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can u do a demigod AU???

I didn’t know if I should do Gods/Goddesses or demigods so I just did demigods because holy cucjdmf f


The Children of Zeus
—— Zeus: The God of the Sky, Lightning, and Thunder
Children of Zeus are typically natural born Leaders. Sometimes though, even when thrown into leadership against their will, they’re a natural and know what they’re doing. From the young age of 6 onward, they tend to be rather independent, and will never ask for help on things amongst their strong suit. These demigods are also known for having a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, and will make sure to make it known if need be. These particular children of a God, are most common. Zeus tends to….move around, a lot more…. if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. They are also known for being high in power, as kings, lords, owners of companies, and even areas like the President of The United States. They are also internationally known as athletic.

Enhancements in: Talents
-Depending on whatever these demigods show interest in, they are almost always good at it. Art, Writing, etc.
Partial Immortality
-Life-spans are a lot longer than a mortals, and they tend to keep their younger looks. And seemingly stop aging around 21
Enhancements in Durability and Strength:
-Being the children of the God of the Gods, strength and durability is a strong suit of theirs. They can deal with things twice their weight and can go days being beaten. Including weeks without food or water.

———Abilities involved with Element||
Thunder and Lightning Manipulation:
-These demi-gods tend to express their feeling through this. When emotions are at their brim, storms begin. Happy, sad, and even mad is when this usually occurs. But naturally, they can use it for battle as well. Their thunder is so powerful it can cause earthquakes in regions on the other side of the Earth.
Air Manipulation:
-Basically Air Bending, they can use the air around them to do just about anything. From making balls of air, to changing the direction of the wind in the area. Typically used to their advantage!
-Although when this ability is first discovered, it’s quite difficult to master. And they tend to falter and become mist, they could still be injured when fleeing during this time of learning.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Zeus’s Children:

Takashi Shirogane


The Children of Poseidon
—— Poseidon: The God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and of Horses
Children of Poseidon are typically known to have a confident exterior, but also tend to bottle things up, such as their feelings. They do not wish to bother others. They are mostly natural born leaders, greed particularly doesn’t overtake them, so they will only lead if need be. These demi-gods predominantly can speak and read Latin and Greek. They are always kind-hearted and full of sympathy to those who deserve it. Their confidence level is not very high, though they very much believe in themselves if it means doing good for others. In large droughts of sadness, they tend to force happiness upon themselves and lift the spirits of those around them.

Enhancements in: Durability
-When these demigods are engaged in battle, they can be beaten and battered to an extent far higher than mortals.
Enhancements in: Strength
-The strength of the human is half the strength of these demigods naturally. But at full ability, they can lift things almost 10x their own weight.
Enhancements in: Reflexes
-When faced against those with quick movements and wits, children of Poseidon typically can sense and avoid things like that. Sadly, it’s only 90% of the time, and a small percentage of his children are not graced with such a gift. All of them move like water, smooth and placid.

———Abilities involved with Element||
Aquatic Adaptation and Respiration:
-When underwater, they can usually adapt and learn a lot quickly than other demigods. They can breathe underwater, and even create air bubbles that last a lifetime.
Water and Blood Manipulation:
-Children of Poseidon 100% of the time control water, though Blood Manipulation is very uncommon. Those with Blood Manipulation can control life and death within itself if they needed to.
Water Generation:
-In the first stages of this ability, it’s required that they are near water at all times in order to probably generate enough of use. After a year or two, they can generate water even miles away from any source.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Poseidon’s Children:

Lance McClain


The Children of Athena
——Athena: The Goddess of Wisdom, Craft, and War
Athena’s children are natural born fighters, whether it’s physical battle, or mental. They are extremely independent and know right from wrong, from birth onward. Though sometimes, without proper guide, they are easily corrupted and drawn within themselves. Also, they are known to be very attached to those they love, no matter what, and will do anything in their power to make them content. Even if it means being cruel to do so.

Enhancements in: Strength + Durability:
-Same as children of Zeus and Poseidon.
Photographic Memory:
-Although photographic memory is common in mortals as well, Children of Athena can remember everything. When remembering a moment, they remember what they heard, saw, and even smelt.
-This is sadly uncommon, but almost every child of Athena doesn’t die. Unless they are murdered, they can strive and live forever. Their aging process stops at the age of 28.

———Abilities involving Element||
Infinite Knowledge:
-Demi-Gods of Athena have infinite knowledge, they know everything there is about anything even if they had no idea they did. You can ask them a question about something they’ve never heard of before, and they’ll spew out information before they even realize.
Immunity to Curses:
- When it comes to being cursed, they aren’t affected. Although there are side effects, such as dizziness and sickness in general. Whatever said curse was, it doesn’t work.
Hammer Clash:
-Although every child of Athena is giving a sword and shield, at times, some children reach a certain point in mentality where they are granted a giant hammer. With this hammer, they can cause Earthquakes. And lift curses.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Athena’s Children:

Princess Allura
Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt


The Children of Apollo
——Apollo: The God of Music, Healing, the Sun and Light, Truth and Prophecy, Knowledge, and Poetry
Children of Apollo are usually cocky and over-confident. But, when it comes to their thinking process, it’s smooth and well thought out. They never act on something without bringing it into further thought. They are also known for doing things for others, even in times of their own despair. Sometimes, they’ll even risk their life if it meant someone were to live for one minute longer, but they wouldn’t admit to that, they’d probably say something like, “well if I didn’t do it my dad would scold me so…” As for their healing ability, they often go as far to praying to every God and/or Goddess for a solution to other’s sadness. When someone is ill, or injured, these demi-gods can simply sing or hum, it may not completely heal, but just enough for it to further heal on its own. They are most of the time, tall and have bright hair. They are commonly quick on their feet, and quick in their mind.

Enhancements in: Flexibility
-Most of the time, these demi-gods could most likely pass as gymnasts!
Natural Archer/Musician:
-No matter what they do, they can never mess up. They aim; they fire; bullseye. This goes for their music skills as well.
Advanced Knowledge:
-Although they aren’t as smart as Athena’s Children, they are close! They know everything there is about history, music, and healing! And always use it to their advantage.

———Abilities involving Element||
-Not only can they become invisible themselves, they can also make others invisible as well. Sadly, you can still bump into people and can still be injured and heard.
Pyro Abilities:
-As a child of Apollo, you can summon and use fire to your will, though when you are first learning the fire tends to build a mind of its own. Including, you can use solar cream as well to help you fly. The solar cream was named by Apollo, and it’s usually the color of nebulas; they tend to appear wispy like whipped-cream, and flow quite smoothly.
-Because Apollo is the God of Truth, his children inherited that as well. They cannot lie; but sometimes, due to being half mortal, they can. They never do so on purpose and never to hurt anyone. They also can pry the truth out of anybody, no matter who, (Gods and Demi-gods included) But in order to do so, they must painfully dig their fingers into a part of their skin, usually to know if it’s working, their fingers seem to manifest into golden liquid and even drip like melting popsicles.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Apollo’s Children:



The Children of Ares
——Ares: The God of War
These demi-gods are usually hot-headed, and tend to always have some form of attitude. They are mostly extremely confident, but know when the line has been crossed and will be quite apologetic. Despite how physically strong they can be, mentally-wise; they are always at 100%. Although they can be struck with doubts, they always snap back and use the last of their strength. These Gods are also insanely stubborn, it’s hard to get them to step down from something, and if you’ve ever managed to make one cry, then I believe you’ve broken them~

Physical Enhancements:
-Everything is enhanced for these children! Height, strength, durability, flexibility. You name it, and it’s most-likely apart of that list.
-Unfortunately, this only takes action whenever their physical strength is at 0. But! Their mental strength is at 100.
-They can battle using any weapon! Even a God’s! But, they cannot do so unless their intentions are good.

———Abilities involving Element||
Sonic Boom:
-Although these children are teased for their cliché Marvel Superhero power, it’s quite deadly! It can come to be whenever they are angry. They can hit something, or stomp their foot. This causes everything in the vicinity to be effected. It usually has a strange sound, that no one can seem to describe. Though Lance described it once as “A Tuba going up the note scale!” Hunk had said “it just sounds like a bass to me?”
Emotion Manipulation:
-These Gods, usually when older, are given a certain war. The war can be large, or a small one between a family. They often visit the area is which they’re in and can choose which side will win in the end. They put the anger within mortals. This usually happens on camp, and is used to stop fighting. (Unfortunately, it can’t be used on themselves or their siblings.)
Mental Touch:
-Although they seem cold-hearted and tough, they’ve still got a heart. Sometimes, if someone is battling a war within their mind and are suffering rather harshly. They use their large hands and grasp their head tightly while speaking words of encouragement. Sadly, it doesn’t always work, and it’s said that the mind has always been stronger than Gods themselves.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Ares’s Children:

Prince Lotor


The Children of Hephaestus
——Hephaestus: The God of Fire, and MetalWorking
Children of Hephaestus are known for their kind heart, and pure doings. They rarely do anything cruel, as they prefer to stay away from the line of fire. They tend to be very talkative, but everyone knows whenever they are being serious or whenever they’re are speaking about something important. They are usually never ones to brag but they wouldn’t care if they did, it’s only natural to when you have genuine abilities such as theirs.

Enhancements in: Physical Strength and Durability
-These Gods are very similar to the Children of Zeus and Athena. Their strength is enhanced to the top tier, and their durability is as well. Their skin can never be pierced.
Knowledge on MetalWorking, Forging, and Sculpting:
-Due to the fact their father is Hephaestus himself, they are extremely talented and knowledgeable on things in this field. They can create any weapon, and can even create a weapon that can only be used by certain people. Though, the weapon they create is specially designed for the person who asked for it, so it suits the way they move and work themselves.
Curses And Spells:
-Strangely, despite their father, it’s unknown where this gift came from. It’s believed to be in the veins of Hephaestus himself but he’s unable to use it. With this, these demigods can use the sand around them to implant curses or spells into the pores of an enemy. They can take it out themselves. But once it’s in their, the demi-god who put it in must take it out himself.

———Abilities involving Element||
Fire Mimicry:
-They themselves suddenly can become fire itself! The only thing really noticeable on the body after this are their now white eyes. They have the ability to burn through the face of the Earth. They can choose to do so, though. In this state, they cannot be touched, unless you’d like to have 3rd-Degree burns. Water does not affect them.
-Using heat, they can melt anything in their hands. Most of the time, they are melting metal or even tar/concrete! During this, their hands appear to look like hot lava.
-Rather self-explanatory! Using mental strength, metal from a 3 mile radius (Beginner) or 30 mile (Advanced; Expert) gravitates toward them.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Hephaestus’s Children:

Hunk Garrett


The Children of Hades
——Hades: The God of the Underworld
Being a child of this God is quite difficult, considering Hades is known for being the ruler of the Underworld, the dead, and riches. People tend to be frightened of them, as when pissed off they can easily control life and death itself. Literally or figuratively. Also, they’re pretty hot-headed as well, but they consider and know that it’s one of many weak points. They tend to avoid others and avoid close relationships unless they know for sure how to control other abilities. It’s hard to hold or touch living things without fear of killing them, so they usually steer clear. They actually tend to be found in pairs; them and children of Hephaestus can easily become close friends. Hades’ kids always ask his children if they can create things for them, metal isn’t ‘alive’ like plants,animals, and people are. So there is less risk of death when it comes to a tin knick knack.

-Self-Explanatory! They can live forever, but! Sadly, they can still be killed by outside forces. Their aging process stops at 21.
Enhancements in Strength, Durability and Flexibility:
-Children of Hades can lift anything, when a beginner though, it requires more effort and it’s not as easy as someone who’s done it a while. As for durability, their skin can almost never be pierced, but their are some godly weapons and creatures that can. Lastly, flexibility makes them seem like cats. They’re similar to acrobats and tend to use this to their advantage during fights. They ca jump rather high and climb mountains like they’re nothing.
Black Emission:
-A strange ability yes, but with this, children of Hades can absolutely devour someone with black goo. It looks like tar, but its smell is very different. It’s smell is supposed to lure you in, remind you of something or someone that you deem ‘home.’ You don’t die immediately, but as soon as you’re completely engulfed, you see plenty of memories in your life. But the strange thing, is that it can be quiet different. There are times where survivors say that they just say their life flash before their eyes, slowly. Others say it shows moments where they were blind, a moment where they made a mistake they never even knew about, (ex: not asking someone if they’re okay, only for them to pass due to a certain circumstance). And lastly, it’s said that it shows times they missed out on, what would’ve happened if they did a certain thing.

———Abilities involving Element||
Mental Sense:
-They can sense the mental health of the people around them. Though, they can do nothing about this as they do not have the ability to act on such a thing. Whenever they are touched by someone who is pure, and has never been corrupted, their skin crack and flake off. This is uncommon, because the life of a demi-god is difficult.
-Using this ability, these demigods can summon the dead, and even potentially bring them back. They are directly connected with the Fates, and whenever a favor is needed they can contact them through thought.
Shadow Manipulation:
-Self-Explanatory as well, but when used, they can shape how the shadows work around them. Usually, their eyes become black and the skin by their eyes flake. They can capture people in their shadows, and keep them frozen for as long as they please. When protecting themselves in shadows, they’re unaffected by everything, but it doesn’t last very long. At most 20 hours.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Hades’s Children:

Keith Kogane


Okay a few things I might need to explain here.
Household - I chose a character from each family (Sakamaki, Mukami & Tsukinami) to represent their households
- Shu represents a pureblood vampire
- Ruki represents a vampire that used to be human
- Yui represents a human
- Carla represents a first blood
- Cordelia represents a hybrid between first blood and vampire
You Harmonize Best With - Of course I mean vocally so that means I didn’t include Ruki in it
- Kanato represents a beautiful singing voice
- Wolf Shin represents a shapeshifter
- The Siren/Mermaid represents all the powers that come with a siren
- Water represents water manipulating abilities
-  Fire represents fire manipulating abilities
- Wind/Storm represents wind/lightning manipulating abilities
- Forest represents earth manipulating abilities

Enjoy Lovelies (>’3′)> <(’8′<)


I’m learning about Kyubey’s NOBLE CAUSE! Which is… essentially the plot of Monsters, Inc except the energy needs to sustain the universe and the most energy expended is when Magical Girls transform to witches. 

And in the course of this explanation HE ADMITS TO BEING AN ABUSER. 

Friends, friends listen. If you ever hear someone using these arguments RUN AS FAST AND FAR AS YOU CAN


Kyubey admits ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS to know he is omitting information important to the girls BECAUSE IT UPSETS THEM. 

He’s said that if he told them all, they would never make the contract. 



One day I will need to read a meta that’s hopefully out there that compares this story to one of teen girls dealing with the abuse they’re subjected through via manipulation, gas lightning, and patronization. 



Vitae & Mortem

Dystopian AU - Read previous chapters

Part Four

There was something unfamiliar about the way Harry slept. Calm, unfazed, untroubled. His slumber was deep, and I could almost see him dreaming of a life he’d never had. I could see him dreaming that he was someone else, with a roof over his head, a family, an education, a home. It was only thing that could explain such a deep sleep.

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Haikyuu x Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover

  1. Hinata is a novice earth bender trying to make a living out of doing odd jobs utilizing his endless amounts of energy and swiftness. He shows promise in the art of earth bending and can easily use his agility to overwhelm his opponents despite not being able to bends large volumes of the earth. He belongs to the middle class, and is later on recruited by Daichi to join the Earth kingdom’s defense force because of his unique ability.
    Hinata once damaged his legs while trying to force too much energy into them to bend the earth.
  2. Part of the Royal Family guards, Kageyama excels mostly in his fire bending and two-sword style martial art which he had learned to imitate and improve from both Prince Zuko and his past idol, Oikawa Tooru.
    Kageyama is rumored to be a prodigy seeing as he is one of the youngest ever to have attained a status as a Royal Guard, and is expected to perform well in the joint military campaign, where he meets the Earth Kingdom’s Hinata Shouyou, and sparks a rivalry between them due to the great contrast in fighting styles: Hinata is fast, yet his attacks are light; whereas Kageyama is slow, precise, and his attacks are deal a heavy blow.
  3. Specially gifted in the art of healing, Sugawara was appointed as one of the representatives of the Southern Water Tribe for being versatile in both combat and support. During the joint military campaign of the 4 nations, Sugawara took notice of Hinata’s rather unique way of fighting and also became acquainted with both Sawamura and Azumane in one of the leader’s meetings.
    Preferring to talk his way out of most conflicts, Sugawara is often seen as the peacemaker among his cohorts. However, if provoked, Sugawara shows deadly accuracy when shooting out jets of water or icicles from his flask.
    He has shown an interest in blood bending and is currently studying about it in his past time.
  4. Fast and furious, Nishinoya strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies despite his small stature with his unique lightning affinity. One of the select few fire benders able to manipulate lightning, Nishinoya was granted a position in the military at a young age, and later moved up to being one of the royal guards. He currently mentors Kageyama in the way of the sword.   
    During the joint military campaign. Nishinoya became friends and rivals with Earth Kingdom’s Tanaka Ryuunosuke after falling for the same girl. Both of them later on continued staying in touch even after the joint program. 
  5. Half-bloods are frowned upon with the tensions between the 4 nations rising. Born from a fire bender mom and an earth bender dad, Tsukishima is able to bend both elements at will, but chooses not to. Despite being looked down upon most of the time, Tsukishima gets by using his two elements to his advantage instead and is later scouted by the military as a valuable asset into the mending of the friendship between the Fire nation and the Earth kingdom.   
    He lives with his mother in the Fire nation, while his older brother lives with his father in the Earth Kingdom. They are known to frequently travel to both kingdoms during vacations. 
  6. Despite being one of the last few airbenders, Yamaguchi can not bend the element and is often subject to negativity. Moving to the Fire nation with hopes of earning a living, Yamaguchi was one swindled of his money and was later saved by a passing by Tsukishima. Witnessing for the first time, someone wielding two elements as opposed to his not being able to ignited a fire within Yamaguchi to strive and better himself in the most unconventional of ways .  
    He later developed different techniques for fighting, and also learned to bend air, despite only being able to generate a slight breeze. He also met up with Tsukishima a few years later, and decided to work under him as a bodyguard as a way of showing his gratitude. 

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The Book of Life - Animal Symbols + Mexican Culture

Unfortunately, Manolo is not included, as I was not able to locate the proper GIF of him for the post.

María Posada - Mexican Creole Hairless Pig

In the film, María is always accompanied by her pet pig, Chuy. The pig was a symbol of virility, strength, and fertility in ancient Chinese cultures. The boar is even among the animals in the Chinese zodiac where it is considered a symbol of sincerity, honesty, and determination. 

The Mexican Creole hairless pig is a unique genotype that is believed to have been introduced to Mexico during the Spanish conquest. 

In Mexico, swets known as “piggy cookies” in English, and “little pigs” in Spanish, are known by many names — cerditos, cochinitos, marranitos or puerquitos. Sweetened with unprocessed cane sugar and honey, and spiced with cinnamon, the cutout cookies puff when you bake them. Mexico-born chef Pati Jinich describes the cookies as a cross between a cookie and a sweet roll, and as “breads, little fluffy breads”.

“They just taste so sweet, in a mellow way, and comforting because they’re so puffy and fluffy and like nothing I ever tasted before,” she says. “But at the same time, it tasted to me like my home country.”

After visiting a gas station in Mexico City, where the sweets were being sold, Jinich started noticing the cookies everywhere — not in big cities, but small towns. Still, she couldn’t find a recipe. “Everybody cooks by eye; you add a little, you mix a little,” she says.

“Piggy cookies” are just one among many pan dulce recipes. Pan dulce (lit. “sweet bread”) is one of the poster treats in Mexico and other Latin American countries. One of the first non-native foods that was introduced to Mexico by Spain was wheat, a Spanish religious necessity. 

The creation of sweet bread was influenced by the French and Spaniards, who were the ones that introduced baked goods such as crispy rolls, baguettes, and sweet pastries to Mexico. This inspired the indigenous peoples to create different types of pan dulces such as besos, conchas, and cuernos amongst others. The bread is considered to be one of Mexico’s most inexpensive treats, and is consumed daily as breakfast or late supper, known as merienda.

Joaquín Mondragon - Criollo Horse

For Joaquín, he shares a close companionship with his gray horse, Plata. The horse symbolizes power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, and freedom. Due to its natural companionship with man in both work and art, the Horse easily wins a special seat in history, ranking high marks of honor, reverence and symbolism. Serving man in war, mobility, productivity, agriculture, development of all kinds, the Horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization.

The Criollo horse is a breed that originated in Brazil, and later spread to Mexico. It may have the best endurance of any horse breed in the world, next to the Arabian. The hardy Criollos were descendants of Spanish stock introduced by Spanish colonists. The breed dates back to a 1535, shipment of 100 Andalusian (PRE) stallions coming from Cadiz, Spain, to the Rio de la Plata. During the Revolution, many of these horses were killed, and breeding had all but stopped, resulting in near extinction of the Mexican Criollo horse.

Since their arrival aboard Spanish ships, horses have been part of the story of the New World. In Mexico, there is perhaps no better representative of the country’s combined cultures and history than the horse trained for “charreria,” the Mexican version of a rodeo.

Horses competing in this embellished display of skills once necessary to ranch life, must be agile, well-tempered and intelligent — able to execute the commands of their charros, the horsemen whose traditional riding suits and wide-brimmed sombreros are part of the cultural iconography. For the charro, his horse is as inseparable from himself as it is from the history of Mexico. "We were conquered by horses, we gained our independence with horses, we made our Revolution with horses and we continue to love horses,“ said charro Daniel Flores Yeverino.

La Muerte - Monarch Butterfly

This butterfly is symbolic of lightness of being and elevation from the heaviness of tensions. This animal represents those who invite joy and bliss into their lives. Butterflies often have bright colors, and by extension, they are associated with life and brightness. The message of this animal is to lighten up, and add more color to your life. Those with a butterfly as a personal symbol often have a “colorful personality”.

In many traditions around the world, the butterfly is a symbol of the soul or soul world. For example, in Chinese symbology, it can represent immortality. For the Japanese, a white butterfly symbolizes the soul the departed ones. In Ancient Greece, butterflies represent the psyche or soul, and its attribute of immortality.

The Monarch butterflies arrive in Mexico each year in late-October. Their arrival coincides with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead); one of Mexico’s most important holidays. During the annual Day of the Dead holiday, deceased relatives are believed to return home where they’re honored with feasts, celebrations and elaborate ofrendas (offerings). According to local legend, the Monarch butterflies arriving in Mexico at this time of the year are believed to be the souls of the deceased returning to earth.

Xibalba - Viper Snake

The snake represents wisdom, healing, elusiveness, manipulation of lightning, transformation or shapeshifting, exploration of the mysteries of life, primitive or elemental energy, protection from religious persecution, creative power, immortality, and the afterlife. 

On the deepest level, the snake’s skin shedding symbolizes death and rebirth, an idea which is depicted by the image of a snake swallowing its own tail - a symbol of eternity. The Snakes medicine is not to be treated lightly. Its meaning touches on the deepest mysteries in life. If you are ready to shed your own skin, Snake is ready and waiting to guide you through the spiral path of transformation. On a material level snake is vitality, on an emotional level ambition and dreams, on a mental level intellect and power, and on the highest level, the spiritual level wisdom, understanding and wholeness.

To the Mexicas, the snake represented wisdom, and it had strong connotations with the”feathered serpent” god, Quetzalcoatl. At its simplest, the symbolism of snake-and-skull in Mexican mythology is a timeless message of impermanence. The symbolism of the snake or rattlesnake is another extension of the unique Mexican perspective on life, death and the transition between the two.

Mexican mythology indicates the snake is a symbol of veneration, worship and honor. Often a symbol of great power, resurrection and rebirth, the snake continues to be a powerful emblem of renewal and transition. The snake is also recognized as a symbol of humanity as a whole. Interestingly, the Mexican perspective provides hope for mankind to aspire to great heights as it correlates the shedding of the serpent’s skin, to man’s ability to change his own circumstances and overcome adversity.

anonymous asked:

How do real life witches feel about fantasy witches? What things about fantasy witches do you like, and which things do you want to see less of?

Hmm, I think what I’d like to see more of is an exploration into the non-mainstream types of the craft, as well as a display of non-stereotypical witches. I don’t hate Wicca and/or Neo-Paganism (or it’s more commonly stereotyped and corrupted form in poorly researched media), I used to be a part of it, and I certainly don’t hate young, white, female, conventionally pretty people, but their likeness is extraordinarily prolific in witchcraft in media.

Give me complicated, older people taking up witchcraft after a lifetime of hearing it was wrong. Give me a group of Olo Oshun fighting for the rights of the young. Give me fathers appealing to Diana not to protect them, but their daughters who are off to college. Give me butch women gathering in the kitchen to mutter over the best way to create a psychic enhancing tea. Just, give me more witches of more kinds. Give me femme men casting curses on those who incite violence and bigotry. Give me nonbinary folk summoning rain to a wasting valley. Give me a coven of many dispelling curses and hexes generations old and healing blood feuds Just, give me more.

We’re not homogeneous, we are many, we are strange and powerful and vicious and kind.

There’s nothing I necessarily want to see less of other than poor research and poor writing, but that’s more a general gripe than a specific gripe.

-Bruxa Guerreira

Variety, yes, my goodness. Along with what BG said, I also want to see more trans witches, more disabled witches, more witches who don’t work with deities in their witchcraft or who at the very least aren’t (like BG said, usually completely butchered) Wiccans.

In terms of fantasy fantasy witches, I love when they’re well-made and it’s clear the author put a lot of time and energy into figuring out how they work. I’ll read a hundred books about “storm witches” who actively manipulate lightning before I want to read another about a neo-Wiccan doing crystal magic the author didn’t research for more than a couple minutes (I’m biased though, I love crystal magic and it physically pains me to see like “oh yes this rose quartz is perfect for a curse”). I also love when real-world witchcraft is subtly nodded towards, especially where herbal magic is concerned.

So I guess what it comes down to with both of us is research, research, research!

I hope this helped!

~Mod T

Missions with the Demigods

It’s long so the rest is under the cut!

-Admin Lana

Cabin Zeus:

  • The children of Zeus usually assume roles of leadership and take the head when it comes to leading the group. The other demigods trust their sense of judgement.
  • Daichi and Ushijima sometimes argue with each other on who is the leader which usually leads to a group being split into different task forces.
  • They are great at fighting from a distance because it gives them space and time to summon lightning or manipulate the weather to do their bidding.
  • Since Daichi has the ability to fly he normally does the scouting for the team.
  • While they do have weapons such as swords, Daichi and Ushijima find their powers to be much more effective.

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holy friggin’ jaw - i get it may be a little bit manipulated with lightning, contrast, shadows etc.

you can’t tell me that ain’t real 

i just don’t get how it’s that sharp and pointy and arousing

even fetus harry had a really visible jaw

of broken mirrors and haunted rooms (i'm empty inside but so are you)

Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of my first fandoms, and still is to this day, so I dug up a half-written fic from a few years ago and cobbled together a little something.

Bear in mind, this was one of my first attempts at fiction of any kind.

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After nearly half a decade in a cell, the decision to take Azula’s bending away has finally been made.

Someone has to break the news to her, and who better than the Avatar, who has spent the past three years trying to show the princess the kindness he realized she’d never known.

Note: Assuming Aang was 12 coming out of the ice and 14 at the series finale, this takes place roughly 5 years after that. We don’t ever really get to find out the ages of the other characters, so this fic is going by my rules.

This makes Aang, Azula, Katara, Sokka, Mai, Ty Lee, and Suki all about 19 years old. Zuko, canonically one year older than Azula, so he’s 20. Toph, as the youngest, is only 18. You only see Azula and Aang here, but I just wanted to let you know where everyone else stands in my little fanfiction universe, just in case this ever expands.

The Avatar doesn’t take away her bending.

Doesn’t need to, because that’s what the drugs are for. It takes the doctors years to figure it out, how to make something that will block her chi and nothing else.

She’s told that the Fire Lord was adamant that the medicine only bind her powers, not her mind.

She’s heard the stories of what drugs like this do to people. How it takes away their bending. How it takes away everything else, too. Hollows them out until nothing remains but a practically catatonic shell that once used to be a functioning person.

That’s why it’s taken them so long to cook up a recipe that wouldn’t leave her virtually brain-dead, all at little Zu-Zu’s behest. She didn’t realize he still cared so much.

Maybe he just wanted her awake enough to be able to gloat.

If only they knew that their work was wasted on her.

Ozai had taken great care to strip out her insides and replace everything warm and living with cold, dead things a long time ago.

There was nothing left for the Fire Lord to preserve, but his misplaced affection for the little sister he wished she could have been blinds him to the fact that Azula has been scraped empty long ago.

She sees it in his eyes every time he comes to visit- the little boy he used to be. The big brother, responsible for his baby sister.

She’s neither a baby nor his sister anymore.

Would that they could, Azula knows they would have preferred to slip it into her food without her noticing at all.

But the taste is too bitter for them to mask, to crush pills into powder and stir it into her tea, so they are forced tell her up front that she will be medicated.

Rather, they send in the Avatar to do it, terrified of her reaction to the news.

She hasn’t actually burned anyone in years, merely sent out flashy displays of sapphire flames as a warning to anyone who draws her ire. But her scare tactics have worked well over the past few years, and work well even now.

“I’m sorry, but it’s the only way.” He looks at her with wide, apologetic eyes, brimming with a mixture of hope and compassion that turns her stomach at the sight.

“Why?” She snorts, rolling her eyes, “Isn’t being in this glorified prison misery enough?”

The corners of his lips twitch downwards as he averts his gaze.

His reaction to her words elicits a harsh bark of laughter from her throat.

“I see. The rest of the world isn’t content to have me simply locked up for the rest of my days. They want me to suffer.” Just like I made them suffer, she thinks, pursing her lips to keep the wayward thought from escaping her mouth.

In typical Airbender fashion, he redirects her barb with fluid ease. “And you consider being here punishment enough for your crimes?”



Azula’s least favorite word after Ozai and Father and dutiful.

“It doesn’t matter what I think or who I am.” She nods towards the evenly spaced steel bars stretched out across her window. “What matters is what everyone else beyond these walls wants.”

It’s never mattered, none of it. None of her hopes and dreams and desires and fears. None of it has ever mattered to anyone. At least Ozai had the decency to be up front about what he wanted from her. About how he saw her, what she was.

The Avatar narrows his eyes at her, and she can almost see the gears turning in his head as she stares back, unflinching in the face of his unwavering gaze.

The past few years have changed him just as much as they’ve changed her.

He’s older now, leaner.

If she’s correct in assuming that they’re both around the same age, he’s nearly twenty now, like her.

Age has stripped them both of the baby fat that once softened their features half a decade ago when they first met, children fighting a war started by people who didn’t fully understand that the price to pay for power was blood.

Or perhaps they did understand, and chose to spill it anyway, painting the world crimson and leaving stains that would likely never wash away.

Thinking about either option for too long always makes something in Azula’s gut twist.

He’s grown into himself, no longer looking like someone far beyond their years trapped in a childish form.

But his eyes remain the same, youthful and ancient all at once, and still gleaming with the unmistakable spark of hope.

Azula hasn’t looked into a mirror since the day she shattered her mother’s reflection, but she knows that her own eyes carry no such emotion.

Hope was something that Ozai had taken pains to ensure would never blossom in Azula’s heart. He’d stolen it from her as soon as he was able, extinguished from her childish eyes to be replaced with the cold steel of blades forged in angry flames.

They sit like that for several moments, neither one moving. Neither one looking away.

Then he speaks, and it strikes at the wobbly foundations of sanity she’s struggled to build ever since the day she shattered her mind along with that mirror.

“So who are you, Princess Azula?” She’s long-since lost any right to the title, but that never stopped him from using it, not three years ago when these visits first began and certainly not now. “And what do you want?”

She turns away from his piercing stare, the hand buried in the folds of her skirt curling into a fist as her nails bite deep enough to draw blood.

For the first time, she is the one who looks away.

The significance of the gesture is not lost on him- she can tell as much by the way he stiffens in surprise. But she cuts him off before he has a chance to speak again.

After all, her fragile tether on sanity could only take so much in a single day.

“Don’t ask questions you aren’t ready to have answered, Avatar.” She says it quietly, voice low and tight with an emotion she knows he can’t quite place, because neither can she.

Don’t ask questions I’m not ready to answer, she thinks, but the words go unsaid.

She doesn’t know if she can trust her voice to carry them.

She doesn’t know if she can trust the Avatar to understand.

For the first time since he started visiting, her voice shakes.

Azula looks brittle, as if the next wrong move could shatter her and every single bit of progress he’s spent the past three years trying to make.

As much as he wants to push, to finally solve a piece of the puzzle that is the deposed princess, he knows he can’t. Not if he wants there to be anything left for him to solve.

He bows his head in acquiescence. “I apologize, Princess.”

She nods silently in response, now peering carefully at the embroidery of the silken scarf resting in her lap despite the fact that they both know she could care less about its craftsmanship.

The piece is exquisite, its stitching flawless- he knows this, because he’s the one who bought it for her. It’s become something of a tradition- giving her a tiny token of appreciation for allowing these visits, for speaking to him when they both know she could simply treat him like everyone else who tried to arrange a meeting- with the stiff, regal silence befitting her former station.

He’s still not really sure why she tolerates him in the first place.

Zuko tells him it’s because he’s the Avatar, and if there’s anything Azula respects, it’s power.

Aang thinks it might be something else.

He can wield the four elements, but the princess is a prodigy in her own right.

He may be the Avatar, but she is Azula.

Azula, who possesses sapphire flames and a mastery over the most difficult of all firebending skills- manipulating lightning.

Three years ago, when he’d first dared to enter her room, Azula had no need to respect his power. Not when she was already so sure of her own.

She was still the same girl who had struck him down with a bolt of lightning, the same girl who had shown no fear at the prospect of confronting the Avatar.

The same girl who had left a scar on his back that not even Katara’s considerable skills as a Master Waterbender and healer could dissolve.

But for some reason, she tolerated him.

And over three years of regular visits and carefully worded exchanges over tea, he’s never asked why.

One day, he hopes she’ll feel comfortable enough to tell him.

But the dismissal is evident as she skims a hand along the silk of his latest gift to her, firmly ignoring his presence.

“Until tomorrow, Princess.”

For a single second, her eyes dart back up to meet his, golden irises flashing bright in the light spilling through the bars of her windows.

“Until tomorrow,” she echoes, casting her gaze back down to the fabric in her lap, the expression etched across her features still unreadable.

He’s nearly out the door when he hears her call out behind him, hesitant and unsure.


He stops and turns back instantly- uncertain isn’t a word he’s ever associated with Princess Azula, but it’s how she sounds now.


“Tomorrow, you said they’ll begin giving me medication during tea.” Again, the flicker of her aureate eyes looking up to meet his lasts only a moment, too fast for him to read the emotions glimmering within. “Will you join me?”

I don’t want to be alone.

It goes unspoken, but they both hear it just the same.

He realizes it then, how much this must scare her.

From the little she’s shared and the information he’s managed to pry out of Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee, her firebending has been the one constant in her life.

And now, like everything else, it’s being taken away.

All this time, he’s waited for her to open up, to show the vulnerability he’s never doubted she possessed, not since the day he watched her lose her mind as well as her crown. It had struck him then, that she must have lost as much, if not more, than he and his friends. The cost of the war had been paid by both sides of it.

But this is not the way he’d wanted to get her to open up.

He bows, not deep enough to appear subservient, but deep enough that his feelings are made clear.

“I would be honored.”

Good? Bad? Absolute trash?

Should it end here or should I pick it up after all these years and turn it into something longer?

Let me know down below. :)


Guess who finally finished their BNHA OC character ;) Meet Kesai Airo  Inspired by your one and only me haha

To be honest I made her quirk be water and lightning cause I love water and something about lighting is so enchanting yet ofc I have to add some angst to my character bwahaha. Mind you her design is somewhat based on me so the scars she has is also inspired by the scar on my chest. 

More info about her? Click below to read more!

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btw, anon. before i even think about making that oc, i’ve already got plans for my blank panther character because hell to the fucking yes. if someone thought it wasn’t going to happen, they are highly wrong. i was thinking about possibly m’baku but then i also had kasper cole in mind or maybe white wolf. but then i settled on my forgotten bae, azari. for those who don’t know, he is technically t’challa & storm’s future child. he and four other characters started off in the next avengers movie, but then they were brought into the main timestream. he’s actually from the future and he and his teammates decided to stay behind in the past to see & learn what went wrong in his own time period. he has the essence of the heart-shaped herb within him as well as gaining his mother’s mutant ability, though he specifically can only manipulate lightning & electricity. he’s a bab and he shall be coming soon.

The Book. Red magic, basics, 2.

While it is an internal practice like thaumaturgy, a key differentiation between the two practices is that red magic focuses on a wider range of elements, including those typically considered part of modern conjury practice, as opposed to modern thaumaturgical practice. The basic offensive magicks of red magic manipulate lightning, fire, earth, and wind. Water and ice are excluded. This is a notable imbalance on the astral-umbral axis. 

However, the typical approach to wielding these magicks is in tune with the Essences and Permutations, to some degree. The spells that evoke lightning sometimes (or, with great Will from the Magician, always) ignite Fire. Wielding a spell that evokes Fire or Earth accelerates the evocation of Wind or Lightning, respectively. Elemental aspects seek balance, and red magic emphasizes this balance, particularly as its spells leave a resonance (”Mana”) upon the caster. Thus, it is natural that wielding one element should speed calling upon its opposite.

The Magician may, of course, use an alternate set of patterns to reverse the initial evocation, using Fire to accelerate Lightning or Earth to accelerate Wind. This risks an elemental imbalance. A key aspect of this practice is mitigating such imbalances to prevent fatal consequences, though such mitigations impede use of other spells that rely upon discharging gathered Mana.

A notable flaw is the interaction between Earth and Wind, neither are related on the elemental wheel (save by being of opposed axis). This flaw in the practice suggest that a fuller representation of the interactions of the elements was once part of the practice, but has been lost to time. Such is the way of ancient arts; the full secrets remain to be discovered.

One Big, Happy Family

The Avengers x Reader

Requested by anon

Summary: You get recruited to be an Avenger and being like the baby of the group whom everyone loves not only messing with, but taking care of as well.

Warnings: cursing ‘cause I’ve got a bad mouth, tons of fluffy times, a nice pick-me-up if ya need it!

Word Count: 1,252

Originally posted by capsteverogers-things

You were recruited about a month ago. At first, you thought it was one giant hoax - there was always direct contact from a burner phone and it wasn’t until you finally made it to the Avengers facility that you knew you weren’t actually being pranked and that you hadn’t been lying to your parents for nothing. 

The front desk knew who you were immediately and throughout the tour of the facility, various recruits and commanding officers stopped and saluted you. You had no rank whatsoever - you barely got through your school’s ROTC that one year. But you were young, new, and were recruited as an Avenger. You found out later that the recruitment came directly from Captain America himself.

You just wanted to know how the hell they even knew of your abilities.

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Let It Snow

For @gay-tea and the Critical Role Secret Santa!

I wrote something for your love of Percy and Vex and included Gilmore and the Celestial boys during the Winter’s Crest Festival. I hope you like it! 

For a place as cold as Whitestone during the winter, the Winter’s Crest Festival was depressingly lacking in snow. The weather was frigid, forcing most everyone who wished to celebrate back inside with only bright red faces for their trouble. It was a shame and something that Vex intended to fix.

Outside, in the back courtyard of the castle, the half-elf ranger stood determined. With her were Hunin and Kyor, bundled up in cloaks, scarves and gloves to protect them against the biting wind. As she stood there, she absently tightened a scarf around Kyor’s neck.

“Are you warm enough, darlings? I know it’s cold, but I promise, Whitestone’s weather can be far more welcoming than this. Even in winter, as you’ll see in just a moment.”

“Through outside means and some wondrous magic provided by me.” Gilmore, in his plush purple winter robes, gave a rakish grin at the young boys and Vex. He pulled his cloak tighter around himself and looked up at the clear, unyielding sky as he prepared himself for the spell he was about to work. “Do not worry, boys, this place will be a winter wonderland in no time. Winter’s Crest’s weather is now sponsored by Gilmore’s Glorious Goods and I pride myself in customer satisfaction.”

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johnny: lol this weather sucks, earthrealm sucks rn can we take a vacation to outworld?

dark!raiden: What the fuck did you just fucking say about earthrealm, you mortal? I will have you know I was handpicked to defend earthrealm by the elder gods, and I have been involved in numerous secret raids on netherrealm, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in lightning manipulation and I am the top sniper in the entire earthrealm forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in this realm nor any others, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit about earthrealm? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across this whole realm and you are being tracked right now by the gods themselves so you better prepare for the storm, mortal. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You are fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in mortal kombat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of all the realms and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of this realm, you little shit. If only you could have known what holy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you could not, you did not, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn fool. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, mortal.