Her Love Is Everlasting

AU: Lightning decides to keep the Chaos under control. In
order to do so, she is turned into crystal where she's been
sleeping ever since. However, saddened by Lightning's fate,
Etro awoke her from her slumber so that she can spend time
with the person she loved the most, Hope. The catch is that Lightning
can only stay a day before she goes back into crystal stasis
again but every 60 years she'll awake. Hope travels forward in time every 60 years to meet up with
Lightning. Unfortunately, it begins to take a toll on his body.
They spend their last night together. The next day Hope sees
Lightning off, holding on to her hand until she disappears. It
is 60 years later, on his deathbed, that he feels a familiar
warmth touch his hand.
glitterberry asked: Lightning or and Hope (◡‿◡✿)
In Lightning Returns...

When Square Enix gives me another ginormous fuck you in the way of not making Hoperai canon (come on, face it, it’ll never be canon), I shall still come on tumblr,, hell, even facebook and proudly declare:

Why? Well, it’s simple really, because:

We’ll Be Together || Hope x Lightning


thamun asked:

ooh I wanna join he S.S. Tahorra! And may I ask what your ffxiii - 2 OTP's are? Read about it on this blog and now I'm curious^^

Added! Welcome to the ship :D

I have lots of FF XIII-2 OTP’s, it’s kinda weird. I ship Noerah (oh the feels /sobs) very passionately, and also LightHope and LightCaius (YAY CRACKSHIPS). These are my OTP’s, but I’m fine with almost any FF XIII-2 ship :3