lighting poles

Light and Dark

 This video shows one of my new favorite things about the solstice. The Japanese Meteorological Agency’s Himawari-8 weather satellite is in a geostationary position over the Pacific Ocean and eastern parts of Asia, sending down pictures to monitor weather over that part of the planet. In the process, it gets a full frame view of the orb of the Earth, and it automatically shares clips from its cameras online. Here’s the view taken as the sun set yesterday just before the official solstice time – take a look at the poles. The North pole never exits a shadow and the South Pole is a tiny sliver of light that never goes away – the best shot you’ll get of this arrangement for a year. This one also gives some nice sunglint on the sea just before the sun goes down – reflection of the sunlight off the smooth surface of the ocean.


Video Credit: Himawari-8 satellite

sometimes @wymack comes up with really good sentences and I get inspired by them

“I hate you,” Andrew says, kicking away from the Maserati and taking a long drag of his cigarette. The night is dark on the horizon, but Andrew is shrouded in the amber glow from the light poles in the parking lot. The sharp shadows across Andrew’s face make his cheekbones look hollow and his eyes look like frozen amber instead of their usual polished gold.

Neil shakes his head in denial and watches Andrew stop moving, tilt his head as if deciding something, and then pivot back to start pacing. His hair is getting longer, brushing the tops of his ears and his eyebrows. Neil knows that there hasn’t been enough time to cut it, not with the stress cycling around them, depression and anxiety pulling at both of them in waves. “No, you don’t,” Neil says.

Andrew’s eyes flick towards Neil, assessing, but inevitably Andrew continues to pace. “More than anything,” Andrew promises, flicking ash at Neil as he walks past.

Making a face, Neil brushes the ash off the front of his Foxes hoodie. “I think, for you, ‘I hate you’ is interchangeable with ‘I hate the way you make me feel.’” Now that the words are out, Neil realizes that he’s been feeling this way for a long time. He’s confident that this time, he has Andrew figured out.

Andrew stops walking, and he drops the hand holding his cigarette to his side. Smoke curls up the back of Andrew’s hand and along the sheer black of his armband, before finally disappearing in the cool air of the night. Neil pushes his advantage and approaches, gate slow and loose, hands in his pockets, head tilted slightly to the side.

“What I’m trying to figure out,” Neil breathes, carefully watching Andrew’s constricted pupils, the spattering of pale freckles over Andrew’s nose, “is whether you mean feeling this in particular, or feeling anything at all.”

“There is no this,” Andrew instantly snaps, as if he had known exactly what Neil was going to suggest.

Neil smiles ruefully and backs away. “I know,” he says, and turns to walk back inside. He ducks his head, heart heavy with the knowledge that Andrew would have and could have gone on living just fine feeling nothing at all.


N99 Street Cute Project - Part 3

Sims4 - Sims2 DECO (most from City Life Expansion)

Festival Lights (4 styles) - cloned from Country Lights (Lighting/Wall)
Poles - cloned from Big Apple Sculpture (Deco/Sculpture)
Parking Meter - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
City Street Map -cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Column - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Round Street Planter - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Apartment Mailbox - cloned from painting (Deco/Wall)
Poster Sign Electric Box - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Fire Hydrant - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Street Advertising Sign - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Depricated Mailbox - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Ranger Station - cloned from rug (Deco/Misc)
Camping Site Restroom - cloned from rug (Deco/Misc)
Modern Republic Restroom - cloned from rug (Deco/Misc)


Hopefully this fixes the blue on 1 side of the Festival Lights. Please let me know if it doesn’t!

DOWLOAD SFS - Festival Light Meshes UPDATE


Olive Juice Set by DOT

  • Olive Juice Bar Stool Set. 8 Modern Metal Bar Stools with and without pillow seating
  • Olive Juice Wire Patio Set. 8 Modern Metal Dining Chairs in 6 colors, with and without fabric seating, plus Bench Seat, 2 Dining Tables, 2 End Tables, 3 Pole Lights. 
  • Olive Juice Glass Bar Set. Contemporary Glassware for the home. 24 Meshes of Glasses for a Bar, with Gold or Silver Rim. Set includes Green Olives stuffed on picks, and contains zero Juice. 

Download: -> Olive Juice Bar Stool Set | Olive Juice Wire Patio Set | Olive Juice Glass Bar Set


Speaking of street lights. I do have some progress on subject. Layer issue is solved and I’ve decided to add two maxis match light poles to the set. The metal one and more rural wood one. I want to recreate them as hood decorations. It’s actually a brand new mesh with heavily edited Maxis textures so these light posts will be relatively low poly (not so low poly as LOD model of those, and you can see).
This wood light post looks good at night so far, but I want to lit up the pole itself too. So it could visually match the night appearance of the original lot mode street light as close as possible. 

And it is funny, bu somehow the hood deco version of this street light looks a bit more detailed that original buy mode one here and there (thanks to normal map)  ^___^