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People who have never seen a show live are true theatre fans

People who have only seen movie productions of musicals are true theatre fans

People who only know the “mainstream” shows are true theatre fans

People who don’t know many shows are true theatre fans

People whose favorite musical is Phantom, Les Misérables, or Wicked ate true theatre fans


People who don’t plan to go into theatre as a career are true thespians

People who only do theatre with their schools are true Thespians

People who can’t be a part of shows for whatever reason are still theatre people

We all share a deep appreciation for the arts, so why do we have to go around being dicks to each other because some of us choose to appreciate it in a different way, sometimes the only way we can?

That will be all

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Now we know that Rung has the ability to make babies…

And remember in MTMTE #17 when the lost light crew went to Luna 1 it lit up with sparks.

They thought the hot spot ignited because of Rodimus/the Matrix.

But what if it was Rung who was the cause of the ignition? The matrix was broken and dead so it may not have had the energy needed to help produce sparks.

And if you look both Rodimus and Rung jumped onto the ground at the same time so it would be hard to tell if it is Rung or Rodimus who was the real cause of the ignition.

Also in issue #3 with the sparkeater it’s shown that Rung had the brightest spark on the ship so I’m wondering if that’s linked to his ability in some way.