Michi and I were talking and I made a joke about Solas pining-painting because that is in fact A Thing. Or at least a thing that I’ve done. And then it stopped being a joke and this happened.

Please help my friend Emily if you can.
We're looking for support to get the testing Emily needs!

One of my dearest friends, Emily, has been suffering from extreme abdominal pain for a long time now. It’s caused her to miss an entire years worth of her education, with her having been rushed into A&E departments on various occasions. Despite how prevalent the problems have been, Emily has been without any examinations to test whether the cause could be cancerous, crohns, or anything along those lines.
And that’s really where I need your help.

Out of desperation for answers and help, we are hoping to raise the money for Emily to have privates tests that may shed some light onto whatever is wrong. Any money you could spare would be more than appreciated.
Em is one of my closest friends and without a doubt one of the strongest people that I know. She’s a delight and it truly breaks my heart to see her suffer like this. Spread this if possible; I want to give her all the support I can.