serenablackmore98  asked:

an AU where Lightning's a foster kid/ adopted? How would that shape his character? Would he be any different than in canon?

You know, I wouldn’t be half surprised if that is the case. He’d still be exactly who he is in Cars 1 almost to a T.

Think about it. Young superstar rookie looking for and enjoying all this attention. Why? Maybe he grew up in the foster system, always seeking some sort of validation from someone that’s supposed to raise him. He’s never had a real family or friends before, and at face value that’s fine, but when he actually thinks about it, he knows there’s a problem there. His coping mechanism has always been to be cocky and get praise and attention from whoever he could get it from.

That’s part of why Radiator Springs is so important to him, and why it calmed him down. That’s the first real family he’s ever had, and it’s so much more wonderful than he ever expected.

Does seeing Storm’s trailer off to the side there make anyone else as happy as it does me? Something about it. I think it’s the candidness of it? Also raises questions, at least for me! Like…

  1. Ok, so Storm is probably still around if not in the trailer itself so what’s he doing? They’re parked right next to Lightning and Cruz so is he pouting somewhere? Fuming in the trailer itself?
  2. Why are those tires there? See them? Beside each crew chief’s ramp/spot is a tire from another team? Is that a NASCAR thing?
  3. Why IS Storm’s trailer parked so close? I won’t lie, I spent time scanning the pits during the Florida 500, I don’t think I ever saw where Storm was actually pitted BUT it definitely wasn’t that close to Lightning.

anonymous asked:

So if Lightning and Sally have their koi, what kind of pets do you see the others having (if any?!)

Given how few animals we see in the Cars universe, I’d be willing to bet that animal domestication did not happen on anywhere near the scale it happened in our world–which I guess makes sense. There’s less need for pack animals, since cars can mostly carry their own stuff (and/or befriend pickups/big rigs, ha). Solid food doesn’t seem to be a matter of sustaining life for them, so agribusiness and agriculture generally speaking is probably a much smaller industry. Except rubber, I guess. XD

I like imagining that most of the animals in the cars universe are wild, and that the cows that make their ice cream and whatnot are pretty few and far between. That’s probably why Lightning’s koi have drawn so much attention in the town, and why Lightning keeps insisting that his fish are ~wild animals~. (They are not.)

But the cars clearly care about animals–at least enough to establish a crab sanctuary!

  • I like imagining that Red really likes raptors–there’s a headcanon about that somewhere on this blog–and is a reasonably accomplished falconer, though not many know that.
  • Brick keeps bees, though he also doesn’t see them as pets. They’re part of his ecosystem. He still cries whenever the hive splits and half the bees go off on their own, though. It always feels like he never got to say goodbye.
  • Storm has one of those gigantic saltwater fishtanks that spans like, his whole trailer. It’s filled with very expensive boutique fish that someone else takes care of. Gale said he’s not allowed to keep sharks, even small ones. The tanks isn’t big enough. His response: “Well, clearly we need a bigger tank.” Unfortunately, his trailer is not one of those modes of transportation that is bigger on the inside.
  • And the Weathers cats, of course, defy all rules. The cats are just one of those magical properties that comes with the Weathers name.