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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Mario’s Level Design, Evolved | Game Maker’s Toolkit

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is platforming level design at its best. By taking Nintendo’s level design philosophy to the next level, Retro Studios made a handful of incredible stages that all modern platformers should be judged against.

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P O K E M O N     S U N / M O O N

Its narrow, graceful legs allow it to accelerate with such explosive speed that people claim it can dodge lightning! It is said that any Pokémon that sees UB-02 Beauty, regardless of its own gender, will become infatuated with it and lose the will to battle. The exact reason for this reaction—whether it’s an unidentified pheromone exuded by UB-02 Beauty or a hypnotic effect induced by its appearance—has not been determined.

Happy 16th Anniversary to Final Fantasy X, a game that changed my Iife story forever. I finally did it! I dodged 200 lightning bolts in one sitting to complete Lulu’s ultimate weapon and I’m one more step closer to platinuming my favorite game. What a shocker, I know.

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ok but while im here i might as well request something ahahah. what abotu a cute scenario with kuroo and tsukki where their s/o eats the guys' favorite food in front of them ? maybe because they had an argument and she's really childish or idek adn they like chase her around omg so cute aaahh

I feel like I maybe made this less fluffy by accident, but I hope you like it anyway. Thanks for your patience!

To any onlooker, they’re a perfect couple; hands clasped tightly in each other’s, shoulders leaning in and bumping in hidden multitudes, and their cheerful smiles beaming a sunflower aura around them.

Kuroo supposes, grudgingly, that you are perfect. But sometimes, like today, you’re just a little piece of shit, and the hidden smirk behind the twist of your hands drums in that fact. He settles opposite Akaashi at the open table, and sighs dramatically when he feels a wet spot blooming underneath his left thigh. Akaashi doesn’t even look up from his study of the menu.

“Someone spilled water there earlier.”

“Right,” Kuroo huffs, “perfect.”

He’s not desperate enough to trust you yet when you offer to mop some of it up for him with a tissue. Handing you a similar looking menu instead, your hands are happily too occupied to give him anymore grief, deserved or not. He spies Bokuto watching the two of you bemusedly out of the corner of his eye, and his bottom lip trembling at the effort to keep his mouth shut about it, and rolls his eyes. He’s surrounded by complete asshats.

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PLS tell me Ororo braids Thor's hair and he paints her toes idk why just gives vibes of pure sunshine

“It’s been known to happen on quiet evenings. In fact, we braid each other’s hair.  He’s never painted my toes, most likely because I’ve never asked him to.”

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shipping u with thor because lighting babies

Random ship love!! // Always accepting and forever appreciated, bless you <3 

“Are we the lightning babies or are you shipping us in hopes we’ll create some?” A smile bright enough to chase away the darkest cloud emerges, fandom terminology still isn’t her forte, but she knows enough to be amused, and intentional or not the imagery conjured by the anon’s statement certainly aided in pushing her cheeks just that much higher. “Either way it’s flattering to know we have your support, thank you.”

Not Such a Failure: Theo Raeken

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Request// First one is where the reader was made by the dread doctors to like assist Theo in taking down McCall’s pack. But she refuses, and they can no longer control her, or steal her life away with Mercury she is immune. (i haven’t figured out why she would be immune but she is) and she feels herself being drawn to Theo Raeken

Requested by @silverwingedfox hope you enjoy! Let me know if you want a part 2

“I’m not human.”

“I was created.”

“I’m not supposed to be alive.”

“What happened to me?”

“What is even going on?”

These thoughts raced around my head as I desperately searched the dark, damp room. The floor was slippery from the liquid that seemed to be oozing from the walls.

There was large heavy machinery everywhere and a large glass tank in the corner, which seemed to be empty. I hope it was empty.

I couldn’t remember anything. Well barely anything but I don’t think the random flashbacks I had been having was much to go on.

But I remembered the blow to my head. The cold, night air that stung my cheeks.  And the three tall figures that clouded my vision and jabbed a needle into my neck. And then my heart stopped.

And now I was trapped in a room, like a caged animal. I inspected every inch of the room and I couldn’t find the exit. So I done what came naturally.

I sat down on the floor, tucked my head between my knees and waited for someone to come along and kill me. The very idea of that made my new set of fangs sprout out of my gums and I could feel the pierce of my claws on my palms. The cuts healed instantly.

Loud, pounding footsteps were beginning to echo round the room but I was ready. I got to my feet, a long growl leaving my mouth as my eyes burned. I wasn’t sure why but it felt good.

Light suddenly flooded the room as a hidden door jolts open, revealing the same three “people” that injected me from before. Another growl leaves my mouth but I found I couldn’t move. My arms stayed frozen at my sides and my feet were rooted to the spot.

“Failure.” The word droned from behind their masks and I inwardly shivered.

“Failure.” They began chanting the word as one of them pulled out another long needle.

I was still frozen to the spot despite the fact I was fighting furiously against whatever was holding me to the ground.

They got closer and with their backs to the light three haunting silhouettes moved closer to me, the one brandishing the needle the closest.

And then it was suddenly in my neck, the cool liquid spreading through me like wildfire.

The taste of metal filled my mouth and I began crying tears of silver.

But I wasn’t sad, and suddenly my limbs were less heavy and a strong wave of strength washed over me as I snarled, baring my new set of teeth.

I turned my head to the side and roared, the cold liquid dripped from my open mouth as I growled. I brought up my clawed hand and swipe at the person’s mask, my nails scratching at the metal surface and he dropped me to the floor.

I turn back round to the other two figures, punching and clawing at them.

They backed away quickly and as soon as they did I backed away, turning round and sprinting for the door.

I threw myself out it, my bare feet cold against the concrete and oddly damp floor.

I made a beeline for the window at the end of the hallway and without even thinking I clenched my fists and punched straight through the glass.

I didn’t even feel the pain as the cuts instantly healed, leaving only a smudge of blood behind. I hoisted myself up, ignoring the shards of glass that pricked my skin as my feet touched the ground.

I shivered in the night air, looking round trying make out where I was but it was too dark.

I peeked back in through the window but there was no sign of the people in the masks. I turned and began running, the only light coming from the moon.

I managed to dodge trees and jump over the amount of tree roots and coyote traps littering the ground because of my lightning fast reflexes.

I dodged another tree before I heard the unmistakable sound of twigs snapping. I froze for a second, trying to calm my breathing which was pretty normal despite having run so fast and for so long.

More snapping noises and I quickly turned round and ran, hearing the footsteps pick up speed as they chased after me.

I vaulted myself over a low hanging tree branch and continued running, despite the tightness in my chest and the aching in my legs.

Before suddenly I was tackled off my feet, landing pinned beneath someone. Instantly my nails grew claws and long fangs jutted out my mouth.

I could feel the person’s heartbeat and smell their distinctively unhuman smell and I roared up at them.

“Easy there princess.” I heard them say and I glared angrily at them.

“Let me go!” I growled as I tried to throw him off but only succeeding in shifting him slightly.

“Damn I forgot how strong the new ones are.” He sounded impressed and I snarled.

“Now this may hurt just a pinch.” He said, his tone patronisingly sweet as I felt a needle pierce the side of my neck.

Instantly my thrashing limbs became heavy and my teeth and nails went back to normal.

“Who are you?” I managed to say with the last of my concentration as my eyelids slid close.

“Theo, princess. Theo Raeken.”

 Part 2?

My Top 10 “Spider-Man is an awesome bad ass and owns in a fight” Moments

These are my top 10 favourite moments where Spider-Man is a total BOSS in a fight. These aren’t all the best fights he’s been in and they aren’t in order of any kind of quality. These are just my faves. Don’t expect anything high brow here. This is about blood pumping testosterone laced action. Let’s go.

10: Spectacular Spider-Man #250: Spider-Man vs Norman Osborn

This one is very nostalgic for me as it’s the lynchpin of my favourite era (and possibly run) on Spider-Man. Fundamentally though I like it because it is Spider-Man letting rip on the guy he hates the most when he’s been pushed to the limits. Despite it’s consequences it is cathartic to see.

9: Amazing Spider-Man #230: Spider-Man vs Juggernaut

Possibly the most famous Spider-Man fight of all time. You know the set up surely. Spider-Man is tough but Juggernaut is in another league and Spider-Man can’t hurt him. He’s tried his best to stop a guy who’s super power is literally being unstoppable. He’s tried hitting him, he’s tried, webbing him up, he’s tried blowing him up with a gas truck. Nothing works. But ol’ Spidey doesn’t give up and eventually he finds a way to stop the unstoppable. HE’S THE SPIDER-MAN BITCH!

8: Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man #110: Spider-Man vs Sin Eater

This fight is awesome just because in the wake of killing a load of people (including his friend Jean DeWolff) Spider-Man has had enough of Sin Eater’s $*** and let’s him have it. To give you an idea of how badly he kicks this guy’s ass, Sin Eater is crippled after this.

7: Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 #35: Spider-Man vs Morlun

In something of a homage to the Juggernaut battle, Spider-Man has spent several issues throwing everything he can against the mystical villain Morlun. Nothing works, but what’s worse with Morlun is that he’s actually attempting to devour Spider-Man as part of his mystic lunch, so Spidey is fighting for his life and running scared. Between being effectively cornered and Morlun killing his new friend Ezekiel, Spider-Man takes desperate measures and takes a second dose of radiation. This does the trick because now Morlun can’t stomach him anymore and the tables are turned. No longer running scared and with Morlun’s invincibility gone Spidey puts this sucker down hard and has him terrified for his own life.

6: Amazing Spider-Man #33: Spider-Man vs the Master Planner’s Goons

I love this fight despite it being an overlooked part of the seminal Master Planner Trilogy. Spider-Man has had it rougher than usual in the past few issues. His debut at College has resulted in everyone hating him, his Aunt is dying because of him, he’s torn the criminal underworld apart trying to find the guys who took the only thing which can save her, he’s swam deep beneath the New York river, he’s battled a load of goons, he’s battled Doctor Octopus and he’s been buried under a ton of metal debris with water rapidly spilling in preparing to drown him. Now I’m sure we all remember the iconic scene where Spider-Man overcomes the debris and finds the inner strength he needs to triumphantly lift the burden off his back. Well by this part of the story he’s pretty exhausted but things don’t let up. He’s swam to the surface only to be met by a horde of Doc Ock’s goons.

You’d think this would be too much for Peter. He’s mentally and physically exhausted. Surely he can’t beat all these guys? Well he does. In fact he not only beats them, but he’s so bad ass he let’s them beat him  in order to recover some of his strength. And then he proceeds to fight so hard he not only K.O.s all of the goons but he does so without even realising.






5: Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man #75: Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus

Ah, another iconic moment where Spider-Man is just tired of your $***. Doc Ock’s injured Spidey’s latest squeeze the Black Cat and tried to nuke New York City itself. And so Spidey does what he should’ve done a long ass time ago and rips off Doc Ock’s arms!!!!! Do I need to elaborate on how f***ing cool that is? He literally just disarmed the guy.

4: Amazing Spider-Man #270: Spider-Man vs Firelord

This is arguably the best retelling of the Juggernaut concept except in some ways it takes things up to an 11. Firelord is a Herald of Galactus. In case you don’t know that means he is a cosmically powered powerhouse cut from the same cloth as the Silver Surfer. This guy can tangle with the big guns. He can survive in open space. He smashes meteors.

He’s been chasing Spider-Man all over town for some dumb misunderstanding and after dropping a building on him and blowing up a gas station around him has failed Spider-Man has simply lost his rag and proceeds to hit Firelord hard with everything he’s got. And like the Master Planner’s goons before him he doesn’t even realise how strong he is or how badly he’s kicked Firelord’s ass because he needs to be told he’s already won the battle.

Little old solo Spider-Man just did what it’d take the entire Fantastic Four to do.

3: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3: Spider-Man vs the X-Men

Until a few years ago I merely enjoyed this fight but overlooked it. It was pointed out to me a while ago though that actually this is a pretty amazing show of force by Spider-Man.

The X-Men are super stars in the Marvel Universe. Back when Secret Wars was published in the early-mid 1980s, they were a hot property and no physical push over as a super hero team.

Cyclops can punch a hole through a mountain with his optic blasts

Storm is a veritable goddess who commands the weather itself

Nightcrawler is more agile than an acrobat and can teleport in the blink of an eye

Colossus has immense super strength and invulnerability

Rogue (at this point in time) could fly, was super strong, had a degree of invulnerability and can practically kill with a touch

Professor X can read and control minds

And then you’ve got Wolverine, a poster child for bad ass, with unbreakable bones, a healing factor, animal keen senses a feral rage he can fly into and of course those six razor sharp lethal claws which have slashed many an unfortunate S.O.B. asunder.

Spider-Man solos them in three pages.

He fights smart and he fights fast.

He disables the power houses and the telepaths

He, dodges lightning

He moves faster than the guy who can teleport

And he swats away the most popular X-Man as an afterthought

To make matters more impressive even the X-Men themselves are commenting on how much of a total f***ing boss Spider-Man was in this fight. Nightcrawler literally says ‘he’s awesome’ and the leader of the X-Men plus the single most bad ass member who’s extremely short on compliments (especially when it comes to brawlers) even say they were lucky Spider-Man didn’t own them harder.

It gets more awe inspiring when you consider he was just trying to teach them a quick lesson then move on, he wasn’t really trying all that hard.




2: Amazing Spider-Man #542: Spider-Man vs the Kingpin

*gurgling noises* This…This fight man. God I love this. Would you believe I despised this issue, this arc, this whole damn era when it was first put out back in 2007? Well hindsight has prompted me to give at least this issue a re-read and I’m slapping myself now because this is a true classic.

Kingpin is a awesome villain. He is.

Part of what makes Kingpin so compelling as a villain is he’s powerful without being super powered, yet he’s still a physical powerhouse amongst normal human beings.

He’s arguably Daredevil’s arch nemesis and it was kind of Spider-Man to farm him out to old Hornhead because bless him he doesn’t have too many villains of the same calibre as Spidey.

As much as I love Kingpin for being such a bastard I do wish at times to see him get his cummuppence. I wish he’d get knocked off his perch but alas that doesn’t happen too often since a big part of his concept is that he is untouchable. In particular he’s pushed and mocked and gotten under Spider-Man’s skin quite a few times in their storied history together.

And when push comes to shove Kingpin is still a Spider-Man villain when needs be as he proved in Civil War. After Peter revealed his identity to the world Kingpin wasted little time in putting out a hit on Peter’s family. Thus a gunman targeted Mary Jane but hit Aunt May instead.

Unfortunately for Kingpin he was criminally narrowminded about a few things.

  1. That Spider-Man might actually be itching to screw him over as much or more than he was itching to screw Spidey over
  2. That Spider-Man has actual super powers and ultimately he doesn’t
  3. That you do not mess with Spider-Man’s family (unless you’re Norman Osborn and even then it’s not a good idea)

And so Kingpin, cocky bastard that he is, prepares to humiliate Spider-Man in physical combat, or at least show him up for the fool he was in trusting the system and allowing his loved ones to come to harm. As far as he’s concerned Spider-Man is an impotent lily white idealistic hero, who’s childishly gotten upset about his mama being hurt. So he puts on a show by donning his classic white business suit to show Spider-Man just how untouchable he is. Showing him how even in prison he’s still powerful and can do whatever he wants and there is nothing Spider-Man can do about it. Kingpin is just about ready to show Peter this and give him a beating as he’s done in the past when…he learns a lesson…

This list is about my favourite moments from Spider-Man fights but even so….this is more than likely THE single greatest beat down in any Spider-Man comic ever. He takes Kingpin apart physically and mentally by humiliating him and showing him that actually his assessment of him is a zillion miles off. He shows everyone (including the readers) just how much of a bad ass he can be when he doesn’t hold back, and how when all is said and done Kingpin is a whale sized piece of crap compared to him, and that Spidey could actually own Fisk however and whenever he wants to. He just doesn’t because he’s usually so nice.

What more can you say about a comic where Spider-Man is literally (and repeatedly) bitch slapping the so called ‘untouchable’ King of Crime?

1: Peter Parker: Spider-Man #75: Spider-Man vs the Green Goblin

This is unquestionably my #1 pick. I will admit there are elements which are derivative of other stories. I will admit this isn’t as awesome as the Kingpin fight.

The thing is though…This sums up Spider-Man for me.

It’s not just that it’s bad ass

It’s not just that it gets to the core of the super hero genre with the hero battling his arch nemesis

It’s not just that it’s the best Spider-Man villain ever or that it’s so personal

It’s because this fight, this issue, this story encapsulates so much of Spider-Man’s mythology and who he is.

It’s him never giving up, never refusing to lay down and die. It’s the Goblin (and all the villains) never truly understanding that they honestly can’t beat him. No matter what powers they possess no matter how horrible their schemes are they cannot beat him. Because his inner strength, his will, his  desire to survive and his goddam humanity and heroism is always going to pull through.

I love this moment and think it’s the most bad ass moment of Spider-Man ever (at least in a fight) because I sincerely do not think he’s ever been as heroic as he is here.

I find the moments from this fight are the ones which remind me why I love Spider-Man so much.


— Its narrow, graceful legs allow it to accelerate with such explosive speed that people claim it can dodge lightning! It is said that any Pokémon that sees UB-02 Beauty, regardless of its own gender, will become infatuated with it and lose the will to battle. The exact reason for this reaction—whether it’s an unidentified pheromone exuded by UB-02 Beauty or a hypnotic effect induced by its appearance—has not been determined.

@tlcinbflo Aayyyy I grew up with FFX. So playing the HD remaster is kinda bittersweet and nostalgic.

Now, to dodge 200 lightning strikes. And fucking butterfly race. All to get that sweet 100% completion

How Korra Learned To Dodge (Legend of Korra AU Snippet)

“Um… are you sure this is safe?" 

"Korra, for the last time, learning to dodge is an important skill. More often than not, evasion will serve you much better than blocking.” Azula nodded at the circle she’d burnt into the ground. “Now get back into the circle.”

“Fine.” Korra stepped back into the circle. “But do you have to use lightning? I mean Katara will be really pissed if you kill me.”

“Obviously, I’m not going to be using my lightning at full force. It will be extremely unpleasant if it hits you, but it won’t cause any lasting damage.” Azula smiled toothily. “Think of it as… an incentive to learn quickly.”

“There has to be another way. How did you learn to dodge?” Korra eyed Azula’s hands nervously. Electricity was already gathering around her fingertips.

“My father threw fire at me.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad…”

“It took me weeks to heal from the burns I got during our first training session, and that was with the aid of the Fire Nation’s finest physicians. Needless to say, I learned swiftly.”

“Wow. Forget I said anything.”

Azula chuckled. “If it makes you feel any better, he died alone in his cell, a powerless, broken man. But back to today’s lesson. Your objective, Korra, is to dodge as many of my attacks as possible. Because of the speed with which lightning travels, you will cannot simply wait until I attack. Instead, you will have to predict my movements and act accordingly.” She lifted one hand. “Are you ready?”

Korra nodded. “I’m ready.”


“Apparently not because you didn’t dodge that.” Azula pursed her lips. “Oh, get up.”

Korra twitched and staggered back to her feet. “Damn, that hurts.”

“Yes, which is why you should learn to dodge.” Azula grinned. “Now, let’s try that again…”

X     X     X

Years later…

Asami struggled not to stare as Korra cut through the bandits like a scythe. Two of them were throwing lightning, but not a single one of their attacks had come close to hitting the Avatar. Korra seemed able to anticipate their attacks perfectly. After dodging another bolt of lightning, Korra drove one foot into the ground and thrust her hands forward, encasing both firebenders in earth before turning to deal with the other bandits. In the meantime, Asami made sure to deal with her fair share of the bandits.

“So… where did you learn how to dodge like that?” Asami asked. “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone dodge lightning so easily.”

Korra twitched. “Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

“Ah.” Asami grinned. “Azula?”

“Oh, yeah.”

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first time dave and karkat kiss??? :DDDDDDD

“It’s not a platonic quadrant; there’s no such thing as a platonic quadrant; how does that even remotely make sense in your tiny grubfucked brain? A platonic quadrant sounds like the sort of stupid oxymoronic pile of hoofbeast shit a human would attempt because the concept of actual romance is too complex for you to wrap your pans around.”

“Sure, I believe you, Karkles,” Dave says, and you know he’s just winding you up but you still can’t quite keep your lips from peeling back from your teeth. “You’re a big bad cuddle-delivery stud, is what you are.”

You press your scowl flat and fall back upon your dignity.  “I am a Registered Companion and *you* are a certified fucking douchelord.”

 Dave fans at his face and fake-swoons, practically into your lap.  Your claws twitch.  “Ooh, Mr. Companion, ooh.  Pap me like one of your French girls.”

You don’t give yourself time to think about it.  You just lift your hand and tap your fingers once, firm against his cheek, slide your hand up along that dark, too-soft skin to feel his jaw settle in the curve of your palm.  You lean in close—his face has gone fixed and frozen, his mouth caught forming one of his stupid endless words.  You can see your eyes reflected in those ridiculous shades, the shadow of his own eyes wide behind them.  “Settle down,” you say firmly, and you kiss the tip of his nose, sweet and pale as grubmilk.

The skin against your palm flames hot. Dave flails and falls off the couch.

You sit back, vindicated and smug and blushing only slightly, warm across your cheekbones.  Victory is sweet as hell.

(It’s not flirting if it’s pale because you definitely aren’t pale for him which makes it not flirting and oh god you are never telling anyone you did this.)

((You still win.))