McQueen’s entire crash scene in the new trailer is painful to watch but I think the most horrific part to me is the part where he not only slams into the wall, but then proceeds to SLIDE about 50 feet across the asphalt track.

Like holy SHIT you guys. Ever fallen on the road and skinned your knee? Imagine sliding across the pavement on your SIDE doing about 80.

YIKES. I know it’s an animated piece of fiction but damn. Makes you hurt just watching it.

demolition derby audio (SPOILERS)

(CARS 3 SPOILERS) ok so my friend sent me this and i was trying to figure out how to post this but here it is!!! i’m sorry if it’s muffled it was recorded in her pocket it’s 18 minutes long. one half of the video is talking about mcqueen and what we’re expecting from cars 3 and the second part of the audio is a small scene from demolition derby! i wish i had like a transcript but i don’t maybe later.

Yall. You guys. 

So in 2011 I made Sofie/ @hillbillyhell this Lightning/Sally video for her 17th birthday 

and today she makes me this video for my 20th. It’s literally a remake of the one I made her, same song and voiceovers and even coloring. It’s honestly one of the most touching things anyone has ever done for me especially because she knows how much I love the nostalgia of the Cars fandom and how much I wanna relive the good ol days. So this is like. So perfect and I adore her so much oh my god. I’m crying.