lightning ffxiii 2



1) Lightning Farron

“I’ve been so blind. I was born into a fal'Cie world, raised on a fal'Cie leash. It was the only life I know how to live. When it was taken from me, I was completely lost. Without a master to follow - my life had no purpose. Hope, listen to me. This l'Cie curse, it took everything. My future. My dreams. I didn’t want to think. So I fought instead. As long as I was fighting, nothing else was real I was running away.“


Time is our greatest obsession. Who has not dreamed of returning to the past, of changing the future? Imagine the power. To see how our choices affect our lives, and then return to undo them. Endless possibilities. Imagine the freedom to cross time and journey through the ages. The freedom to change the past, and bend history to your will. What would you do if you had that power? Could you eradicate the mistakes of history, and build a perfect future? Or would you be subject to fate, and be swept down the river of time… …powerless to change your course?