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cosmic boy: He doesn’t really like the cold, being from a warm planet, but he does like the aspect of being warmed up after the cold from being hit by snow balls by Garth and Tinya.

 saturn girl: THIS LITTLE CHEAT loves to use her powers in EPIC snow ball fights and when it comes to epic snow men and sculptures. Though with Garth, she does love to get her hands dirty and throw classic snow balls at him.

lightning lad: THIS nerd gets his revenge on Rokk by using the snow for white washing him or even putting the frozen stuff down his shirt. This ginger certainly has NO SOUL in the snow.

bouncing boy: Even young he was a talented cook who loved to make things to warm his friends up. Hot coco and cookies for everyone to warm up from after their fun while he stayed inside, seeing how his powers make him cold faster but he does like to play outside with a small snow ball fight.

triplicate girl: Who says war is fair? She has triple power in snow ball fights as she can split between three different girls and can pretty much have an advantage in the brawl in snow.

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Mekt sick, with Garth, Clark and Kell as his caretakers (and b5 if you wanna use him)


Nanny Garth: Of course, remembering their moms remedies, he knows to use HOT AS HELL peppers to get the sickness out by SWEATING it out. Kimchi is used as a means of cleaning out any sick from his mouth and also using it as a means of using it to heat it out, Ginger soup is used too for more heat so he can feel the healing qualities and when he sweats, he can use a wet rag to cool himself. He does eat some chicken as it has healing qualities in the ginger soup but there’s rice and burdock root to help cleanse himself. 

Nanny Clark: MR.MOM TO THE CORE. Thanks to Ma, he knows BEST soup to feed Mekt to ensure that he feels well inside and knows that it always helps him when he’s not feeling well. Opening the window to let the bad germs out, lots of blankets and pillows.

Nanny Kell-El: Despite his gruff outlook, he does know some DAMN good medicine to give to a person when they’re not feeling well, all help to K3NT. Knowing what medicine helps with what ailment and with help of Clark and Brin, he gives chicken noodle soup too, of course making sure he feeds himself because why would he feed him if he has hands? He’s not TOTALLY helpless.

Nanny B-5: Of course being new to humans as he’s recently been human, this little green bean puts on a mask over his face and even a aerosol can so he can spray the air around Mekt, making sure ALL the germs is gone and he can take the mask off and go “Germs have been taken care of”. Before he goes to nannying, kinda fluffing pillows and asking Brin to help him cook as he can’t cook for shiit.

Buried Alive, or, Ten Years of Penal Servitude in Siberia. Fyodor Dostoyevsky. New York: Henry Holt, 1881. First American edition, first printing. Translated by Marie von Tilo.

“I remember seeing once a prisoner, who had regained his liberty after twenty years of captivity, take leave of his comrades. Some of his fellow-prisoners remembered him when he had come in first — a light-hearted lad, who cared little for the crime he had committed and still less for his punishment. He left the place a grey-haired old man, with a sad and gloomy face.”


The Origins And Powers Of The Legionnaires Part 1

originally presented in All-New Collectors’ Edition #55

words by Paul Levitz, art by James Sherman and Jack Abel