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Art journal inspiration/ideas part 3

1. Draw on the hand with paint then press the hand onto the page

2. Shapes you see in the clouds

3. Summer nights

4. Rooftops, sunsets, friends

5. Candels, fire, burning, feelings asociated with it

6. Old buildings, churches, temples

7. Conversations at 3am

8. Reflection of traffic lights in the puddles of rain/ on the water drops on the windows

9. Write poems about people you see on the streets, in caffee shops or libraries

10. Overheard conversations

11. Copy things written/drawn on school benches

12. Neon lights

13. Take a book, open at random and choose a sentence and write or draw based of off it

14. Brainstorming

15. Make secret pockets in your journal

Part one, part two

What is with people saying that Dumbledore isn’t a gray character?! I have literally seen people say “Dumbledore is far from gray.” Um…then what do you call it? Dumbledore isn’t pure light, later books revealed that. And you sure as heck can’t call him pure dark, it’s impossible for him to be that. Canon doesn’t even support that. People have said that Dumbledore’s not a gray complex character, but was as black and white as a penguin. Um…isn’t that what gray is? Dark and light existing in equal parts inside the same persona? Just like most people? Nobody is completely good or completely bad, well most people aren’t. Dumbledore is the perfect definition of a morally gray character and that’s why people love him, he’s so complex and flawed and yet is a beautiful character all the more because of it. You don’t have to like him as a person to appreciate his character, and that’s the truth. But if most fans do like him as a person too, nothing wrong with that.

They say that Dumbledore is both black and white, but that’s literally what gray is. Those who don’t think that Dumbledore is gray, what else could he be? Is he some new color I haven’t heard of? And what is your definition of gray then? What constitutes in your viewpoints as gray if Albus Dumbledore isn’t a gray character? Like I said before, Dumbledore definitely isn’t pure dark, and he’s not pure light either. So if he’s not a gray character, but he’s not wholly black and he’s not wholly white, then what is he?

theleroyconcept  asked:

Hi Pierre! My name is Leroy, I'm currently still a first year studying Game Art Design in the UK. Up until i came across your work i had no idea what i wanted to do as a career.(I was extremely inspired!) I have so many questions to ask you in terms of Visual Development and Concept art but i don't know whether that is possible to ask here. If you could give me any advice at all regarding the fields you work in (how to improve) i would greatly appreciate it! :) Thanks for your time!

Hey Leroy ! Congrats on starting studying Game art design ! Even though I’m mostly working for animation productions now, I started in a video game oriented school just like you ! :) My main advice is a bit basic, but it’s all about the hours you put into the practice honestly . I can recommand a few books to, James Gurney’s Color and light book is amazing. I truly feel that a deep understanding of the science and physic around light and how it affect the colors is what deferenciate good artists to amazing artists. Also, Richard Shmid’s Alla Prima is a fantastic complent, studying the craftmanship of traditional painters should be a fondamental for every digital painters. Cheers ! 

it is part of the
human experience to feel pain
do not be afraid
open yourself to it

- evolving