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Jasico: Nico getting a tattoo on his butt. Jason the tattoo artist.

A tramp stamp was what Leo and Piper automatically called it when some drunk person came in asking for something on their back. Jason was generally the gentleman. First off, he refused to call it that. Second, he refused to place his hands anywhere on anyone drunk. When some idiot wandered in, Jason was in charge of jacking that person’s phone and calling a sober ride while Leo did piercings and Piper did hair. (It was a weird selection of services, but the three of them were determined to open up a business together right after graduating. Reyna shook her head at them when they explained their venue.) 

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Go! Philkachu!

If you have not seen my animation you should TOTALLY (Note sacastic tone) Click Here to watch it now. >w>/

OR You could click HERE Instead to see Danmander. ;D (Someone reblogged it calling it CharDANder instead and I’m just like…Wow. That’s so much of a better name then ‘Danmander’.) Btw, I case you didn’t know, He’s meant to be in a sitting position (yas I rushed dis just look at dem french fry looking lightning bolts). XD This picture took a while to finish mainly because of procrastination…And School. Yes the horror of School as come upon me and now that’s all I’m going to blame my late updates from now on.  

In today’s interview we listen to sounds we wouldn’t normally hear–such as tadpoles ‘munching’ on a hydrophone or sand moving like an avalanche on a dune. Acoustic engineer Trevor Cox’s new book is called The Sound Book: The Science of the Sonic Wonders of the World. Here Cox explains thunder:

What’s amazing about thunder is when you hear it, it’s actually got that crack and then it’s got the rumble afterwards. As a kid, when you drew thunderstorms you would’ve drawn the lightning with that jagged line. If you didn’t have that jagged line, you wouldn’t have the rumble of the thunder.

… The visual look of lightning is really crucial to how the thunder sounds. … Each little kink is actually generating the sound, and … the sound takes different time to come from different kinks because they’re all slightly different distances from you. That’s the reason you get that very distinct rumble sound.

We’ve got some sounds from the interview here

Photograph by A. Rodriguez , My Shot via NatGeo

Chicago’s Sears Tower backlit by multiple bolts of lightning. The picture was taken August 4, 2008, during the severe thunderstorm that spawned several tornadoes in the Chicago area.