lighting in my room is super weird

And you woke me up for this? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n has a really weird dream and she just has to tell Shawn about it

Authors note: This made me super super supER HAPPY

Requested: yeesss- hope you like it!!

“Shawn,” I whisper into the quiet room blanketed in darkness, light peeping through the curtains. I layed on my back, starring at the ceiling while Shawn’s head nudged softly into my shoulder as he slept like a baby.

“Shawn… psst,” I say again, louder. He groans softly, the arm chucked around my waist pulling me tighter into his embrace. 

“Do I look like a teddy bear to you?” I ask sarcastically, more to myself since he seemed dead to the world.

“Gosh Shawn, wake up,” I shift, turning my head to look at him. I rest my hand on his cheek, rubbing the space a little bellow his left eye, watching as it slowly peeks open, the other being squashed against my shoulder.

“Mm, baby, why did you wake me up?” the raspy tone he has from just waking up sends a jolt down my spine. 

“I had, no joke, the weirdest dream. I had to tell you about it,” I exclaim, unable to hide my excitement.

Shawn chuckles, burying his head further into the crook of my neck. 

“It couldn’t have waited till morning?” he asks, his eyes falling shut.

“What if I forget?” I ask, eyes wide in disbelief at his question.

“You won’t,” Shawn mumbles sleepily.

I groan, wanting to tell Shawn my dream. I reach out shoving Shawn onto his back, climbing on top of him so I was straddling him.

“I’m guessing you did have an interesting dream,” Shawn chuckles, hand’s settling on my waist while mine rested on his bare chest. My cheeks flame at his statement as he grins up at me.

“Listen to me Shawn, dammit.” He laughs at this, the deep sound echoing around the room. 

“Alright, sweetheart, tell me your dream,” His lidded eyes peering up into my wide awake ones.

“Right so there was this sheep,”

“And you woke me up for this?” Shawn cuts me off, rolling his eyes.

“Shush, it gets better,” I laugh, gripping his jaw lightly to pull his attention back to me.

“Go on,” Shawn says, humor laced in his voice.

“And the sheep was dancing,”

“Y/n you’re right, it does get better,” 


“Sorry, sorry,” his chest vibrates as he laughs and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“Then the sheep started to sing, but he sounded like Justin Bieber and I was like- how can this be? How can Justin Bieber be a sheep?”

“That is the most logical question to be asking.” I roll my eyes, hitting his stomach lightly which just causes him to laugh even more.

“This next bit is even weirder. It like transported to this waterfall, but the waterfall was maple syrup,” I pull my self back up again, meeting his humor filled eyes. “Then this figure started to rise out of the water, I mean maple syrup, but the figure was you and you started to chant ‘I am the maple god- obey me’,”

Shawn cracks up laughing, his eyes crinkling in the corner. He rolls pulling me down onto the bed next to me and I squeal at the movement.

“That was well worth being woken up for,” Shawn murmurs, lips pressed against my cheek.

“I told you it was!”

BTS as things my brother said

seokjin: do you know what you’re looking at? handsomeness
yoongi: *eating halfway* i’m tired
namjoon: *scooping rice super slow in case he drops anything and spills something* I’M TRYING MY BEST
jimin: we’re sharing a room? WELL HELLO TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY
taehyung: oh my god look at that baby look at that baby look at that baby he’s so cute i want to take him home LOOK AT HIM
jungkook: i can’t just tell her i like her SHE’S A GIRL

featured in a posthumous biography about taylor hebert
  • rachel: a mute stroking of dogs and comfortably ignoring you
  • parian: idk, she was... weird... she was just a deeply weird person. she was just so wrong, you know? but like.
  • lisa: a light patter of positive, humanizing stuff, and then the occasionally deeply ironic comment laced with fond bitterness
  • grue: shuts his door on your face.
  • preteen on street randomly sampled: deeply a fan, has prettified black and white poster of her in room
  • sophia hess: fuck right off
boyfriend!mark 2

-u are yuta’s friend (from when he just got to korea/his first friend that helped him assimilate and stuff)

-so one day he hits u up like omg!! i miss u please come visit me!! uh…yeah but u have to come visit me at my dorm bc i literally have one hour free before i have to practice/perform/meet fans/film nct life so…haha come to my dorm

-so ur like ok! but then you realize that he lives with the rest of nct 127/dream so ur like….nervous bc u don’t hang out w boys much and pretty much just gossip and do girly stuff w yuta

-and one day u turn up at the dorm. and u knock once and brace urself for the onslaught of awkwardness or doom or whatever but u miss yuta so u just do it

-and ur let in to the fancy sm apartments, head up the elevator and the door opens

-except its not yuta its this sleepy looking weirdo with pink hair!! and a super surprised face

-you two just stare at each other cause ur like who is this???? and then he suddenly is like omg!!!! (voice crack) ur yuta’s friend sry i just took a nap idk idk and his voice just trails off

-but deep inside he’s like omg.. i look like shit this is the girl all the members have been saying is yuta’s cute friend

-and damn is she way cuter than i thought oh god what do i say i’m being so awkward

-and he’s like UUuhuhhhhhh i’m mark!! and ur thinking oh the rapper! and u blush a little because though hes being fidgety hes being shy and u kind of laugh weirdly bc for a rapper he is sure bad at words

-yuta peeks his head through like omg sry! mark is being so ridiculous

-hes laughing really hard but also like wtf mark and pushing you into the dorm by your shoulders like let me get you away from this weirdo

-and all the while mark just looks at you two blankly lol

-so you and yuta walk in and all the boys SWARM over bc they’re like omgggggg she’s here wowwww and inspecting u like a piece of artwork

-taeyong is just awkwardly giving u sideeye, jaehyun smiling sheepishly, taeil staring from the corner of the room, winwin/haechan/jaemin/jisung/jeno/chenle and renjun just snickering and dying because they are awestricken by ur cuteness

-yuta being the fuckboy he is goes like omg!!!!! totally forgot i have to …buy milk!!!! and leaves you to fend for yourself. he gives u a wink like heheheheh now u guys can all be friends!! and he disappears

-so amongst everyone there you are feeling super weird so ur like hey mark!! can you show me around!

-like a lil obedient child hes like OK!!!!!! with this mega determined face. all the while the others are like OoooOOOOOOH MARK GET IT

-you guys go to his room and he is nervous so hes like… uh theres my bed. and thats a chair……and this is the light. and the lightbulb. its a nice lightbulb. thats the floor, its polished well

-and u take candy out of ur bag bc u always carry candy… and ur like what flavor do u want? and he’s like idk whichever. and u say LIME. bc rappers RHYME.

-and hes choking on air bc this joke is so funny to him. he settles down and relaxes a little. so he asks you how long it took for you to get there

-u say 2 hours, and hes like oh… and ur like thats a long ass ride

-so he is crying of laughter and snickering and gasping for air and clapping his hands and falls off his chair onto the well polished floor

-hes like i bruised my butt

-and ur like no way

-hes like want me to show u???

-and u guys both glance at each other awkwardly because it took a weird tone and then both continue laughing bc u two are idiots!!!

-so u guys are both sitting on his bed and u look at him

-his eyebrows are so cute and arched and his eyes are so round and his lil teeth are so cute and whenever he speaks his lips are lopsided

-of course yuta just bursts in a and ur both sitting on his bed and his knock makes u fall onto mark

-yuta is of course obnoxious like omg!!! stop preying on baby mark!!! should i leave u two alone?? all the while grinning and smirking bc mark looks disturbed and his face is crimson

-and his pink hair is a mess and hes like NO NOTHING IM SORRY IM SORRY

-yuta giggles and is like wanna let me have her for a while?

-mark ofc is like yes yes im so sorry hyung so sorry!!

-so the moment you two leave, yuta takes a look at ur blushing face and is like OK JUST KIDDING MARK and pushes you back through the door

-ofc u fall… and land on mark AGAIN bc why not

-and marks face is an inch away from yours and hes like hyperventilating and his eyes are wide and hes looking away from you and ur like SORRY SORRY omg


-so ur laughing really hard and u get off and he literally gets off the lower bunk and starts dancing for u with this really awkward straight face

-since then u guys have kept in contact and u visit once a week ‘for yuta’ but he always pushes u guys together at lunch and asks u two to do chores together bc he caught on

-days with mark are so carefree and sweet and his laughs and faces just make u fall harder for him day after day :-)

-you guys stay up late playing games under a blanket and haechan yells at u guys that it’s his turn but u end up playing till 2 am and mark always falls asleep first and dozes off onto ur shoulder…and he’ll randomly sleeptalk and even say ur name which makes ur heart beat so fast

-he saved all the lime candy wrappers in his desk and its dumb but when hes tired or upset he looks at them and remembers your joke and snickers to himself for about an hour

-u have become friends with all the other members but literally they always spy on u two with these super moved/proud faces on

-one day when u guys are out buying milk for the dorm he gives u his jacket and just shivers all the way home and you give him a hug once u guys return bc hes a sweetie

-another time u forget a jacket cause ur an idiot he insists on giving it to you again bc hes an idiot also. u hold his hand bc its so cold fml and his hand gets sooooo sweaty bc hes so shy and his heart cant take it

-on a trip to like his 1000000th debut which u hate sm for but know ur bb is capable, ur fixing his hair for him and he just stares at you and blurts out i like you!! and his stare is so focused and he suddenly realizes what he said and he covers his face with his hands like I CANT BELIEVE I SAID THAT OMG

-and u just hug him back bc ur in shock and say YEAH ME TOO UM I LIKE UM YEAH!!!!

-since then u guys are inseparable….and poor yuta is alone LOL

I live pretty close to Area 51, like it’s right over the other side of some nearby mountain and we see a bunch of weird lights every now and then at around the same time of every year we’ve been at this house but last night was so creepy because my dad woke my sister and I up, super freaked out and he took us outside and showed us these lights above our house that were floating still but then moved very fast and there was this noise, that sounded like some type of motor (not a car). It wasn’t until I came back to my room to sleep that I heard the motor type sound again and it was so creepy! Like we all mess around saying getting abducted by aliens would be cool and all but fuck no I’m too scared of that :-(

anonymous asked:

Sunny please please could you offer some packing tips for college? I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks and feel very clueless... much love & appreciation 💗

hi baby don’t panic!! here’s everything i brought to college and more. use your judgment to see if you need certain things (esp electronics) bc some schools already have it or may not allow it.

ROOM (i would recommend buying most of this stuff when you get to school so that you don’t waste space in your suitcase(s) )

  • storage containers –cubbies/drawers are great, try to get ones that you can fit under your bed, they save space
  • full length mirror –to take cute and fab ootd’s
  • shirt and pants hangers –i have these pants hangers and they save soooo much space
  • shoe rack –also saves a lot of space if u have a million shoes
  • sheets –check to see if you have twin or twin xl beds in the dorms
  • pillows + pillow cases
  • duvet
  • mattress pad –not necessary but super nice if you have a memory foan one
  • bed risers –help with creating more storage space & raise your bed if you like tall beds
  • SURGE PROTECTOR –super important bc some dorms don’t have a lot of outlets or may have outlets in weird places (my dorm this year)
  • trash can
  • mini fridge –not super important but pretty handy if you like to snack on yogurt, frozen berries, fruits, etc., or just like having cold water
  • brita water filter –v handy and nice to have if your dorm doesn’t have a water fountain or dining hall
  • posters, pictures, fairy lights –to decorate and make your room yours…you will be living there for a year, after all!
  • laundry detergent/drying sheets
  • laundry bag


try to limit the amount of clothes you bring, because if you don’t end up wearing everything, it’ll end up being a waste of space and you’ll still have to store it or bring it home at the end of the year which is unnecessary stress and hassle. the numbers are just my recommended amount from my own experience. you’re free to bring more or less clothing to your liking

  • 15 shirts
  • 4 sweaters
  • 4 jeans
  • 3 leggings
  • 3 jackets
  • 4 shorts
  • 4 dresses
  • 5 pairs of shoes –sneakers/walking shoes, gym shoes, sandals, boots (if you have rain or snow), formal shoes
  • professional clothing (shirt/blouse, blazer, slacks/skirt)
  • PJ’s
  • swimsuit
  • unlimited undies and socks
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • body wash
  • face wash
  • lotion
  • deodorant
  • shower caddy
  • towel
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • tampons/pads (if you have a vagina)
  • first aid kit –bandaids, cold medicine, allergy medication, contraception
  • sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • bike + bike lock –not necessary but v convenient
  • cards against humanity (easy way to make friends)


  • laptop/tablet
  • notebooks –i like to have 2 notebooks for every class; one to take notes with and another to study with
  • pens
  • pencils
  • pencil pouch
  • hilighter 
  • backpack
  • USB drive
  • binders/folders
  • binder paper
  • tape, stapler
  • scissors
  • whiteout
  • desk lamp –handy if you like to study in your room but have a dim overhead light/don’t have an overhead light (my room last year -_-)

hope this makes packing a little easier, hope you have a great year!

Don't mess around in Witchcraft

So I want to share a personal experience but before I do I have to say I adore your blog so much! Anyways…

I have practiced witchcraft for 2 and a half years now when I first started I had no idea what path I wanted to follow or what even was witchcraft. Traditional witchcraft (sigils, salves, potions, charms etc) interested me so I went to a local bookstore and searched for anything I could on witchcraft and the occult. The thing about this bookstore is that it takes personal written books such as diaries, journals, or unpublished books. Much to my surprise there was a leather bound journal with a pentagram printed in gold ink on the cover. Being as curious as I was I bought it immediately without even opening it but when I got home I noticed that the book was extremely old. As I flipped through it there were incantations and diagrams and sketches of really weird roughly drawn symbols I assumed were sigils much like the ones surrounding a Devils trap. I was captivated by my find for 50¢ and I was anxious to try a spell out. The thing is most of the writing in the book was German (I only know English and Spanish) so I had to translate a bunch from the Internet. I decided on a simple vision spell meant to let me see things I wouldn’t normal. I thought what it meant by that was thinking differently or using a dif pov. Later that day I set up my supplies and the book. A few ingredients for it were a small Quartz, pine needles, and a really weird powder I ordered from online because I couldn’t find it in stores. The book said to leave the needles in the red powder almost as dark as wine for a night in a dark moon (new moon) and to draw a symbol in eggshell powder underneath that was drawn to the side of the instructions. Everything was super simple and the next day I wrapped the pine needles and basically used it as a smudge stuck on myself while my eyes were closed it had said to chant two different words in German which later I found out translated to “sight” and “gateway”. About a week after my spell I had started to notice really weird shadows in the corner of my eye or in rooms that didn’t have lights on. I figured I should be fine it i cleansed the house so I did. That really just made things worse because that night I jolted awake around 4:00 am to a really loud slam from down the hallway from an empty room. My mom and me went to investigate and found the room completely empty and we just shrugged it off went back to bed. The same thing happened for about a month then on the night of the new moon something horrifying happened. Just like usual my mom and I heard the slam but this time when I got up my mom didn’t so I went alone to check. When I opened the door though instead of nothing there was a group of people that looked to be very old and white (super weird because we live near the U.S. - Mexican border) and instead of screaming or panicking I just started as my heart raced and realized I couldn’t breathe. I ended up blacking out staring at them as they moved closer to me. When my mom woke up and saw me she said I was on the floor halfway out of the room except my torso was in the hallway when I remember falling into the room. I stood up and lifted my shirt because I felt itchy, irritated and really hot. When we saw what it was we knew that I had messed up and that we needed to consult someone because my body was covered in hundreds of scratch marks all perfectly straight but in groups of threes with a longer scratch in the middle of them (l|l) sort of like that. After that we ended up staying the night at my aunts house for a week while we waited for a priestess to come and cleanse the house but immoderately she knew it wasn’t that house that needed cleansing. When we met her she walked straight over to me and asked me to show her the spell I did without me even mentioning anything. As soon as she finished reading she reached into the slouchy bag across her shoulders and pulled out a white candle and a branch of cedar. She raised the branched lit the candle chanted an incantation and lit the leaves on the branch. She threw the ashes outside and asked me to spit on them. Afterwords she simply thanked us for having her over and we thanked her for her help and she left with my journal. (Honestly I was kind of upset) after that though I haven’t had any experiences but I found out the symbol I drew in eggshell powder was a norse sigil for “deep sight” otherwise known as seeing the dead.

Sorry that was so long didn’t know if I could leave anything out.