lightning and fireworks

Hogwarts House Aesthetics
  • Ravenclaw: Combat boots, paint stained hands, the smell of rain. Cool breezes, foggy days, the color purple, long tapestries. Flower chains, The Cure. Velvet, the sound of birds cawing, the ocean, long grass. Empty art museums, ink stained fingertips, The Velvet Underground, late night chats. Hardwood floors and rocking chairs.
  • Gryffindor: Crackling fires, electricity. Long walks, old stereos, chinchillas, lightning storms, fireworks. Knit blankets, wool, scratchy chairs. Tin. Cliff sides, cigarettes, summer nights, crickets. War paint, Roman numerals, the color maroon. Sharp claws, scraped knees, long adventures with good friends. Hot coffee and incense.
  • Hufflepuff: tie dye, The Smiths, stars. Soft blankets, the smell of old books, cinnamon, burning fires. Daffodils, fleece. Crawling Ivy, brick cottages in the woods, tall trees. The way the sun feels on your skin, clear streams. Loose tea bags, wooden countertops, indie music, holding hands. Bright colors and wide smiles.
  • Slytherin: cold metal, silver jewelry, the feeling of success. Arm chairs, smoldering flames, filled-to-the-brim book bags. Gentle whispers, screen doors, high heels. Throwing knives, windbreakers, mountain peaks, pierced ears. Calico cats, green tea. Marble archways, old forests, rickety old homes. All of space and angler fish.

listen to me, daughter
there will be four types of boys
you will come across that will
sting your heartbeat:

I. he will only reek of you in the
moonlight, and shamelessly wash
you off in the morning. he will
come as a prophet
preaching his ways with
a mouth seamlessly full
of light curving his body
into the sides of your
hipbones like swans bend
their necks. he will conjoin his
knuckles into the palms of your
hands while shoving his teeth
down your throat trying to savor
you. a beast that will try to pry
your thighs wide to fit his anatomy
in between. he will have hopes of
harvesting the honey out of you.
tell him, there was no sweetness
left for him. do not sell the raw
honey stored in the beehives
of your womb.

II. the one in which his suit will
be perfectly pressed
and you are obsessed with
his ability to relax with you in
coffee-stained pajamas
shamelessly eating ice cream
on the couch. he will be rough
skinned that makes the sweetness
have the ability to prosper in his
vacancy. but you will not touch the
fireworks lightning your tongue.
for the kisses stampeded into your
delicate cheeks will not taste
as genuine as your mothers.

III. then there is the one that
feels like he’s cracking your
heart like he does a pomegranate
with his bare hands.
he will be the left over particles
of fruit beneath your finger nails.
the sugar stains smeared all over
your lips. he will be the
only mercy you will pray
for in a beautiful war.
though he will have blood
on his hands too many times
that I will constantly warn you
about the heartbreaker ready
to stick daggers into you like

IV. this one will be different
you will see him and his brown
eyes will hit your body like a
season the one that touches your
skin as if you are spun gold.
his voice alone will shake you
it will be the echo that carves
flowers in the spineless.
he will have plucked every poem
that has ever touched your lips
and write new lines of poetry
into the roots of you
into the breath of the parts where
colorful wings roam
a place where your wild
runs free.

—  Excerpt #223
Seraph Artist Headcannons

The seraphim are amazing artists, because living hundreds of years in nothing but quiet contemplation probably doesn’t work for everybody.  And each element itself lends itself to certain skills:


- Water seraphim are particularly talented with dyes; any cloth they make is beautiful and vibrant.  This leads into an interest in clothing itself.  Mikleo has made every stitch of clothing he wears, and probably most of Sorey’s too.

- Painting, with water-based paints of course, also comes very easily to them.

- Another water seraph specialty is making perfumes.  Sometimes, he feels like he’s being frivolous, but Mikleo likes playing with all of the different scents he can capture into liquid.  It’s just an added bonus that Sorey loves nuzzling into the nape of his neck to smell all of his new creations.


- Earth seraphim specialize mostly in jewelry and artistic metalwork – any kind of material which has been mined is theirs to control.  Edna tries to scoff at the idea that she would do anything so delicate as making jewelry in her spare time, but she does begrudgingly fix one of Sorey’s earrings when it got knocked off in a fight and crushed.  He makes a point of not mentioning her smile as she works.

- Drawing and painting are earth talents as well – charcoal, lead and the pigments in paint make it easy to manipulate.

- They also tend to be dab hands at gardening too.  Another talent Edna will deny, but she’s secretly sad that Eizen’s domain on Rayfalke was too tainted for anything to grow there.


- Wind seraphim are excellent musicians, especially when it comes to singing, but most can pick up any instrument and play beautifully with no training.  It’s said that every wind seraph has an amazing voice; the trick of course, is getting to hear it.  Dezel is mostly too grumpy and too convinced anything he makes only brings destruction to indulge in music much.  But, if he happens to be watching over Rose when she’s recovering from injuries in a battle, and no one else is around, he just might sing a lullaby under his breath. Zaveid is easier, because he is more than happy to teach the crew all of the raunchy ballads he knows.  But sometimes, on clear nights when the moon is full, they can hear something soft and lilting and full of sorrow.

- They also tend to be great with animals, and as a consequence, good at animal husbandry.

- Dance is another wind talent.  While you might catch Dezel and Zaveid singing, you will never catch them dancing. Although Zaveid might tell you that battle is a sort of dance in and of itself.


- Fire seraphim are renowned for their talents at metalwork, although for different reasons than earth seraphim.  Being able to have precise control over temperature is essential in forging.  Any blade or other weapon forged by a fire seraph will be peerless.  Lailah has forged more than a few swords for her Shepherds over the centuries.  Since Sorey already has one, she helps him maintain it, and keep the perfect edge.  She also made most of her own jewelry.

- Other areas of skill include etching and metal casting.

- One fire seraph talent which Lailah wishes she had more time to indulge in is glass blowing, but it’s just not practical for their journey.  Once again, the precise heat control lends itself to perfectly shaped, strong pieces of glass.  It tends to go even better when a fire seraph and an earth seraph work together to control the molten sands and pigments.

And then, of course, are the collaborations.  

- Fire, earth, and water seraphim working together in potter’s studios

- Fire, lightning, and earth seraphim making fireworks

- Wind, water, and void seraphim combining their artes to make the most fantastic illusions and theater performances

- Earth seraphim lending their growing skills and water seraphim their knowledge of liquids and fermentation to make the most amazing wines and liquors.  Mikleo refuses anything to do with such a craft when Edna makes the suggestion.

And so many more.


- In all of the ages where seraphim and humans coexisted, seraphic art was relatively common, but highly prized, because the seraph could imbue blessing into their work. Imagine clothing blessed for protection, instruments blessed to lull even the fussiest of children to sleep, urns blessed to keep the contents from spoiling or disease.

- In the Age of Chaos, seraphic artwork dwindled in the absence of human interaction, but many seraphim maintained their crafts.

- Elysia experiences a resurgence in art when Sorey comes to live with them, because humans have many more material needs than seraphim do.  And for the arts which do not serve a basic need, it is exciting to have new eyes, ones that see the world so much differently than theirs and grow and change so quickly, to see what they can create.

- And then when Sorey sleeps and people begin to see seraphim again, it’s as if Glenwood goes through a Renaissance, as the seraphim begin to practice and teach their crafts again.  When he wakes, Mikleo is proud to drag him through museums and art galleries and studios where seraphim and humans collaborate, to show him all of the beauty he has brought to the world.

If you don’t see the greatness of God then all the things that money can buy become very exciting. If you can’t see the sun you will be impressed with a street light. If you’ve never felt thunder and lightning you’ll be impressed with fireworks. And if you turn your back on the greatness and majesty of God you’ll fall in love with a world of shadows and short-lived pleasures.
—  John Piper
If you don’t see the greatness of God, then all the things that money can buy become very exciting. If you can’t see the sun, you will be impressed with a street light. If you’ve never felt thunder and lightning, you’ll be impressed with fireworks. And if you turn your back on the greatness and majesty of God, you’ll fall in love with a world of shadows and short-lived pleasures.
—  John Piper

Mount Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea

First Photo: Mount Tavurvur erupts in eastern Papua New Guinea PHOTOGRAPH BY OLIVER BLUETT

Second Photo: Like a fireworks factory struck by lightning, Tavurvur – an active cone in the massive Rabaul caldera – spews incandescent, fist-to football-size bombs of glowing-hot volcanic material. (from National Geographic - Visions of Earth) PHOTOGRAPH BY OLIVIER GRUNEWALD

Roomates Part 21 - Everything we could´ve been.

Please don´t hate me…

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I have to warn you though, this is going to be full of clichés, weird coincidences and all in all the flufflyest fluff in the world of fluff, paired with the occasional smut.
If that´s your thing, than have fun reading Room D103

When you arrive at college, everything is supposed to change. You want to become a new person, leave behind the things that happened to you in your hometown and try to make some new friends and fit in.
But what happens if you end up with a roommate, who is not only a guy, but also a handsome football player/most annoying jerk on the whole planet?

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length:  1200 ish

Warnings: none

Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind


Your journey back to college had been a relatively good one and you and Dean had enjoyed the few days before everyone was coming back by spending most of the day in bed, eating junk food you ordered into the dorm and by having an ridiculous amount of sex.
It was as if the one night at your parents home had made the two of you want each other even more.
Today was New Year´s eve and Charlie and Donna had returned.
You were sitting on Donna´s bed while your two friends unpacked loads of new clothes they had bought and you were just enjoying some female company after all this time.
“So, judging from the hickey on your neck, everything between you and Dean is going well?”, Donna teased and you reached up to your neck to cover the mark but smiled.
“You could say that, yes. Christmas with him was just perfect. He and my parents got along so well and I feel like it was the first real Christmas he ever had”, you explained, smiling even brighter at all the fond memories you had made.
“But tonight, you are going out with your girlfriends again, aren´t you?”, Charlie asked happily as she spun around in a new yellow dress that usually would have been awful, but looked good on her.
You laughed: “You know very well, that Dean is going to be at this party as well. He´s planning on getting into the fraternity next year. He´s a little nervous that he won´t make it.”
Donna rolled her eyes: “Puh-lease, he´s a football player and he´s hot. Why wouldn´t he get into the fraternity.”
“I told him that too, but well. I´m glad he isn´t that stuck up. Funny, if one remembers how I thought about him only months ago”, you said, referencing your fear of the stereotype that Dean once had represented for you.
Charlie sat down beside you on the bed and wrapped you into an unexpected hug: “I´m glad your happy and I´m glad Dean´s treating you right.”
She let go of you and made a funny expression: “He is, isn´t he?”
You laughed again: “He definitely is. Our relationship is very … satisfying.”
Donna giggled and Charlie smirked and hit your arm playfully: “Ew. I don´t wanna know about that.”

When you were getting ready in the evening, you were reminded of how you had been doing the exact same thing five months earlier, right before the party that had led you and Dean together for the first time.
You smiled at that memory now, knowing that it would be one of those things that you and Dean would joke about when you were older.
It was the first time since you had gotten into the relationship two months prior, that you thought about what a future with Dean might look like.
It made you happy to know, that this was even a possibility.
When you were ready, you looked at yourself in the mirror, admiring the dark blue dress your mother had bought you for christmas and that went so well with the new pair of heels you had gotten only a few weeks ago.
Dean was already at the party and you were supposed to meet him there with Donna and Charlie.
You grabbed your small purse and left the room, not without thinking, how something that had started out so awful, could have ended up so perfect.

By the time the three of you got to the party, there was already a lot going on. You had deliberately gone to dinner first, not wanting to start drinking with an empty stomach.
You entered the kitchen through the back, immediately being greeted by a noisy crowd of football players.
It was relief, to see that Meg was nowhere to be seen, but she probably was still in the Hamptons with her parents, which you only knew because she had told it every single person on the entire campus.
You spent the first thirty minutes doing a few shots with Donna and Charlie, before realizing, that it was already past eleven and you were not going to risk not finding Dean before midnight.
“I´m going to go look for Dean”, you informed your friends and they nodded eagerly, probably already a little drunk.
You made your way around the very crowded place but couldn´t find him anywhere. Just when you were about to call him, you recognized one of Dean´s fellow football players standing out on the porch, talking to some guy.
“Cas!”, you called, glad that you remembered his name.
The black haired guy moved his head in your direction and you immediately saw that he was super drunk.
You made a few steps towards him and shouted into his ear: “Have you seen Dean?”
You weren´t even sure he was hearing you, but then he shouted back: “Not for a while. He was helping to get a few more kegs a while ago.”
Not sure how reliable he was as a source right you just wanted to turn around again, but he caught your attention by saying: “So did he make it?”
You frowned: “What?”
“Did Dean bang you?”, the other guy elaborated sheepishly.
You rolled your eyes, figuring that he was just talking like this because he was drunk.
“Not that it´s any of your business, but yes, our relationship is going very well”, you informed him, emphasizing the “very”.
Instead of answering to you, Cas suddenly shouted: “Heeeey dude, you won the bet”, and you turned around to see Dean, standing only a few feet away from you, his face a little pale: “Cas, no.”
You only then realized, what Cas had been saying: “What bet?”, you asked, without taking your eyes of Dean, already preparing for the worst.
“The bet silly. When he got you as a roommate, we made a bet, that he would bang you before New Year´s. And he obviously did, so he won”, Cas explained as if it was the most simple thing in the entire world.
You felt like you were falling into a dark hole: “What?”
Dean was now standing right in front of you: “(Y/N), please, let me explain.”
He was reaching for your arm, but you jerked it away: “Is it true?”
He was almost crying now, you could see it in his eyes: “Yes, but…”
That was all you needed to hear.
As fast as you could you turned around and ran, almost as fast as when you had run away from Todd only a week ago.
It was freezing cold outside and you had left your jacket with Charlie, but you didn´t even feel it. All you could feel was your heart breaking into a million pieces.
Luckily it wasn´t far to your dorm but you didn´t have any time to adjust before Dean was entering D103 behind you.
“(Y/N)”, was all he said.
You couldn´t even bear to look at him again, look at your shattered hopes.
“I knew”, you said bitterly, “I knew I was making the same mistake again.”
And with your sentence the new year began, fireworks lightning up the sky, while your heart went dark.

EXO talking about sex with their GF
  • Chanyeol: *nervous* you just feel... And then I.... So you... Ahh.. *embarrassed*
  • Kris: baby don't worry, I'll lead you. Trust me on this one *expert mode on*
  • Sehun: you've never...? I think we need to change that! *pushes you against the wall*
  • Tao: *staring at his phone* let me look for it Y/N. You'll get a better idea of it. *google*
  • Kai: *puppy* I'll take care of you. I'll be gentle. Don't worry it doesn't hurt... That much.
  • Xiumin: there's always a first time for everything. And I happen to be the right guy for this one *sexy wink*
  • Baekhyun: it feels like sparkles, and lightning and fireworks. If you want we can ask Chan for help.
  • Luhan: *creepy mode one* I'll be gentle... Oh yeah.
  • Chen: *adorable guy* I-it's my first too... I wanted to wait for the right one and she is standing in front of me.
  • Kyungsoo: *blushes kisses you slowly until you feel more secure about it* we won't do anything until you feel it's the right time *shy*
  • Lay: *strokes your cheek* we are in this together. It'll be magical because we love each other.
  • Suho: *gives you the "dad" talk* always protect. Don't do it if you don't want to. Love him... You love me right?

There have been pretty boys
and prettier girls;
beautiful strangers after nightfall.

But darling, you’re the first
who kissed me like religion
and I wasn’t ready for your faith.

Ancient cities still burn
their citadels in my blood.
Wars will always be lost inside me. 

Maybe one day we can be victors,
but today, you deserve lightning and shivers and fireworks
& all I bring is broken bones.

—  I was barely mortal, and you deserved gods, a.w.

I’ve heard a lot of different justifications for abortion.

“The mother can’t afford to care for the child.”
She doesn’t have to keep it after it’s born. But, let’s say this is the only reason women got abortions, and that was enough justification for the world.
What if she couldn’t take care of it when it’s a few days old? Fresh out of the womb. The only difference at that point of the child’s development is that it isn’t in the womb. Why can’t she kill the child then? What is the reasoning for it having a right to live when the mother can’t take care of it? When it cannot survive alone. What if the baby couldn’t have formula? The baby could only drink breast milk. Can the mother then refuse to nurse the baby and starve it to death? If she can, then all laws of child neglect are hypocritical, and children of any age should not be protected from their parents or guardians starving them to death.

“If the baby won’t have a good quality of life.”
Now, how do you determine that? What if we lined up every child and adult with a mental or physical handicap from birth and shot them? Why is it bad at a later stage when you can snuff them out in the womb for the same reason?

“It’s inconvenient.”
Coworkers are inconvenient and I can’t choose who I work with. Why don’t I get the choice to shoot my coworker for the same reason, just because they’re not in the womb? What’s the difference? When did they become a person? What if their mother didn’t want them when they were born and put them up for adoption; now can I kill my annoying coworker for the same reason?

“Giving birth can be dangerous.”
So is driving. So is leaving your house. So is taking a shower. So is having any kind of surgery no matter how major or minor, even when it’s meant to benefit you. Life itself is dangerous. Your chances of drowning, getting hit by lightning or fireworks, and getting into a car accident, are higher than your chances of dying during child birth in the United States of America. My neighbor CAN shoot me, so should I go ahead and kill him because he’s capable? Do I have the right to do that?

“The mother was raped.”
So I can kill any child whose father committed a crime? What if I met someone who was born because their mother was raped? Can I kill them at three years old, ten, fifteen, twenty years old for the same reason? No? Why not? Their mother was raped and impregnated. An abortion wouldn’t have prevented or altered the rape and pregnancy. Her body was still forever changed with no chance of reverting back to its original state. She still experienced pain and trauma. So why not go ahead and kill them for being the product of rape? What’s the difference? Why does their age make a difference? When did they suddenly become human? What if I met someone who was born of rape, and their mother gave them up because they didn’t want them, why can’t I kill them now?

“Because they can survive without the mother’s body”
No, they can’t. They need someone to survive. No newborn, toddler, or elementary aged child can care for themselves completely independently of an adult. Just because there isn’t a physical attachment does not mean they don’t still need that adult body. A physical attachment makes no difference.
But instead of abortion, why not let women induce labor early? Babies have been known to survive premature births with modern medicine helping them. Hell, I’m a premature baby. 26 years later here I am. Sure, I have asthma. But I’m alive.

Why does the baby HAVE to die? Why does it HAVE to be shredded and drug out of the womb in pieces? Why does it HAVE to have a toxic solution put into its system before it leaves the womb? Why isn’t it allowed a chance?

Why are these arbitrary reasons okay in the womb and nowhere else? Why are human beings only worth something if their mother wants them? Or if their mother is well off financially?

How much are you worth? Does your mother want you? Has she always wanted you? Can she afford to give you everything you should have? Are you in perfect health?

What is your life worth? And would you let anyone else decide that worth for you? Or would you rather decide, for yourself, what your life is worth?

soukoku + reincarnation

eventually, i will become yours      [@ ao3]
• dazai/chuuya + canon divergence + reincarnation
• True love is patient. Dazai waits and waits and waits for Chuuya to remember.
♥ blaming @senren for the fic idea & @fukasenanairo for the dead/bloody chuuya
♦ i’ll write more after i binge-read the recs by @tjwasnotehere who so very kindly added my skk flailings on the list ♥

••• prologue •••

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Older!Hope x Lightning AU:  Fireworks (x)

Hope goes on a business trip that takes him to a town that’s celebrating a fireworks festival. While walking among the crowds of people, he sees a beautiful woman that makes him stop in his tracks. But of course, he doesn’t approach her because he’s too shy and thus the night ends with Hope wondering if he’ll see her again.