It’s dark because you are trying too hard.
Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.
Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply.
Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.

Today I let go of the sun
just let it roll away
and felt my bones
vanish into sparrows

Today I am an airport
dreaming of lakes
tired engines fade
into the brush

I bloom into fresh linen falling
a vessel for new flight
begin riding a ghost
across the skies

Today I am weightless
my conversations
vacuum packed away
into its pockets
along with the sun and other buildings

Today I am the fray of your cotton chest
freckled with strawberries
prosecco and wicker picnics
while the windows pick some long
grass to land in

We are ice crystallising
on the eyelid of the horizon
sun ready to roll back into our hands

Dressed in Light

just to hear your voice

I listen to the trees speak in the aire
and whisper the tongue of Vesper

day long faire in whelm and elegance
sets lightly on your face before me

under the camphor dressed in
sun’s light as your eyes bring the night

to the close of our ancient mirth
shaded by the twilight of Corvus

now made element in the scar of winter –
for these lands speak of us in muted

voice yet sing serene the depths
of my devotion to your hand

now confessed in the day-end
crescendo of time’s reign of mist

as the sky utters its truths in nimbus grays
you are a song I cannot stop singing

© K. James Ribble

A Meeting

In bare presence a draft of
garden-light pours beneath me

lost radiance in half-lit truths
on soul-extoling cloud beams

each treecast of maples sifting
royal greens on bonfire reds

calling me in a lightness
like mountain vapor creasing

the day in effigy, an image
of oscillation and twilight as

a meeting of cabbage moths
dance at the edge of morning

I walk your garden in dawn’s
triumphant shadow of illumination

returning to our bed of lost forevers
as I watch you sleep
          in the grace of dreams

© K. James Ribble

– *An ekphrastic expression of, ‘A Meeting of Cabbage Moths’, the title of a song-painting by Poemme, from her album ‘Arboretum’. 


My dagger makes its fearsome

Tickling dance across the surface of

Tired veins flowing with leaden unlife

Weighing down every smile and

Sight of tomorrow; “they

Never mattered” is the lie sung

Even whilst teasing the briefest chance at

Lightness for the first and lone time, as though

It’s something this body


Could possibly

Deserve, but

The floor only ever knows a thrown blade’s clatter, so

Remains ignorant to the stain of

Heavy blood burdens

Cursed at

Each turn of the tides

Summer Luvin #PardyPrompt #2

Write About: Lightness - For me, summer is a time for loose and light clothing, no weight on your shoulders and chilling in the bright sunlight. I feel light!

July 10th, 2017 (Monday-Sunday) - Prompt is just the word “lightness.” Could mean light clothing, light from the sun, light in your step, light in your life! etc.

You talk to me about fail-states
Watching permafrost melt a seed vault
You bring up geopolitics
The way you once talked about us
I tell you there is still light in the world
Even after your litany of headlines
You say lightness isn’t the same at all
Hiding not the same as being hidden
I ask finally if we are a fail-state
And you stop and for a moment look
Like you used to speaking soft
That no, we are each other’s safe-state
And I the only light stopping
You from sinking from this place

I am only seeing things melt
Left to wonder on the future