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Marinette loves her friends and Adrien can’t deal. Post-reveal, pre-relationship.

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Marinette Dupain-Cheng loved with a fierce sort of affection that gently destroyed him.

She wasn’t grand gestures or loud declarations or flashy devotion.

She was thoughtful moments and quiet attention and unwavering loyalty.

It took Adrien an embarrassingly long time to recognize it for what it was.  When everything he knew was detachment and afterthought his compass for affection was nearly non-existent.  He knew Nathalie’s cold comfort and his father’s broken promises and Chloe’s noisy fawning. He knew conditions and strings and if-thens.

He didn’t understand second chances.

Striving. Everyone in his life was striving.

They put their careers, their hopes, their reputation on his shoulders and poked and prodded and pulled until he smiled just right and spoke just so and moved just there.

And he didn’t know any different.

Until he did.

She loved in the little ways.

She loved in passing moments and quiet gestures and thoughtfully in a way that was almost careless.  In a way that was so very Marinette.

Adrien had always been careful, but in the five weeks since he found out the Truth he felt like his shoes were made of glass and every next step could be the one to shatter him.

A problem when every shy smile, confused blush, and rapid fluttering of blue, blue eyes made him feel like dancing, glass be damned.

Marinette was Ladybug.

In removing the mask he had been gifted with the knowledge that his best friend was never really as far away as she seemed.  Ladybug was untouchable.  Marinette was so very, very there.

It somehow made everything more vivid, more terrifying,

just more.

It had been painfully awkward of course. Because of course it was when she was so adamant about keeping their identities a secret.

Fortunately for him, Marinette never was good at telling the restrooms apart.

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“—a maniac could do that. Filling a room with jars of bees, to be clear, that’s something a maniac would do, I would—I would never use my power that way—”

hi! continued: I love Uklan Tel. Uklan Tel is saving mountain party plotline. I love thinking about his and Sunder’s early partnership? Because presumably it was affected by like……. Sunder: all nerds are basically like Fantasmo, right, haha, it’s not really Fantasmo’s fault that he’s like that, it goes with the territory, and then so she keeps expecting Tel to—flounce off when challenged, lie, steal her ideas, kill millions by accident, turn invisible—meanwhile, Tel: ILLUSION MAGIC IS BULLSHIT. [hasty throat clearing] I’m sorry. I got very angry.
I bet he does a lot of arm gestures.

…anyway unrelatedly every time austin talks about the stars im like

austin: it’s that bright, white light, which illuminates nothing, it just shines steadily inside itself but doesn’t shed light—and the material, you know, it’s just material, there’s no SPIRIT to it, at least not in the sense that you’re used to, fero—

me: is it the light of indefensible ideological purism, austin