i remember when i was 8 and i first saw cars in the theater.. all i wanted to see was a girl who raced like lightning so i could be just like her and i could compare myself to her and it just never really happened… now im 18 and they finally brought up a strong female character who races just like i wanted it to be when i was a kid. seriously representation matters so much when ur young its insane, im glad sum lil girls are gonna grow up seeing cruz and its gonna inspires them to achieve their dreams, its just makes me so happy. i wish i had a character like cruz to look at when i was eight.

  • <p> <b>Cruz Ramirez:</b> Jackie, are you okay? Jackie, are you okay? Are you okay, Jackie?<p/><b>Jackson Storm:</b> Of course, I'm okay! Stop bothering me!<p/><b>Cruz Ramirez:</b> No, you're not.<p/><b>Jackson Storm:</b> What makes you think so?<p/><b>Cruz Ramirez:</b> 'Cuz you've been hit by A SMOOTH CRIMINAL!<p/><b>Jackson Storm:</b> Hey!<p/><b>Cruz Ramirez:</b> See you on 2nd place, King of Pop!<p/><b>Jackson Storm:</b> No, you're the one who's gonna get hit by a smooth criminal!<p/><b>Danny:</b> Nice comeback, Michael Jackson.<p/></p>

I have no idea why any of you are here I started this blog last month cos cars was my childhood and I just wanted somewhere to freak out about the new movie without being judged I never counted on it getting this big! I haven’t even seen cars 3 yet!! My activity hasn’t been that great recently because of that but as soon as I see it this blog will be the best it’s ever been! The best is yet to come and thank you so much ❤️