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  • Kell: I don't need any more friends. I already have like, four.
  • Rhy: Don't you mean five?
  • Kell: *looks at Alucard*
  • Kell: No, I'm pretty sure I meant to say four.

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What I realized I need in my life: Bee's professional thoughts on all that Blue Light, and possibly why Sherlock looks so damn tan in some shots?

Blue/cool tones connote:

Winter, coldness, harshness, cold water, evening, sadness, science, medicine, technology, industrial, nighttime (moonlight is generally shown as blueish), COLD.

The most important distinction in the color world is warm/cool. Warm is day, cool is night. Neutral colors or earth tones are basically invisible/background.

Sherlock could be tan because of:

  • Plot reasons (he spent a lot of time in the desert?)
  • An intentional color grading decision in post production (for reasons I cannot predict)
  • A bad color grading decision in post production (always possible too)
  • Benedict spent too much time in California working on Doctor Strange?
  • The colors for the promos being pumped up in saturation to pop out and the actual episode might be color graded a bit differently
  • The director/DP just Likes It That Way
  • Maybe–MAYBE–he’s “warming up” in this scene, emotionally

All of these reasons are possible. We just don’t have enough evidence of what the rest of the episode is going to look like. (Well, we might, but I’ve been avoiding Setlock as I like surprises.) I can’t go by one isolated clip. However, the promo photos and clips I have seen do have an overall blue/cool tone to them. Take that as you will. Ask me after episode 3 I guess.


Theatre People

The next time you see a techie, stage manager, director, costumer, props master, backstage ninjas, or make-up artists (basically any backstage help) tell them that you appreciate them and thank them for everything they do! These people do so much work and get little credit for it. So take the time and tell them how important they are! They are the foundation to the family!!

after all these years, shishio is happy. after six. freaking. years. shishio finally has the chance to be with someone with whom he can truly be himself again.

i am so, so happy for him, because he deserved so much more from hnr, seriously. and he finally has the chance to be happy. i never saw him smile that much since he was with suzume, and i want to cry for him (no, really, i got choked up when i saw his smile in the last couple pages).

and, y'know, what really makes me happy about this one-shot? we see the fruit of his labor. he’s more honest now, and suzume taught him that. he put away the sushi tie, because he didn’t want anything to hinder his chances with samejima. he bit the bullet and kissed her, because he liked her and wanted her to know that. he freaking waited outside his apartment for who knows how long, in the cold, for samejima to come back home so that he could tell her the truth, because dammit he’s messed things up twice already and he didn’t want to lose a good thing a third time.

he did the running this time, and man. i was pissed before over the hnr ending, despite being a mazume shipper, but now i’m just happy that shishio can be happy because this guy really deserved it. ;_;


HA! Loving the Broadway references and meta! 


“Can I get a melodramatic wash?”

it occurred to me that peridot would probably love my favorite online fashion brand too

Lighting Mary 2 - TSOT and HLV

First: Huge thanks to constancecream for sending me her #setlock photos! It helped me answer some questions about how they lit the Leinster Gardens outdoor scene. I also got a kick out of hearing your whispered conversations in German–while on set in the UK–and then you send me the file in America–what a world we live in!

Also, I’ve just learned to make gifs, and I’ll update this post with them when I get my hands on some .avi files. In the meantime, reams of screencaps.

Sooooo much Mary mystery in TSOT and HLV. So much to look at.

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