lightning burst


“The Weatherstone.” The Archmage remarked, gesturing ahead of them. “Made by the druids ages ago, its secrets are known to few now. It protects us from fierce storms, brutal winters, and deadly droughts. Today, we’ll use it to call the rains down on the farms.” He gestured them to surround the stones, none within the henge save himself. Carefully making his way down into the basin, he put his old hand on the glowing orb, closing his eyes. Silence reigned supreme as even the wind waited on his command. A burst of lightning shot up into the clouds above without warning. They gathered angrily, then moved south to the desperate farmlands at an unnatural pace, dark with the storm’s potential. All eyes followed it, then looked to the Archmage, holding tight to his staff. He slowly picked his way out of the basin, drained and more ancient than ever before. He was silent as they left, but wondered… Who would take his place when he could no longer make this trip?

Description by Michael Lewis


I was asked a while ago if I could make visual references for Awakening tome effects to go along with my tome project, so I compiled a whole bunch of screenshots of every tome in the game and matched them with each cover! These should be helpful if you ever want to draw characters casting a specific spell or if you’re just curious about what all the tomes actually do when you use them!

The covers for all the tomes are here as well, but you can find higher quality ones in my original master post of the tome project here. You can see the details and writing on each much better. Additionally, just for fun, I decided to make this the complete tome essentials post and include a written description of how each spell looks (in case the picture isn’t enough to visualize) as well as in-game information about each and every one!

Everything else is all under the cut in order of how they appear on this post! Sorry about it being so super long!

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BTS Reaction to Their Bestfriend Accidently Confessing to Them; Suga Version

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Everything was perfect. It was a quiet, stormy afternoon. The main lights in your living room were off, only soft candlelight flickered across the walls and the occasional bursts of lightning illuminating the flowing curtains on your windowpanes. The TV was playing some program in the background, but you weren’t entirely focused on it. You were more focused on the lump of a boy that laid across your lap, asleep and dead to the world.

Min Yoongi, your best friend forever for who knows how long was one of the most hard working people that you’ve ever come to know. He, also, was one of the most stubborn as well, refusing to give up or back down even though he knew it’d be easier on him to do so. This trait, mixed with his passion and job for music often kept him up late at night, working until dawn on tracks of music and beats that spewed into his headphones. The dark circles of purple under his eyes were always a staple feature on his face and you soon grew used to seeing the faint discoloration. But when he came over today, the purple darker so much so that it could be considered black, you demanded that he needed to sleep, no ifs ands or buts.

So, you made him sit on the couch, bringing him a cup of tea, the fluffiest blanket you owned, and a set of night clothes he always kept at your place incase he needed to crash here for the night. You told him to go change, and you set up the little makeshift bed on the couch, turning off the lights and creating a relaxing environment for him to sleep in. You made him drink all his tea before gently nudging him to cuddle into your side.

Cuddling was a common thing that the two of you did; being so close for so long allowed the behavior to be acceptable. At first he just cuddled your side, fitting his head onto your shoulder as the tea and blanket warmed his body and the sounds of the TV lulled him closer to unconsciousness. But when you felt his head start to nod off towards a deeper sleep, you guided him to lay down across you, placing his head on your thigh and allowing his lower body to stretch along the length of the couch. He followed willingly, nuzzling his head into your stomach and falling asleep instantly.

And now here you two were, you running your fingers through his hair and just watching his eyes move back and forth across his eyelids. He was dreaming. Hopefully of something good, since he hasn’t stirred since he laid down. You smiled down at him and sighed softly.

“I wish you knew how much I actually love you, Yoongi. I wish you knew how much I love you more than in a ‘sisterly’ way. I love you with all my heart…why can’t you see that?”


Yoongi woke up a few hours later, looking more well-rested than before. He helped himself to the contents of your fridge before rejoining you on the couch underneath the blanket; the plate of leftovers he scavenged for now resting on the coffee table.

“Y’know, I had the funniest dream.” Yoongi mumbled in a gravely voice, rubbing his eyes with balled up fists. It was obvious he needed more rest, but he wanted to talk, and you were always a sucker for giving him what he wants.

“Oh? What was that?” you asked curiously.

“It was about you. That you told me you loved me.” he explained. You deadpanned for a few seconds before recovering yourself.

“Like, in a brother-sister way?” you asked nervously.

“Nah, like in the romantic way,” Yoongi glanced over at you and smiled slightly. “Funny, right?”

You could feel your heart break in your chest. Your ‘accidental’ confession being rejected, even though Yoongi thought it was just a dream, it still hurt knowing he didn’t like you in that way. You plastered a fake smile on your face.

“Yeah, that’s so weird.” you agreed, shifting away from him slightly. But Yoongi pulled you back, placing a kiss on your forehead gently.

“Thank you for taking care of me, Y/N. I love you.” he told you.

Unbeknownst to you, he really did mean every word he said to you. And just like yours, he felt his heart break as well when you thought his dream funny. Your ‘rejection’ to his ‘confession’ damaging him more than he thought. One day he might tell you his true feelings properly, but for now, he’ll continue to be close to you in this way. The both of you living in an unneeded state of grief of ‘one-sided’ love; when in reality, the love is secretly returned unrequitedly.

Say what you want about the Percy Jackson books, but know this:

Almost 8 years ago, an 11 year old sat in his reading class, struggling through a paperback copy of “The Lightning Thief” and burst into tears when he found out all the demigods had ADHD and dyslexia.  Because he finally had people he could relate to, people who struggled with the same things he did.  And all of a sudden, he realized he could defy expectations and BE something instead of falling flat in life like he’d been told so often as a result of his disorders.

That 11 year old was me.

Bound To Break • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Request: you and Obi are on a mission when you’re seriously injured by Count Dooku. It is left up to Obi-Wan to save your life. Though, as your condition worsens, he begins to lose hope.

Kinda short but I know you guys have been waiting a while for me to post something. Hope you like it !! Love you guys !! 💖❤️💕


“No, (y/n). You cannot just waltz into Dooku’s ship and demand he return the holocron. Are you insane?” Obi-Wan asked you with a scowl. Truth be told, you wanted this mission to be over. Stuck on Dagobah for weeks with someone you loved but couldn’t have? It was torture. So, you were ready to do anything to retrieve the holocron that Dooku had stolen.

“Nope, just tired of being stuck on this planet with nothing to do but study the same trade routes over and over again” you retorted. “It’s overkill, Obi. We might as well just get it over with” you shrugged. Obi-Wan scoffed.

“I truly don’t understand how you could have been taught by Master Windu when you are this….reckless” he replied as he crossed his arms over his chest.

You decided you would just have to wait until Obi-Wan fell asleep before leaving. You could have used his help had he not been so stubborn.

You entered Dooku’s ship and immediately fell under attack. Battle droids shot at your ship as soon as you docked. Thankfully, it was a sturdy ship, so all you had to worry about was not getting yourself shot.

Your lightsaber easily sliced through the battle droids as you deflected the beams of plasma shooting from their blasters. You didn’t need Obi’s help, not when you were just so skilled yourself.

Suddenly, a wave of electricity sparked through you. You cried out in pain and dropped to the durasteel floor. Your lightsaber slid from your hand and skittered across the floor, hitting the toe of a boot. You slowly looked up from the stranger’s boot to their face. It was no stranger at all. It was Dooku.

“Looking for something, Master Jedi?” he smirked, outstretching his hand to show you the holocron. “Did you really think I wouldn’t see you coming?”.

You tried to stand, but you were knocked down by Dooku’s Force push. You were thrown back, hitting your head against a durasteel wall. Your vision became fuzzy and you were sure that you’d pass out at any moment. However, Dooku wasn’t done with you just yet.

Two droids hoisted you up off the ground and held you still as Dooku approached you. He held your lightsaber in his hand and glanced at it with mild curiosity.

“You weren’t planning on killing me and taking the holocron, were you?” he teased. You glared at him and spit in his face. This only angered Dooku further. He outstretched his hand and a burst of lightning instantly emanated from the tips of his fingers to your aching body.

The pain was fierce and overwhelming and you could only remember a faint voice in your head, which sounded strangely like Obi-Wan, begging you to hold on before you blacked out.

Obi-Wan watched you as you lay on your cot back on Dagobah. He’d fought Dooku and escaped with you on your ship. Still no holocron, but he didn’t care about that. All he cared about was making sure you woke up. Which, at the moment, seemed like it would take a miracle for that to happen.

You’d been in a coma for days. Obi-Wan had tried everything he could. He used his Force signature to attempt to transfer some of his strength to you. He meditated with you, trying to communicate with you because he knew you wouldn’t leave him. Not like this.

He loved you so dearly. He swore that his moon eyed Padawan days were over, and then he met you. He hadn’t ever seen you before since your Master was so strict. But, when he did finally meet you, he knew he was in love. He was a Padawan all over again.

“My dearest, please come back to me” he murmured. His hand grabbed your cold and limp one and gave it a squeeze. “If only you’d listened” he frowned. A tear trickled down his cheek and fell from his chin onto your shoulder. You felt it.

You were coming to. Your eyes fought to open and your brain tried to send signals to your limbs to get them to move. You wanted to tell Obi-Wan everything you thought you wouldn’t be able to. You had to tell him because you weren’t sure how much time you had left.

“Obi,” you licked your chapped lips as the words tumbled from your lips. Obi’s eyes widened as he jumped up.

“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, instantly cupping your face in his hands. “Darling, you’re came back” there was a light in his eyes that you had never seen before.

“I should tell you,” you croaked. Your arm shakily reached up. You brushed your fingertips across his cheekbone as he watched you intently. “I have always loved you. Every day” you were terribly weak, and you sunk back to the bed.

Your eyes grew heavy once more as you heard Republic ships in the distance. They had finally arrived for you.

“Wait, (y/n), please,” Obi-Wan grabbed your shoulders forcefully and pleaded with you to stay awake. He knew if you were to leave him now, it would be forever.

“I love you, I love you” you whispered to him softly. Had he been just a few inches farther away, he wouldn’t have heard it.

“I love you, Obi. I’m so sorry” and with that, your eyes closed once more.

You were inside a capsule, floating. Something had been fastened around your face. Everything was blurry. There were lights and, as you stared closer, people.

The bacta with which you were floating in immediately began to drain. As soon as your head was exposed to the oxygen, you ripped the mask off of you.

The people. You knew them. Your old Master, Master Yoda, Anakin, and of course, Obi-Wan.

You couldn’t help the wide grin that spread over your lips as your family crowded the tank, glad that you recovered from your encounter.

Though, at the moment, you only cared about one person. Obi-Wan rested his palm against the glass as he beamed at you. There was something different about him, but you couldn’t figure it out. So, you pressed your own palm against his. The layer of glass was the only thing separating the two of you.

Slowly, the Masters left the room as you were removed from your tank and able to walk again. Obi-Wan stayed behind, telling Master Yoda that he would keep an eye on you.

“Well, Master (l/n), you’ve made a full recovery. I do suggest you rest for the next few days, though” the healer told you. “And try not to get yourself killed next time” she teased. You laughed along, thanking the healer for all of her help.

“I never got to tell you, you know” Obi-Wan murmured after the healer left the room. You turned to him as knots began to tie in your stomach.

“Tell me what?” you asked Obi-Wan skeptically. “I told you so?” you questioned with an eye roll.

“That,” Obi chuckled as he stepped toward you confidently. “And there was something else” he came to stand directly in front of you. His hand reached up to stroke your cheek as he gazed lovingly into your eyes.

“And what might that be?” you asked him with a knowing smile. Obi leaned forward slowly and pressed his soft lips to yours. You rested your hands against his chest as he pulled you closer to him by your waist.

The kiss was all you’d expected. Passionate, slow, sensual, loving. It was so Obi-Wan. You couldn’t help the smile that claimed your lips after Obi-Wan pulled away.

“I meant to tell you that I love you too” he whispered. You rested your forehead against his and grinned up at him.

“Good” you nodded, pecking his lips once more….

Crazy Sydney sunset and electrical storm over Rushcutters Bay which occurred simultaneously about a year ago. Forgot about these shots and just found them on my computer again. These were 30s exposures taken propped on the front wall of the house across the road. Damn nearly got myself killed taking them and ended up drenched, had to bail back inside after this lightning burst. That burst of bolts took place within about 5 seconds of each other, like a spreading fork.

Sprites (pt.1)

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Request: Could I perhaps request a Dad!Thor x reader? The reader is raised by her mother her whole life and never really knows anything about her father until she actually finds out her ability to control the sea as like a new Poseidon. Just like a journey of joining the avengers and finding her father. Sorry if it’s really specific. You can change it in anyway you may need. Sorry again

Pairing: Dad!Thor x reader

Word Count: 1,543

Genre: fluff

Notes: Sprites; Shapes and flashes of light that can be seen in the evening or night sky. They are typically blue or red and are the result of electrical discharges in the atmosphere.

10 years later, all avengers are there, she still hasn’t met Thor bc whenever war breaks out they make her leave per her mother’s requests.

“Her powers are growing.” Heimdall affirmed.

Thor let out a huff. 15 now. It had been 15 years since he last saw his daughter in the flesh. Thor always found a way to watch you at least once a month, seeing your growth; it had been quite some time since his last visit although, and oh how you have flourished. You were growing into your godly body quite well, your once gangly limbs now seemed etherealy graceful, you towered over everyone you met (Thor proudly proclaimed you acquired that from him.) and your eyes bore the true mark of royalty. They were the same hue Frigga bore, the sign of royal lineage to be exact. No matter how much he tried, his pride or you bore through him whenever he saw you like sun on a cloudy day.

“I think it’s time she learned of her descent.” Heimdall announced

“Oh yeah? Why so?” Thor asked curiously.

“She is already mastering her skills, she has the makings of a true minor god with the right mentorship. It’s just simply time, bring her to her home, teach her her duties, her heritage. Show her the ways of a god.” Heimdall responded.

Thor mulled it over as he watched you, thinking carefully. That wasn’t his strong suit but the situation called for it.

“I will view her for myself then decide. Heimdall, prepare for my decent.”

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Struck (Part Eighteen)

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EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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You stared as his body tumbled to the ground. There were bodies everywhere, bodies fighting, bodies running. The air was thick with smoke and flashes of light. You could barely see anything, but nothing could pry your eyes away from his body tumbling to the ground.


As more figures pooled around him his body disappeared into the crowd. You could hear a voice screaming, screaming, whose voice was screaming?

You woke up with a start and a gasp. You groaned as you blinked back the sunlight that was streaming into your eyes. Licking your dry lips, you tried to remember the dream that had woken you, but your mind was groggy. You frowned, trying to remember but it was like something was holding it back.

Huh? you thought, as your eyes adjusted and you realised you were no longer asleep in your chair but had been moved to your mattress on the floor. You smiled, and turned to where you expected to find Jongdae sleeping next to you.

Except - Jongdae wasn’t next to you.

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: When (Y/N) gets kidnapped by Hydra, will the Avengers be fast enough to save her?
Words: 1040

Please don’t hate me!

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*at the Rusteez/Dinoco Racing center*

Lightning: *bursts into Cruz’s boarding room at 5 AM to surprise her, turning on the lights* WAKEY WAKEY SLEEPY HEAD ITS TIME TO START TRAINING

Cruz: *rubbing her eyes and groaning*

Jackson: *sits up in bed next to Cruz, shirtless* what the hell? what happened-

Lightning: *screaming*

when i was about 3 or so, i was terrified of thunder. i loved rain, i loved how lightning looked, but the sound of thunder made me scream. so, my father being the patient man he was, built an entire mythos around storms for me.

the world was an orchestra, and storms were everyone tuning. the pitter patter of raindrops was the quick plucking of strings, the cracks of lightning a sudden burst of a horn. the sound of gutter’s rushing were woodwinds lifting lightly, and the peals of thunder were massive drums.

every time my father and i heard an orchestra tuning, he would joke about not having brought his umbrella. and every time a big storm hit, he would put on ella fitzgerald and dance with me.

parenting isn’t always about the big milestones. sometimes, it is about something as simple as teaching your child to love the storm.

Breathe ~ An Avengers Story (15/15)

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AU Summary: The Avengers go on a mission to save Y/N and destroy the oncoming HYDRA resistance.

Notes: im making this the last one of the first book because the chapter after this one will take place AFTER cap:civil war so yea bucky will be on the next chapter but yeah i hope you guys like this one and would keep on reading more. this means a lot and yea. here goes. “)

Part 14 | Part 15 



“All engines running. Departing from Stark Tower in 5 minutes.”

“Control motors fully operational, weapons system engaged and ready. We are a go, Captain.”

Steve nodded back at Barton and Romanoff at the pilot seats. Then he turned around and saw Dr. Banner recalibrating the device to track down Y/N’s location. Or at least the coordinates of the last known vantage point

“FRIDAY, run a search for any weird gravitational occurrence, unusual magnetic pulls, and gamma ray signals on a 20 mile radius.” Stark commanded the AI as he himself got into one of his suits.

“Yes, sir.” The voice responded.

“Gamma ray signals?” Steve asked. Bruce looked up and explained it to him.

“Since the other guy responded to Y/N’s powers before, we figured there must be at least a hint of gamma radiation on her since it’s somehow connected. There’s a chance but it’s a small one and we’re taking every resources we have right now.” He said. “We’re gonna find her, Cap.”

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A lil bit of that tododeku juice for y'all SIPPIN pleasure

So y'all know how Deku is canonically nervous and why wouldn’t he be right like he’s been through some stuff you know anyway so I kept thinking about how Bakugo’s bullying impacted Deku for the long run and it’s canon that in the early days Bakugo used his quirk to intimidate and harm Deku and I realized that Deku STILL FLINCHES whenever Bakugo lights it up you know …

It kinda leads me to believe that because of that loud noises in GENERAL trigger the hell out of Deku. Thunder, fireworks, a book falling on the floor, anything that even resembles Bakugos explosions set Deku off.

So then I got to thinking about the iconic closet scene in OHSHC and it was just… just perfect okay look

Let’s set it probably after the kidnap arc right and the school is pretty wired but dorm construction is put underway immediately right so say one night Aizawa calls curfew and the kids wrap things up and head to their dorms. Todoroki and Deku are the last in the common room they are quietly discussing everything that happened and the how Endeavor has been on EDGE since Dabi revealed himself to the world (I support the Dabi is Endeavors son situation ok) and Todo doesn’t know why so they begin to wrap stuff up so todoroki is the first to get up to leave since his dorm is in the opposite wing to Deku’s and so Deku moves to say goodbye but then all of a sudden a sharp crack of lightning burst through the sky and Deku all but screeches loud af and it catches todoroki off guard so he whips around like •_• and is like “did you hurt yourself..?” And Deku is so embarrassed and wired and is like “NO NO IM… ITS FINE” and they stare at each other for a moment before Todo decides imploring probably isn’t polite so he makes a move out the common room but then another crack of thunder erupts and Deku reaches out on instinct and yanks Todoroki’s shirt and it was totally impulse because he used to reach out for his mother like that when she would walk to fast during a thunderstorm but he is MORTIFIEDDDD and todo turns around real slow like “um.” And Deku lunges back like “HA HA SORRY ABOJT T HAT HA HA ” and another bout of thunder rips through the sky Deku jumps and grips the couch pillow next to him and is frozen in just fear and embarrassment and todo straightens himself fully before piecing together than Deku is afraid of thunder and reaches out to him like “… you’re scared of lighting, aren’t you” and at this point Deku either has to fess up or risk both of them caught post curfew by the security cameras and he gives a hum in confirmation and todo hesitated for a moment before wrapping his arm around Deku’s shoulder and guiding him carefully towards Deku’s dorm and he doesn’t understand it but he figures it’s a lot like his mother’s fear of ordinary things do to her past abuse so he doesn’t question it.

Unfortunately they find out the next day that the cameras had kicked on when todoroki was going back to his room that night and he got cleaning duty for like an entire weekend. Deku bought him cold soba. It was good.

Way Above, Where the North Winds Blow

Word count: 1,868

Summary: Dan and Phil’s son makes them sit down to tell them that she actually isn’t their son.

A/N: wow, i actually wrote something in english that wasn’t part of an event!! my swedish ass is getting better at this :o also thanks to @vanillasolitude for looking this over, vv helpful (y)

this story kind of means a lot to me because this is the way i wish my parents reacted when i came out :[ (don’t kill them they’re fine now) and even though this only took like three days to write (which is a really short time if you’re a procrastinator with concentration problems), i put a lot of heart into it :3 enjoy!

CW: Deadname-ing, misgendering

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For the love of Jai, a very, very serious crack-fic (seriously, it´ serious)

A little treat for Halloween! Inspired by a post you can find here and here,  inspired, emotionally supported and edited by my one and only muse @beautifulramblingbrains , whose name is just coincidently sounds almost like our protagonist here. (A coincidence, nothing more. You hear me?) Have a spooky Halloween and fun with this 25 page-long monster. (Yeah, I´m that insane.)

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own, depraved brain that came up with this shit. And Janie. Janie´s mine. 

I´m tagging all of you guy´s who I think might be interested, if not, ignore it :D

@pathybo, @iammarylastar, @b-j-d, @vitaevandal, @murmelinchen, @spiteandalice@equalstrashflavoredtrash, @captstefanbrandt, @tigpooh67

Now I´m off to do another Nanowrimo… yay.. :D 

Our protagonist, Janie, wished for a man. He should be strong enough to chop the firewood and brave enough to kill all the spiders, precise enough to hit his target even though it was over five meters away which would make him the king at playing darts in the local bar. He should also be fun, someone you can steal horses with, who wasn’t afraid of the law but sensible nonetheless. After all, she wanted someone she could spend a nice evening on the sofa when the snow was falling outside, the crackling fire warming the room while they drank wine from sophisticated glasses.

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Aries has an aura of blue spring skies; cheerful and alive, with an enthusiasm that sends the soul soaring.

Taurus has an aura of redwood trees; strong, tall, and rooted deeply into the earth. Unmovable. 

Gemini has an aura of shiny rainbow bubbles in the late spring air. Bursting in effervescent excitability to pop and disappear without a trace.

Cancer has an aura of a soft and calm moonlit summer solstice. Warm wind and the feeling of mother earth beneath bare feet.

Leo has an aura of fireworks on the 4th of July. A special night full of brightly colored dazzling lights exploding in glittery golden sparks. Gasps fill the air.

Virgo has an aura of summer rain clinging to dark green leaves sparkling in the sunshine and wet, fertile soil.

Libra has an aura of a pretty sunset. Pink fluffy clouds scattered on fading blue skies as sweet as cotton candy at the fair.

Scorpio has an aura of an erotic funeral; black cats, even blacker lace, and a mysteriously seductive energy.

Sagittarius has an aura of the interstate at 11 p.m. Laid back, sharing thoughts with friends with hardly a car in sight and the excitement of the oncoming destination.

Capricorn has an aura of a winter’s night. Cold and lonely white. A harshly poetic frozen landscape that seems to be straight from a dream.

Aquarius has an aura of a thunderstorm in the dead of January. An odd yet beautiful sight to see. Lightning strikes bursting in the dark sky.

Pisces has an aura of darkening twilight. A deep indigo glow that is soft and serene yet strangely eerie as the woods grow blacker and blacker.

bookgirl318  asked:

HI! I love this blog. Thank you all for doing this for fans. The stories are all absolutely wonderful My birthday is March 18th, and I would love to have a story. I love fairy tale based stories, so anything with Peeta and Katniss in that format would be a wonderful birthday gift.

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Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! To help you celebrate in style, the always amazing @norbertsmom has crafted this delightful Everlark story just for you! Enjoy!

The Jabberjay and the Mockingbird

Rating: T

A/N: Happy birthday! This fairy tale is loosely based on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, with gender swaps and many other changes along the way. It’s not really a drabble, as it’s just over 6k words, oops. I hope you like it. Enjoy.

Special thanks to @mega-aulover who beta read this for me.

The Jabberjay and the Mockingbird

A long time ago in the land of Panem lived the beloved King Aurik and his beautiful Queen Emma Rae. They were fair and kind, beloved by all, but they were surrounded by sadness for they longed to have a child. And the queen’s childbearing years were coming near to an end.

Desperate to provide her husband and the kingdom with an heir, the queen crept out of bed one night after she was certain her husband was fast asleep. She looked out her bedchamber window toward the bright green star that sat low on the horizon over the Rock Mountains to the west. Legend said that the cost was high, but if you were willing to pay the price, you must wish upon the star for 7 consecutive nights for the wish to come true.  As the queen, she had great wealth, so she had the means to pay whatever the cost. She closed her eyes and whispered her plea.

The queen repeated her wish every night for seven nights straight.

When she finished reciting her wish on the seventh night the green star appeared to grow. It became so much brighter than it had been. It grew in size until the queen realized that the star was actually coming closer. The bright green light that she thought was a star flew up into the tallest tower in the castle.

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