lightning melt

i find the song inside of you
that i’ve been mining for

converging in my heart as a
vibrant warmth that tingles
up through my spinal cord

to my brain like lightning bolts
that melt into feelings that feel
so nice and warm

you light my world granting me
strength even when i feel that
i can’t fight no more

the way you ignite my core
with pure divine light from source
even when i’m under strike in the plight of war

you inspire me to fearlessly ride my horse
through this dark frightening fog
feeling fear disappearing
your presence lights a torch
glowing with meaning that
allows me to find my cause

meow-super-cat  asked:

Would You Ship This?: Noctis and Lightning? Also, Hope and Lightning?

Thank you :D

Noctis & Lightning: No, never. They never talked and are not even from the same universe so I can’t see it at all. And beside that, even if they were, I don’t think they would get along really well. Their temperament just doesn’t seem to work together :/

Hope & Lightning: I already ship them hehe :) With Older!Hope of course (and LR!Hope who is Older!Hope in child!Hope’s body). I really love their relationship and how it evolves in the trilogy. They just have so many beautiful moments together hehe ♥ particularly near the end of Lightning Returns. My heart melts everytime he comes back to save her ♥

Send in a pairing or two, and I’ll tell you if I would ship it.

Fulgurite Sphere. Also known as Lightning Glass, these delicate, root-like formations are created when lightning strikes rock, instantly melting and fusing the stone into a preserved model of the lightning.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

When a flight takes dominance, the world changes just slightly to reflect the clan’s element. The change is strongest in the flight’s location and surrounding areas, but it’s a pretty small change, and usually affects the weather. Some say the week-long environmental changes are the gods celebrating their dominance.

Wind - blustery weather, with strong gusts surrounding the windswept plateau. 

Ice - The weather gets cold. it snows nigh-nonstop in the ice flight and it even snows just slightly in the southern lands closest to the southern icefield

Fire - The weather grows warmer. The volcanoes in the ashfall waste erupt more viciously. Some ice at the edge of the icefield may melt.

Lightning - Lightning storms are more common, with the most of them residing over the shifting expanse. The lands surrounding the expanse have more electricity in the air and furrier dragons might shock others with static electricity.

Water - Rainy weather. The sea gets higher. Bad flooding, but good fishin’

Nature - The weather changes in each location to better suit the needs of the plants, which mostly means sunny and slightly rainy. Flowers and plants will bloom brighter and live longer across the lands.

Light - Sunny. The days are longer. Sometimes it may be sunny for days in the sunbeam ruins (because magic)

Shadow - Overcast weather. The nights are longer, and sometimes it’s night for days in the tangled wood (because maajykk)

Earth - EARTHQUAKES!!!! light ones, but they’re stronger surrounding dragonhome. 

Plague - Rather than changing weather, the health of dragons change. Colds and bugs go around throughout the week. They aren’t serious illnesses, but can be harmful for frailer dragons.

Arcane - Probably the only change that positively affects nearly everyone. The magical energy in the air grows stronger, and dragons’ magical abilities are amplified. This could be disorienting for dragons who don’t use magic, though, or younger ones who haven’t gotten a hold of their abilities.

Reminders (or some of my favorite overlooked facts about PJO)

- Grover is the Lord of the Wild has some of the powers of Pan

- Tyson is a general in Poseidon’s army and enjoys killing things with sticks for peanut butter.

- Silena used to give dating advice to Clarisse and argued with Annabeth when she wanted to give her makeovers. She also went toe to toe with the hunters of Artemis to defend her mom.

- Annabeth killed monsters with a hammer when she was seven.

- When the gods retreated to Olympus, there would have been nobody to take care of May Callesten, whose son will never come home, and who she will never stop making sandwiches for.

- Percy is better and has done more than Hercules in a shorter amount of time and has still never met him. (And I don’t think he would have wanted to meet him, looking at you HOO, because of what happened to Zoe)

- Nico was totally prepared to tell Dr. Thorn, one of the first monsters he ever saw, to shove his great armies up his ass when he was ten.

- Thalia gets cheeseburgers with Percy, Nico, and Annabeth sometimes.

- Percy was acclaimed as the best swordsman in CHB in the last 300 years and was taught by Luke.

- Percy has blown up a school bus with a civil war cannon before he even knew he was a demigod and rarely made it through the school year at whatever school he went to.

- Grover is the friend Percy has known the longest.

- Grover is 32 years old.

- Grover still doesn’t know what happened to his dad beyond that he died while looking for Pan; he also will never get to bury a body, or a plant to bury, I guess.

- Satyrs don’t have souls and are not like most monsters. They can’t even be classified as monsters, really.

- Last one about Grover, but he was almost pulled into Tartarus on the first quest. 

- Sea creatures ask for Percy’s help, like, all the time and regard him as a lord.

- Sea creatures also apparently can snap him out of mind control or deeply immersive visions.

- Mr. D lost a son in the war. And he pulled Percy into a Midwestern birthday party after he was smacked out of the sky and put out of commission by Typhon.

- The Stolls littered the top of the Demeter cabin with chocolate bunnies.

- Annabeth has a teddy bear and spider repellent in her cabin.

- Annabeth has twin half brothers on her dad’s side. Who build things with Lego.

- Atlas blew up Mr. Chase’s car with lightning- and Mr. Case melted down the weapons Annabeth left at home to make bullets.

- Annabeth went to a private all-girls’ school in New York.

- When given the choice, Annabeth watches National Geographic channel.

- Luke fought monsters with a golf club. (and ran away when he was nine!)

- Many of the safe houses Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth made are still up.

- Rachel stole Blackjack once.

- Annabeth (and Leo) can fly helicopters.

- Clarisse went on special missions for both her father and Chiron.

- Clarisse’s worst fear was her father for a long time. (Imagine what Frank thinks about that!!!!)

- While Percy didn’t, many of the demigods killed other demigods in the second titan war.

- Percy crashed his own funeral.

- Poseidon and Zeus argue about whether air disasters or sea disasters and more spectacular. (I can just imagine Hades rolling his eyes, cause it didn’t matter, he took all the souls no matter what.)

- Annabeth had a rottweiler growing up and she promised to visit Cerberus, but never really did, from what we are told in the books.

- Ethan fought Percy gladiator style in the Labyrinth.

- CBH teaches demigods how to fight monsters gladiator style.

- CBH’s strawberry farm is called Delphi Strawberry Service and they have vans that deliver strawberries places. They get almost all of the funds to keep camp open this way, as opposed to magic or money from the gods.

- Argus almost cried when Hera, his kinda-mom, was held captured, and he had cried at camp before (and we don’t know why).

- Before Thalia, there was no border around camp.

- Percy used to worry about being turned into a floating algae patch by his dad. 

- When Zeus was angry at Percy, he let it rain in camp and everyone was extremely confused.

- Sally Jackson’s parents died in a plane crash and she had to take care of her sick uncle instead of getting her degree.

- Bianca used to watch over her brother from beyond the grave and had the power to send Iris messages.

- There isn’t a bathroom in the Zeus cabin, but there are public bathrooms in camp.

- We are never told what the inside of the camp story looks like, or where campers are supposed to get money to pay for things. 

- Percy is hard to burn. And he makes earthquakes.

- Percy pays the Stolls to smuggle him canned coke.



"I Burn!"

🔆A spell for confidence based on Yang Xiao Long’s character song


🔥 One red, yellow or orange candle

🔥 One carving instrument (needle, knife…)

🔥Sigil for courage

Carve your sigil into your candle and light it. As it burns, chant over the flame:

Hotter than the sun,
Feel my fire;
Pyromaniac: my desire.
Thought that you could see the truth,
‘Til I just burned down the booth.
(Explicit:) Human Torch can’t fuck with me;
(Clean:) Human Torch can’t mess with me;
Johnny Blaze: Suspect B.
(Explicit:) Strike ‘em quick, lightning fast;
(Clean:) Scorch ‘em quick, lightning fast;
(Explicit:) Melt them bitches down to ash.
(Clean:) Melt them britches down to ash.

Gasoline, kerosene;
Strike the match, ignite the scene.
(Explicit:) Shit will never be the same;
(Clean:) Things will never be the same;
Feel the fury of my flame.
Beg for mercy: it won’t help;
Embrace the ending you were dealt.
(Explicit:) Seems you fucks will never learn;
(Clean:) Seems you chumps will never learn;
Now sit back and watch me burn.

Keep the candle lit until the sigil can no longer be seen.

🔥Lyrics taken from the RWBY Fan Wiki

The Consequences of the Taking of the Bastille fromย Jean Jaurรจs'ย Histoire Socialiste de la Rรฉvolution Franรงaise

The effects of the taking of the Bastille were immense. It seemed to all the peoples of the world that humanityโ€™s jail had fallen. It was more than the Declaration of the Rights of Man: it was the declaration of the peopleโ€™s might in service to human right. It was not only light that reached the oppressed of the universe from Paris, it was hope. And in the millions upon millions of hearts held by servitudeโ€™s dark night was seen, at the same hour, libertyโ€™s first dawning.

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