lightning quote

  • Percy (gets 8 hours of sleep minimum each night): I am so awake and ready for the day, the sun is beautiful and I am so happy to be alive
  • Nico: I've had 30 minutes of sleep for the last five days and now I can smell sounds please kill me
A list of times Rick Riordan got away with saying the word damn:

“Let us find the dam snack bar. - Zoe Nightshade

“The dam snack bar?” - Grover Underwood

“I could use some dam french fries” - Grover underwood

“And I need to use the dam restroom” - Thalia Grace

“I want to use the dam water fountain” - Grover Underwood

“I want to buy a dam t-shirt” - Percy Jackson

“A dam cow?” - Thalia Grace

Percy: so how’s the most beautiful person in the world doing?

Nico [not even looking up from his book]: i don’t know, how’re you doing, Percy Jackson?


Percy [voice cracking]: i’m fine


““Η αστραπόμορφή μου…”

Κι έτσι με φώναζες..Κι εμένα δεν μου άρεζε στην αρχή. Βλέπεις εγώ στις αστραπές κρυβόμουν κάτω από το κρεβάτι. Τώρα σε κάθε βροχή κάθομαι με τις ώρες μπροστά στο πάραθυρο και τις χαζεύω…Και αναρωτιέμαι πως κάποιος, κάποτε με θεωρούσε τόσο όμορφη…