Light Grey Art Lab presents ’Never Odd or Even: Paradox and Duality’, a group art exhibition featuring new artwork by 60 artists, illustrators and designers from around the world, combining the unthinkable, flipped the impossible, and inverted concepts, imagery, and perception. Some of the artwork includes optical illusions, palindromes, and visual trickery, others include conceptual duality, love/hate relationships, opposites and attraction. Each piece is a unique and clever example of how these polar objects live together more often than not.

‘Never Odd or Even: Paradox and Duality’ is on display at Light Grey Art Lab, 118 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404 until September 9.

Go here to see all the artwork from the exhibit.

anonymous asked:

Omg okay but imagine during a multiplayer game Allen dies in a particularly spectacular(ly stupid) way and Link laughs so hard he actually has to put his controller down. I bet Madarao has fun editing THAT video.

Allen’s mouth is covered and he’s giggling in embarrassment, but Link is practically overloading his mic. After the first ten seconds or so, Madarao starts adding comments, just large white block text in various sizes across the screen - ‘IT WASN’T THAT FUNNY’, ‘HE’S STILL LAUGHING’, ‘CROW YOU LOVESTRUCK IDIOT’, ‘SILVER STOP HIM’, *heart eyes on Allen, who is staring fondly*, and then, when Link eventually finishes laughing, ‘FINALLY’, really big across the middle of the screen.

He got killed while he was laughing. As he is realizing this, Madarao adds an arrow pointing to Link’s facecam and labels it ‘IDIOT’.

On a related note to that, I imagine that Allen glitches out absurdly often, in extremely improbable and occasionally impossible ways.