lightning shock

~ Aquarius
Cosmic Child 

There is something strikingly beautiful about Aquarius. It’s hard to miss those eyes, whether they be light or dark, they always seem glassy bright, crystal, and sparkling, like the shocks of lightning that turn Uranus into a light show. There is a paradise in the Aquarius eyes, a coconut lagoon, mermaid clams, blue skies or night lanterns. It’s like the star Aquarius burst from continues to twinkle inside them, and the mind is a fluorescent lamp, dancing with
thoughts tangled in constellations, the wisdom of Saturn and the eureka intuition of Uranus. In mythology, Aquarius is the genius of the Nile.
Aquarius is the symbol of universal beauty, descending from the myth of Ganymede. Ganymede was Zues’s golden child, his wine pourer, the eternal beguilement of youth. Zeus dearly treasured Ganymede’s magical mind, it was his genius which seduced, in the same way the ideas of Aquarius
act as an aphrodisiac of their own.
Like the delight Aquarius scatters through humanity, Ganymede was the much adored immortal who bought great pleasure to the gods. Leo, the sign of the inner child is on the Aquarius axis. Leo is ruled by the sun and represents the king. Ganymede was the sky prince, irresistibly beautiful, so the expression of cosmic royalty resides in Leo-Aquarius.

Aquarius is the masterpiece. It’s the framework of cosmic beauty. The portrait of an exquisite star. Aquarius is like the golden bridge that we walk upon, the finale footsteps we make in part human form before we launch off the ledge into the open, all encompassing Pisces ocean.


This one goes out to the one I love.

When we first met in that coffee shop, I instantly knew I wanted you.
When we kissed, angels sang lightning melodies to shock my bitter heart back to life.
When we shared that delicate night on the water, I fell in love.
When we danced at our wedding, I knew I’d do anything for you.

When your ex showed up at our door, I got into my first fight since grade school.
When the bank came for your student loans, I worked extra and spent nights looking for more.
When that mugger surprised us, I took the knife to my abdomen.
When your kidneys failed, I gave you one of mine.

When the warning came, I did everything I could.
When the last ship opened their doors, I begged the officials.
When the sirens wailed, I ran back to you for one final embrace.
When the chaos erupted in the crowd, I held you as we watched the bright glow of their weapons prime.

When the officials said there was room for one more, I…

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Blush. Looking forward to whatever you come up with! Love your writing!


Itโ€™s beautiful out here. Epic, in the full and classical sense of the word. When a guy spends most of his time in the city, itโ€™s easy to forget how, in some places, the horizon can stretch on and on and endlessly on. Itโ€™s easy to forget about the beauty that lives in absence.ย 

The skies roll black with thunder, wrathful and proud. Mulder watches from his motel room window, slouching in a rickety chair, feet propped up against the ledge. Lost in the billow and furl of clouds folding over onto themselves, the bright shocks of lightning touching down here and there, beyond, again. He loves a good storm. He feels like theyโ€™re on his side, somehow. Storms, in his experience, bring good things.ย 

Like little green agents in big red bathrobes. Quivering and warm and sweet in those good-girl panties of hers. Fuck.ย 

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My Eyes Only - Part 2

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Part 2 of My Eyes Only. If you havenโ€™t read part 1, I would suggest doing so or the story wonโ€™t make much sense.


Genre: Light fluff, heavy smut

Word Count: 1886

Warnings: Language, Daddy Kink, lots of smut.

JB stormed towards you, and threw you over his shoulder. His touch felt like lightning, sending a shock throughout your body. It had been too long since you felt his hands on your skin. He gripped the backs of your exposed thighs tightly. You were really in for it this time. You bit your lip as you hung there behind his back, thinking about all the ways he was going to punish you.

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  • Katara: *goes outside during a rainstorm* no lightning today?
  • Zuko: *jumps down from the roof and does a front roll before looking dramatically into the camera* afrAID I'LL REDIRECT IT?!

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Male!Reader coming in Mercy's room in the middle of the night because he is scared of lightning?

  • She’s shocked awake when the thunder shakes the base
    • She was confused when you burst into the room
    • You barely thought about it just running to the nearest room
  • She asks whats wrong and you just start crying with fear
    • She opens her arms and you throw yourself in them
    • Body shaking with fear and she gently coos at you
    • You holding her close
  • With each flash of thunder, you shake
    • Her hand gently rubbing your back.

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Cast shock on the soggy ground

{[Cast]: [Shock I]}

You use 1 mana to cast [Shock I]
The bolt hits the soggy ground and sends a blast of energy into the Golem and Cal.
{Cal takes -2 damage}
The Golem seems angered by this making many whirring and clicking noises. Mixing water and electricity seems to do a lot of damage, but at the moment, Cal is stuck in the crossfire.

{Combat Start}:
[Submit 5 combat commands, and/or 2 companion commands]


What Should We Do Now?

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Did Black Lightning and Static ever meet in the comics? I know they sort of had a moment together in Young Justice.

“When Static was introduced to the DC Universe he actually teamed up with Black Lightning who just happened to be in the area for a conference at Static’s college. Black Lightning serves as a mentor of sorts to Static now”. (X)  

Ok HC for a while now:

After Lightning and Cruz go on their big journey together and become besties, Lightning figures out/overhears that HER dream is to become a piston cup racer. A couple weeks before the big race, he goes up to her and gives her the fifty-thousand dollar entry fee to the piston cup, along with some papers to sign a deal with Dinoco. Cruz is shocked until Lightning explains how he wants to see her live her dream, that SHE can beat Jackson Storm, that she deserves the chance at all.
And then they become teammates and kick Jackie’s pointy carbon fiber ass

boom clap (the sound of my heart)

words: 4.8k
summary: You can learn a lot of things about someone during a thunderstorm. Sometimes even more than you bargained for. (A post-Jackady Ladrien/Adrinette one-shot)

a/n: this is dedicated to @gabzilla-z for inspiring me to write this silly thing and talking through the whole story, toย  @matchaball for listening to me geek out over plot details, and @mylady-fangirling for helping me navigate my way through French expressions of surprise! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

AO3 | Fanfiction

When Adrien Agreste learns that Ladybug is none other than Marinette Dupain-Cheng, he feels like heโ€™s been struck by a bolt of lightningโ€”electrified, illuminated, and shocked to the core.

But he doesnโ€™t know that yet.

All he knows is that in the two days that have passed since Ladybug came to the Agreste Mansion to help him save his father from being attacked by Jackady, heโ€™s been replaying the events of the day in his mind over and over again, especially when heโ€™s alone in his room in the evening.

The memories flash into his mind when he least expects them, distracting him from his surroundings completely. So when it happens again on this particular evening, he almost doesnโ€™t even notice that Ladybug is standing on his window ledge, grinning and knocking on the glass.

Luckily, her knocks are loud enough to distract Adrien from his reverie, and he practically runs to the window to help her inside once he realizes that his lady is actually here in the flesh and not just in his imagination.

โ€œLadybug! Itโ€™sโ€”itโ€™s so nice to see you! What are you doing here?โ€

He hopes his cheeks arenโ€™t as red as they feel.

โ€œSalut, Adrien! I, um, just wanted to check up on you, to make sure that you and Monsieur Agreste are doing fine. Just a nightly check-in, since itโ€™s been a few days! You know, hero duty and all. Itโ€™s what we do,โ€ says Ladybug in a torrent of words.

She hopes she doesnโ€™t sound as nervous as she feels.

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