all.”

Percy held up his bottle and knocked it against Leo’s. “Cheers to that, Leo.”

Jason lifted his bottle to do the same with Frank. “Cheers to gorgeous wives and lovely children.”

Frank laughed and obliged. After another moment of laughter, Percy turned his attention to the only other people that hadn’t talked about their day yet. 

“What about you two? Anything make your -how old is she- fourth Father’s Day special?”

Nico took a sip of his drink before speaking. “Well she surprised us this year, that’s for sure.”

Will shrugged and waved off Nico’s comment. “I don’t think it was that surprising, really.”

Jason cocked his head at the two. “What did she do that was, uh, somewhat surprising I guess?”

“Well she woke us up really early which was no surprise at all. She does that for any holiday. Then she insisted on trying to make us breakfast all by herself. Also not surprising.” Nico looked at the bottle in front of him as he recounted the days events. “And then she-”

Will grabbed onto Nico’s arm and smiled wide, interrupting his husband. “And then she gave us this really sweet poem she made. She even wrote us a little song! It was so adorable! She truly is a legacy of Apollo!” 

Nico laughed and smiled at Will. “Yeah she is. But after that, she just hung out with us for a while. And then out of no where …” He paused, still trying to grasp what happened earlier. “She just looked at us with a completely straight face and said-”

Will sighed and smiled. “-’You gotta have another baby. I want a baby brother.’” 

Leo almost choked on his drink, Jason went completely silent, unsure of what to say, Frank smiled and laughed, and Percy nodded and smiled. 

“Hazel and I get that at least five times a week.”

Percy smiled and nodded in agreement. “Luke’s mentioned it a few times already. And his wish is coming true. Well the sibling part. Not quite sure about the gender.”

Jason finally broke out of his silence. “Woah, what?! Annabeth is pregnant again?”

Percy nodded and smiled with pride. “Sure is. We’ve decided it’s safe to tell people now that she’s hit the three month mark. Oh and she says hello.”

Leo leaned forward and wiped off his face after regaining his composure. “Well, I’m not hopping on that train any time soon. And from the looks of it, neither is Jason.”

Jason turned to Nico and Will. “Wait so are you guys gonna do it?”

Nico nodded. “I mean we were already thinking about it. Bianca mentioning it just set it on course, really.” Nico had reluctantly agreed to name their daughter after his sister. After a bit of thought, he decided that it would feel like he was honoring her death by naming new life after her. And as it turned out, their daughter, as blonde and Apollo like she can be, acts much like Nico’s older sister did when they were younger. 

Frank looked over to join the conversation. “Are you going to use a surrogate again or are you going to fully adopt this time?”

“At first we thought that using a surrogate again would only be logical.” Will was still latched onto his husband’s arm. 

“But then we realized that there are too many children who grow up, never having real parents. So I think we’re going to just adopt. But it’s still going to be a baby.”

Percy raised his drink again and smiled at the group. “That’s fantastic guys. Congrats. Here’s to all of us being here together as lame adoring parents on Father’s Day!”


“Hey, Wise Girl!” Percy shouted as he walked through the front door. “Seaweed Brain’s home!” 

Annabeth rushed to Percy and held her hands up to shut him up. “Shush! Luke is trying to concentrate.”

He followed Annabeth quietly to the kitchen where he saw his dark hair and grey eyed son standing atop a step-stool while finishing off the intricate designs on the cake in front of him.

Percy leaned in to whisper in his wife’s ear. “Did he make that all by himself?”

Annabeth looked at him, shocked. “Of course not. I helped him reach the ingredients.”

“I did it by myself. Mommy only helped me reach things. I mean it’s just a cake. It wasn’t that hard.” Luke had finished decorating the cake and turned back to face his parents. “Do you like it?”

Percy walked forward and smiled at the cake. “It’s blue. And it looks like the cabin at camp. My cabin.” 

“What can I say. Luke takes after me. Sorry, Percy. He’s a natural architect.” 

Luke put his hands on his hips and smiled triumphantly. “If you think this is cool wait till we eat dinner!” 

He hopped off the stool and grabbed his father’s hand to drag him into the dining room where dinner had already been set up. All of Percy’s favorite foods were spread across the table. A huge blue banner was displayed at the opposite side of the room. It read: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! 

“Wow. This is amazing. I didn’t think you would go this far for Father’s Day.”

Luke laughed and looked up at Percy. “Just wait till your birthday. Me and Mommy have lots of plans!” 

The boy ran around the table to sit in his seat while Annabeth walked into the room. She linked her hand with Percy’s and kissed him on the cheek. She then moved his hand to her stomach and smiled warmly at her husband. “Happy Father’s day, seaweed brain.”

so this was long too and i had WAAAY too much fun writing this. and since ya know we had an entire first series based on percy i only thought it was appropriate that he was the main in this. and i STRONGLY stick to my headcanon that percy and jason have the nerdiest bromance that goes far enough that after annabeth and percy name their son luke, piper and jason name their daughter leia. no shame. THANKS FOR THE PROMPT THIS WAS SO FUN AND IT CALMED DOWN MY NERVES A LOT!



BEFORE THE SHOW: So our story starts a few weeks ago when my boyfriend and I’s costumes for the Santa Clara show got a LOT of attention on tumblr and twitter. However, the night of out show there was no loft. So SUPER last minute, on Thursday (8/20) we decided why not just drive the 6 hours and make it to the first night of the LA shows?! Even though we didn’t even have tickets.. and all the tickets on stubhub were way out of our price range. SOO my best friend in the universe @fearlesskatia went out of her way and waited in line at the box office and got us seats while we were driving and I am so beyond thankful and grateful to her for that.

DOORS OPEN: So as soon as we got there we got in line at the doors and we were maybe like eighth in line. As soon as doors open we went straight to the Taylor Nation booth. The first thing we noticed was on the TV’s they had our picture of our costume was on a constant loop on the TV! We kind of freaked out. So we waited and finally got through and Sierra was SOOOO sweet. She was so welcoming and she talked to us for a while about how far we drove without knowing we had tickets and how awesome our costumes were, and then we took the picture and she said “GOOD LUCK TONIGHT GUYS” and I freaked out.

So then we went to our seats and just enjoyed the openers and Taylor when she came on and I was just having the time of my life because I was so happy we got tickets that ended up being incredible and I was so happy to be there with Andy.

ANDREA!!!!: So…….. I guess towards the beginning of the show after Taylor started, Andy saw someone from Taylor Nation or Taylors team walk down our aisle looking at us, but he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to get my hopes up. But then at the very end of How You Get The Girl, Andrea came down our aisle and then came right up to us. My heart dropped I was in shock. She hugged us and said how amazing our costumes were and how cute we were and then she was talking to Andy because she was like “Have we met?? You look so familiar I feel like I’ve seen you” but he was utterly confused because they hadn’t lol. But then she was like SOOO….. “Have you ever met Taylor?” and I started crying on the spot and we said Noooooooo and she said, “Would you like to?” and I fell in her arms and said YESSSSSS and I was crying and bawling and she said something like well you’re going into Loft 89 to meet her. She had a hard time getting the wristband on my wrist she said it was so small and she was so nice and I was so happy and I was just on cloud nine the rest of the show and I think I blacked out like for half of it!!!

LOFT: ihqhqohqojw so we were taken into loft and it is a lot smaller than I thought, its so cute and cozy! We took some pictures but then were scattered around the room and me and Andy were in the corner right by the door so I knew we would either be first or last. We waited and talked to Austin and Scott and Andrea. Andrea came straight to us when she came in and was like “DID I SURPRISE YOU????” and I was like UM YES. She talked to us about how we didn’t have tickets and how it was destiny we were there and how she was so so happy to find us and that we were in Loft.

OKAY so then Taylor came in and was like HEY EVERYBODY and she went to the people on the opposite side of us, so we were last! Okay but on the real…. HOW IS SHE REAL She is so beautiful and flaw free in person and the way she talks to you and engages in conversation and stares into your soul….. I cant…..

We waited for a while but finally she came and was like HEY GUYS and gave Andy a huge hug, but his lightning bolts on his shirt were sharp and actually scratched her and she was like “WOW these are dangerous like treacherous” and we talked about how they were hard to make and how I cut open my finger cutting the raindrops and she laughed and said we were SO cute and then she was like “so you guys are….” And we were said boyfriend and girlfriend, and she was like OKAY I thought so but you never really know! And then I reminded her that she reblogged the video of us a few months ago and she was like OH YEAH COUPLE GOALS VIBES and I freaked out and she was like you two are SO CUTE.

Then we talked about CALVIN!!! She was like “I wish I could get my boyfriend to wear my lyrics on a shirt” (referring to Andy) and I was like just make him and she was just like well I can get him to come to my shows but I don’t think I can get him in fangirl attire and I said just have him comes with us and we will make him and she was like “PEER PRESSURE YES.”

And then I was like OK I have to tell you about my cat! I told her I had a Scottish fold named Grayson and she was SUCH a Meredith. And Taylor was like “Is she a bitch?” and she said it so serious and like aoadoajopdj I was like YES but shes nice to me and has her moment but then shes mean and people get so confused why I love her but I do and she was like SAME okay like people don’t understand why I would want a cat that runs and bites people but she always is there for me when I’m sad or upset like SHE KNOWS and I was like YES Grayson always know when to love or nuzzle on me. AND THEN TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT NUZZLED ME LIKE A CAT. SHE PUT HER HANDS INTO PAWS IN FRONT OF HER AND USED HER HEAD TO NUZZLE ME FROM LIKE MY BOOB TO MY FACE. I DID NOT SURVIVE.

By then, I think she realized she was talking to us for a while so she was like do you have anything to sign?? And So she signed “I <3 Quinn” on mine and then on Andys she wrote “ Andrew, Thank you for being so great to Quinn!” and I thought that was so sweet because he didn’t say anything she just wrote that and it was so cute.

I think we talked about Santa Clara but I don’t remember but then she was like picture time!! And she was like lets just do an excessive excited hugging picture! And so we did that and then I asked if I could do one with just her and she was like Of course!!! And she embraced me immediately and I was so happy her embraces are heaven.

Then she was like wait how long have you guys been dating?? And we told her over a year Taylor was like “OH MY GOD YESSS you guys have made it yesssssssssssss!” it was so cute but then it was time for her to leave so she gave us hugs again and she started walking out and looked at me and said “SEE YOU ON THE INTERNET!”

SO YEAH that is the day all my dreams ever came true. She is so beautiful and wonderful inside and out and I can’t be more thankful for this experience. After waiting for basically 7 years I can’t have imagined a more perfect way to meet her. Thank you to everyone who reblogged, RTed and always told me to never lose hope. This is all because of you. I love you so much.


I was drawing vent art and I made an OC??? LOL
Meet Zara! Half zombie, half ghost child.

She attracts little bunny ghosts that like to hang around her body.
It kinda looks like she’s breathing them out sometimes haha
as part zombie, she’s the expressionless/slow-reacting one.
but her emotions can be detected in small ways!!

likes classical/calming music and drinking gatorade.


I noticed that Farkle wears a lightning bolt shirt in GM Bear, and I followed Maya’s advice in GM Jexica. We know that Farkle’s on this journey to learn who he is, and he feels lost right now.
So why is he wearing a lightning bolt in GM Bear?
“I don’t know Farkle, why are we all looking so hard to find the last ripped up raggedy piece of Riley’s childhood? Maybe I’m not quite ready for it to be gone.”


update: An awesome Anon just posted another theory:

Maya: Thunder! ☁️

Riley: Lightning!⚡️

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Probably the most notable thing about the Lightning bolt shirt on RBB is that it's literally made of tape,, as in it was made to look like Freddie Mercury's shirt and also it just so happens that Louis has one just like it? Sure Jan

Look, lightning bolts are common, and louis’ is unique, valid points all around.

but like, imagine the absurdity of being louis if it’s not deliberate

you accidentally name your child after the gay legend that was recreated in rainbow bear form, that has been at all of your concerts for over a year, and then, almost a year again, you keep accidentally making relations to the gay legend, like you just decide to wear a shirt, and it turns out it’s a shirt that comes up under “freddie mercury costume”

does the universe hate louis this much??

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i'm sorry i know you've probably answered this before but what were the ghostbusters cast like when you met them? :)

Believe me, I don’t care if I answer this 1000 times, it gives me a reason to talk about Ghostbusters and I LOVE TO TALK ABOUT GHOSTBUSTERS. In short, literally all four of them are absolute angels. Kristen is much quieter than I expected, but still super sweet! I remember walking into the restaurant the headquarters is supposed to be and Kristen was the first person I saw and she was like ‘awww, hi!’ And I think I almost fainted. Then Leslie came up and I was like holy shit she’s tall (especially cause I’m just over 5 ft tall). Her and Kirsten started taking to me and my sister about the sign we made (it said 'we love you Leslie, Kate, Kristen, and Melissa’ and I drew like the logo and stuff because I was bored one night) but I was still like wtf is this actually happening and I just was watching them 😂 then Melissa came over and asked for our names and said hi. FINALLY MY BBY AKA KATE COME OUT OF NOWHERE AND MY SOUL LEFT MY BODY LIKE OH MY GOD I WAS SHOOK. I literally stared right at her and probably concerned her. She’s so tiny and so fucking cute but badass at the same time. I was so in shock that I couldn’t even really talk or hear what was going on cause they were all talking to my sister and I’m over in the corner dumbfounded. BUT BACK TO THE GIRLS: when we were getting ready to take the picture, Melissa was making sure my sister was tall enough to actually be seen in it lol and her and Kate were gonna pick her up to put her on like a stool AND MY DAD WAS LIKE SHES OK WTFFFFF??? And Melissa called me lightning bolt cause my shirt so like I think we’re actually besties cause she gave me a nickname 😂 so yeah, she’s super motherly, especially to her fans who are younger and I think that’s so great of her ❤️ All four of them were really nice and you could tell that they were genuinely happy to meet us (I don’t mean this in like a bragging way, just that they’d be happy to meet ANY fans, they don’t put on an act for the camera). Overall, they are the best and I love them all so much. This is really long I’m sorry

Wren is A , AriA and EzrA are a part of the gAme.

So this is a very long theory but I hope it’s worth it… the theory is all of my little thoughts scrunched up into one. Some of the below contains spoilers which may happen in season 6 so please read at your own risk.

Meaning of the name Aria: Intelligence of an eagle in Teutonic. Everyone always comment on how smart Aria is, how intelligent and sly she can be. So I looked at the symbolic meaning of an eagle and here is what I found:

Some symbolic Eagle Meanings include, control, dominance, freedom, command authority, determination, power, vision, ruler, inspiration, protection. All of these could relate back to Aria. Some Native wisdom also honours the eagle for their opportunistic ways. It is not that they are skilled hunters, but they go about gaining their needs in ways that are most efficient. This is a lesson for conserving resources, work smarter not harder. This could again be related to Aria, a lot of people comment on how smart she is and she definitely knows when an opportunity arises.  She is smart and she can be very manipulative and a good liar… like all good hunters. Some Native American refers to the eagle as an earthly incarnation of the great Thunderbird spirt. Legend further states that lightning bolts shoot from the eyes of the eagle. This would make sense as to why Aria wears lightning bolt shirts.  

Meaning of the name Wren for a boy: Ruler in Welsh. I also looked up the symbolic meaning of a wren. The wren is considered a most sacred bird, it is known to be the king of all birds. This could suggest that Wren is above Aria. A wren is known to be cunning, this would explain as to why Wren is so sneaky, it would also explain (spoiler alert) how he has pulled off to be a fake doctor all of this time. it is also said that a wren’s nest is protected by lightning. PROTECTED BY LIGHTNING… so Wren is protected by Aria after all they are of the same species (birds and Montgomerys). It is known that whoever tried to steal wren’s eggs or baby wrens would find their house struck by lightning. This again could be referring to Aria protecting Wren and when someone gets close to figuring out who he is, she strikes. For example, when the cavanaugh house blew up…The wren symbolised wisdom and divinity. Wren often comes up with inspirational quotes as if he is full of wisdom. It is known to be difficult to actually see a wren. This could hint at how he has been able to keep his identity hush hush for so long yet also be out in the open for everyone to see him.

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Meaning of the name Charles: Strong, Warrior, free man in German. Charles became very popular in France during the Middle Ages due to the fame of Charles the Great, aka Charlemagne. Why did the magician choose Aria to go in the box? Was she a face he knew?

Meaning of the name Ezra: help, helper in Hebrew. According to the Bible, Ezra led a group of fifteen hundred Israelites out of slavery in Babylon and back to Jerusalem. Could Ezra have been incharge of the A minions? There is also the poetry connection to Ezra Pound – in addition to young Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein. Ezra Cornell was a founder of Western Union and co-founder of the university that bears his name and Ezra Jack Keats is a popular children’s book author-illustrator. This would explain as to why Ezra is connected to poetry, English, teaching and writing.

Ok so here we go…

Aria went to Iceland for a year to visit her uncle scott. Her uncle scott is supposedly (spoiler alert) wrens adoptive father (from the season six spoilers we know that Charles was sent to live with another family when he was young) this has been hinted at in many episodes for example, in 3x02 Wren confides in Hanna that his father was schizophrenic and that he traded his family in for the chaos inside of his head. He stated that he checked out his life when he was 10. This may not have been in terms of death but in terms of checking in to an institution much like Radley. His example of ambiguous loss was when a relative slips into dementia, they are gone but still here. This may be the reason as to why the Montgomery family visit Iceland for a whole year. (It may also be related to the line of one of the liars in 1x02 ‘yeah she’s gone but she’s everywhere’) Her uncle scott was not only schizophrenic but also had dementia, uncle Scott’s family needed the support and so did her uncle Scott. This may be backed up by what Byron said in 3x02 “My parents gave Scott space, and you know what happened to him.” He lost control of his own mind. Wren grew up within the same household as Scott this could be the reason as to why Wren tried to become a doctor. It is suggested that Wren isn’t actually a real doctor, this would make a lot of sense seen as though he is unable to spell simple words such as Diagnosis.

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How are Wren and Charles connected/the same person? Well as pointed out above Wren has an adoptive father and Charles was sent to live with another family when he was young (we know he would’ve been young as he said Scott checked out of his life when he was 10 and Jason rarely remembers Charles/Charlie). Also after watching recent episodes of season 6 it is made aware that Charles was sent away young. Another reason as to how they may be the same person; Wren volunteered in Radley, who would do that other than Aria? He was drawn to Radley I’m assuming that he had been there before, maybe when he was younger? He seems to know the place real well, he knew where to find the childrens ward etc. Another reason as to why Wren may be so drawn to Radley is because it is an institution for those who are mentally unwell. Either he wants to help these people, control them or even just reminisce on the days he could have possibly spent there. Whilst talking about Radley I just want to add that it is possible that Aria spent time in there too. Wren and Charles would be the same age, we know A aka Charles aka Wren is old enough (21 or over) to buy alcohol and the prom which the girls went to in the dollhouse was the prom of Melissa’s and Jason’s which suggests that Charles is the same age as them. After watching recent episodes we found out that Charles is actually a little older than Jason. Jessica in the video only spoke to one of the boys when saying ‘say goodbye to your little sister’ that little sister being Alison (the boys would have been around 5/6 depending on their birthdays so the age gap would work). I somehow feel that Charles holds this memory so close to him because this is when Charles/wren said goodbye to his younger sister, the last time he saw her maybe because he was either being taken into Radley or possibly being put up for adoption. Why was he with the DiLaurentis family? Why is Alison his little sister? Well after looking on pll wiki it is stated that Alison and Charles are related (half-brother) this could suggest that he is Jason’s non identical twin. This means that his father would be Mr Hastings (maybe the reason as to why Spencer felt like she knew him when she saw Charles in the vault, another reason to this may also be because she was quite close to Wren) if you ask me I personally think that Spencer and Wren as well as Melissa have similar traits/looks. After watching recent episodes it is known that Charles is Jason’s half brother meaning Mr D is Charles’ dad. This may be the reason as to why as soon as Wren arrived into Rosewood he went straight to the Hastings, he wanted to feel and know how it would be to belong in that family, like how Jason was apart of that family. If he was involved in this new family, he would no longer be tied to Mr D, maybe he wanted to be apart of the Hastings because he watched Mr H with the girls and Jason when he was younger, realised how good he was at being a dad, maybe Mr Hastings made Charles feel comfortable, maybe he made Charles feel loved. Because that’s all Wren seems to want… To belong in a family, to be loved. The best way to do it? Engage Melissa and become comfortable with Spencer. I believe that Spencer was more of his target than Melissa was, he always seemed more interested in spencer, maybe because she was friends with Alison? I feel that it was possibly Mr DiLaurentis who sent Charles away, this may be the reason as to why Mr D stated there is no Charles in this family, he knows he sent him off to live with the Montgomery’s. As Wren figured this out, it may be the reason as to why he signs in and out on dental records as C Cavanaugh, he doesn’t want to be a DiLaurentis so he took his mother’s maiden name. After watching the new 6x03 I can now confirm that it was Mr DiLaurentis who sent Charles/Charlie away.

Now back to Aria, Ezra and Wren, supposedly Wren was in Iceland the year which the Montgomery family visited. If so, there is without a doubt that the two know each other, why would they keep that a secret? Why would they not want the other girls to know? Also in 1x01 Ezra states that he spent some time in Reykjavik, maybe visiting Wren? Reasons as to why I think Wren, Aria and Ezra are working together.

Throughout the seasons, there have been many hints suggesting that Aria has something to do with all of his A business. Marlene always hints at Aria, her clothing, her personal items or personal items which belong to her boyfriend e.g. Pigtunia, typewriter. There have been too many hints for Aria to not be involved for example, the pig in Wilden’s police car, the pigs on Hanna’s cupcakes which A made her eat. Who knew Hanna loved eating? Aria, one of her best friends who grew up with Hanna. Now the typewriter, there have been many threats made to the girls in typewriter form… hello, wake up, Ezra has a typewriter in his apartment where Aria is left alone a lot of the time. Can we not also miss out all of her clothing which completely gives away everything, from the black swan masquerade dress to the Varjack cat blazer… it all screams she has something to do with all of this. Maybe those lightning bolts that were on Aria’s top was a sign that they were going to get an electric fence in season 6… maybe she was giving the girls a heads up.

A wants to protect Aria, in 3x19 we see two A’s playing spin the bottle, the bottle lands on Aria, the other A changes the bottle so it is pointing towards Spencer. If that isn’t protecting Aria I don’t know what is. Aside from this she also never seems to be hurt as much as the others, Aria has done many bad things such as; kissing Jason when being in a relationship with Ezra, shooting Shauna etc. and none of this was spilled by A. a lot of people think this is Ezra however, I feel Ezra is more of the side guy and not actually A. I feel like Ezra did all the research on the girls because he was on the inside through Aria and possibly funds some of the costing as his family is quite rich. This would make sense as the meaning of his name in Hebrew is helper. I feel that Wren wanted Ezra in on the plan because the girls would trust him, he was their English teacher as well as Aria’s boyfriend and currently Emily’s boss, he was also previously involved with Alison so he would be the perfect man for the job. If this was to be true then it would make sense as to why Ezra understands Aria so well and why he truly loves her, they are the same. It would also make sense as to why Aria forgave Ezra so quickly about the research he had found, she understood that he needed to do this for Wren but she was angry at the fact he wanted to turn it into a book, so she burnt it in order to stop him from doing this, to not only protect herself but also her family - WREN. 

In the dollhouse, Aria didn’t seem to have anything happen to her. She didn’t scream when she walked into her room and she waited for the girls to go into theirs first as if she knew what was about to happen, as if she wanted to hear their reactions. Also if I heard my friends scream like that I would not want to enter my room but it was as if she knew nothing was going to happen to her. Another reason is that none of the girls’ photo frames in their rooms had images in however Aria’s did. There was that one image of the mannequins which was also shown in Charles’ vault, the photo was in a loving family freaky frame which highlighted the importance of family to Aria and Charles/Wren. When she told the liars to torch the vault, she looked directly into the camera as if she knew who was on the other side, she knew that it would really hurt him, there were many times when Aria looked into the camera just a little too much. Like she was giving signals or trying to communicate with the person on the other side. lets not forget this GIF… our families as in the girls’ families or Aria’s and A’s?

In 5x04 Aria was talking to Harvey D about a fence installation. My first thought was wow the dollhouse was surrounded by a fence… coincidence I think not. Then after realising the sender of the email Harvey D… Sara Harvey, CharlesDiLaurentis!!! Could this have been a code name to not spark any speculations? The email reads ‘I would like to go over the materials options available for the fence project we have been discussing’ were the three discussing what kind of fence they should go for? Whilst talking about the fence, the song which was played in 5x25 ‘Don’t fence me in’ included some powerful lyrics, one lyric which really captured my eye was ‘’Till I see the mountains rise’… the meaning of the family name Montgomery is mountain. Possibly referring to the Montgomery’s (Wren and Aria) rising, having more power than the others. 

Can we talk about Aria and Mona’s relationship… it’s a weird one. They seem way too close and comfortable with each other. I thought Hanna was Mona’s bff not Aria. Haven’t Aria and Mona always had a little feud going on or was it the fact they were working together and Aria didn’t want that spilling out. When they were in the dollhouse they were the ones holding each other and Mona even gave Aria a compliment she directly told Aria that she could get through this and to cover up how weird that was she said they all could. They know a lot more than they are letting on. Their strange relationship doesn’t just start in season 5 either, it went way back. Remember when Mona called Aria Big A? Was that a hint or was it just an inside joke they had. Maybe Aria was big A then, maybe she was covering on behalf of Wren/Charles or maybe she was the big A of all the A minions. There was always someone higher than Aria… Wren/Charles, but she was the only one who knew that.

Another reason, in 6x02 Aria was so quick to put the blame on Andrew because I think she knows who A is. She was trying to protect someone, she even went as far as to lie to the police but then again it wouldn’t be the first time. Aria is usually such a really good liar, everyone has commented on this… maybe this time she wasn’t because she was worried about them actually finding A and she wouldn’t want that. She was panicking, trying to cover something up so badly that it just sounded like total bull. In 6x03 we saw Aria try to apologise to Andrew… come on Aria, you can’t expect him to be kind to you after you tried to pin it all on him. Andrew was clearly set up… maybe by Charles/Wren, Ezra? After all he was making a move on his one true love Aria.

After watching the recent episodes, I have decided that Aria has been getting a lot more threats than the other girls. I think this may be a way of A/Wren/Charles telling her to get her shit together, if not she will be found out and leaked to the other girls. The doll witht he two heads may represent how two faced Aria is, afterall if she is helping A she is playing two roles. The knife in the eye could suggest that she should be aware of what she is doing and that if she doesn’t do as the plan states or as she is told she will be punished.

There is also a spoiler which suggests that Aria and Alison are connected more than we think. They are connected through Wren Kingston/Charles DiLaurentis. This would make sense as Aria will see Wren as part of her family, she will look at him as a cousin and we now know that Alison is Charles’ sister for definite.


Many may many theories.

Charlie - It derives, of course, from the classic name Charles which, in turn, comes from a German word meaning “free man.” He is free from Mr D, the one who disliked him, the one who took him away from his family and possibly put him into Radley or up for adoption. He is now a free man to get revenge.

SARA. Who is she? She is definitely not who she says she is… the painting in her dollhouse room leads me to believe that she is actually Bethany and that she escaped from Radley that night however from watching todays episode, I want to believe that she is Wren’s (not Charles’) sister. It was when she commented on her family, on how she hoped her dad would come back and be different but he never was which made me think your dad is mentally ill, he would come back from the institution but then he would have to return because nothing had changed. He was still mentally ill. Or maybe she is Bethany Young and Wren visited her in Radley. All part of the plan… Sara Harvey could be a fake name to cover her tracks. The Indian meaning of the name Sara is soul. ‘A does have a soul’ was this a hint? A has a certain Sara helping him out. Harvey also has a specific meaning. From the Breton given name Haerviu, which meant “battle worthy”, from haer “battle” and viu “worthy”. This was the name of a 6th-century Breton hermit who is the patron saint of the blind. One of the PLL producers also posted a photo of a candle prop which they didn’t use. The prop was the Saint Alice Candle, Saint Alice is the patron saint of the blind and paralyzed… now we know Bethany used to live with Jenna after we saw the box which said Bethany and Jenna’s room. Could Bethany/Sara be protecting Jenna? My other theory about Sara is that she is somehow related to Spencer, I find it strange that there initials are the same and that in the meaning of Harvey, the battle of Hastings was mentioned. She is somehow tied to the Hastings. After watching Sara very closely I have definitely come to the conclusion that I do not like Sara Harvey what so ever. She is just so god damn sneaky. Her strong need to shower every time she finds out a little more information. Her tattoo which resembled the bird cage tippy lived in. When Emily was trying to find Sara’s chip Sara turned around and kisses Emily BECAUSE SHE DOES’NT HAVE A CHIP. BECAUSE SHE IS WORKING WITH A. 

Speaking of A, I think there was more than one A. It would make sense as to why A is everywhere because A is more than one person. There is the ruler, Wren but then there is the protector (Aria) the soul of this whole plan (Sara) and the helper (Ezra). The mentioning of A being more than one person can be seen on various A text messages and the way which the 3 different people sign them. Also, Ezra has access to funds as well as his typewriter. There is

A#1 - - A

A#2 – A

A#3 Kisses – A

I personally believe that Kisses – A is Aria, due to the hint which Marlene gave to us about the kisses shirt. Although there was 3 A’s in the beginning I think they eliminated it down to two (Sara and Wren) and then eventually just Wren/Charles. 

B and C, I always thought that Ezra was just making a sarcy joke but perhaps he was actually talking about Sara (Bethany) and Charles (Wren). A at this moment in time could have been Mona. 

In the 6x04 preview it says that Charles is dead. Charles is dead… but Wren isnt. Charles goes by a new name now, he is the same person but he changed his identity, the reason as to why Charles (Wren) has brown hair, most boys who are blonde young often tend to have dark hair when they are older anyway but their accent doesn’t tend to change. Wren’s English accent, seems to be fake to me.

I know it all seems a little mish mash but I just scribbled my thoughts down on a piece of paper and then I tried to make it make sense.