lighting on season 5 is the worst

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Name: billie

Nicknames: bid, bilbert, b, my mum calls me bile because she’s the worst

Zodiac Sign:  aquarius

Height: i think 5′7″

Orientation: idk man bi/pan whatever you wanna call it

Ethnicity: pakeha

Favourite Fruit: oh ummm like a v v specific kind of apple, golden peaches, outdoor grapes

Favourite Season: winter if it isn’t raining

Favourite Book: the northern lights, comet in moominland, i cant remember any other books idk, i really like strange stories from a chinese studio, also gawain and the green knight 

Favourite Flower: ah lots of them, forget-me-nots, alisum, marigolds, boring flowers i think

Favourite Scent: idk lemongrass maybe

Favourite Colour: greys and dark reds

Favourite Animal: elephants maybe, cheetahs maybe (do the little tears get you too george ? ;-;), strange ocean things

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: bubble tea lol but actually all of them

Average Sleep Hours: usually 7-8 and like 10+ on the weekends

Cat or Dog person: cat person

Favourite Fictional Character: lyra silvertongue

Number of blankets you sleep with: currently like half of one

Dream Trip: god idk idk somewhere weird, some kinda desert probably or somewhere to see the northern lights

Number of followers: 900 something here but like 75% p*rn blogs i swear

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The December Perspectives: Cigarettes and Eggnog (Finn’s POV, Final)

Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

Synopsis: Set of 7 alternating POV fics set between Friday, December 6, 1996, two days after “Glue” (S2XE7), and Friday, December 13, 1996, Rae’s birthday. Each will be from the perspective of someone in the gang (Rae, Chloe, Izzy, Archie, Chop, Finn, and Danny). The character relationships will pick up where S2E7 ended and hopefully tie into wherever they are when S3E1 takes us back to Lincolnshire.

Inspired by the holiday season (a full year after I posted the original installment) and a need to complete at least one of my WIPs.

Fic Master Table of Contents

Christmas Jumpers (1) | Fairy Lights (2) | Pine Scented (3) | Holly (4) | Ginger Cookies (5)


Thursday, December 12, 1996: Cigarettes and Eggnog

Birthdays are the worst. I’m going to fuck it up.

Finn critically assessed the collection of records lined up in one of the numerous plastic crates under his record player while perched on the balls of his feet in a squat, securely anchored to the floor thanks to the thick, black boots he’d neglected to take off after crashing through the front door half an hour before. His leather jacket lay on the floor next to the armchair on the far side of the room, discarded as if a careless afterthought amidst various other articles of clothing littered around the room. The disheveled teenager let out an audible sigh. “Shit…”

A voice from the bed behind Finn interrupted his train of thought, “Just pick one, dickhead.” 

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My Favourite Things About Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 18

1. Favourite colour combo for Jane: dark shirt / light suit

2. She simply looks pretty here.

3. Jane: What is physics? Susie: Only the greatest language ever!

4. Mix tape!

5. Gasp! Aviators! 

6. Maura had a “revelation” about Jane…. and if you don’t think it’s a sexy / romantic revelation about Rizzles, then you’re wrong.

7. Angie Harmon’s ass

8. This entire scene made me breathtakingly speechless. Thank you for it.

9. Goodbye Season 5!

Overall? I don’t think it was the worst season ever. I think maybe episode 17 and 18 should have been switched. It must be difficult to put your own “stamp” onto something and still maintain the status quo. Some nice moments, some forgettable scenes…. Not the greatest, but not the worst. 

Things I would like to see for Season 6? I would love to see a story arc… with perhaps a criminal nemesis who terrorises / menaces the leads. It would be great to really punish and hurt the characters to give the actors some more depth to sink their acting “teeth” into. I would also like to see both Sasha and Angie take on a more executive role, such as writer / director etc.