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Oh oh! May I? The dance scene in the past! How Emma looked at him and how he looked at her? That scene is pure perfection.

Jumping this one ahead of the que because i’ve got the screencaps for the episode already open :p

This moment is fantastic for Killian. 

She’s nervous and unsure of their plan. He’s confident and tries to reassure her worries with a compliment and a lighthearted moment to put her at ease.

Since New York, he’s had to put his faith and trust in her. Storybrooke is her world. 

Now she’s putting her trust in him. It’s different from Neverland. There was a group of them with all different experiences and opinions, and while he was the tour guide, every step he made was challenged by the others.

Now, it’s just Emma. And he gets to show her this life; a life she would have had. And he also gets to show her another side to him.

Not the pirate, the man. 

The lieutenant. The gentleman.


And look at when she’s enraptured with the ball.

He’s so focussed on her. He loves this.

Loves that he gets to witness the emotions flutter across her face.

Loves that he gets to experience this moment with her.

And he can’t stop smiling. 

He’s getting to woo her.

To have a moment where they’re not in the midst of fighting, or researching, or scouring forests or empty houses.

It’s just the two of them, at a ball, and Killian Jones can’t wait to take his princess for a spin on the dancefloor.

And emma, ever the pessimist, she’s unsure.

This is all new to her. is this a good idea? Does he know what he’s doing? Is this going to end with her tripping over some lord’s shoe and falling on her face?



Their eyes meet and you can see her face change. She’s taking him in.

She’s finally seeing the man inside.

The man that was, the man that could be… the man she’s falling for.

And she is falling.

In that moment she’s all too aware that she’s halfway gone for him.

And Killian’s got all his brash bravado put away. 

He’s looking at princess Emma.

He’s been gifted the honour of having her first dance and her first royal ball… And he’s not going to waste this opportunity of a lifetime; to show just how great they could be together.

One dance.

And there it is.

Those smiles.

Walls down.

Forget the looming task ahead, forget the mission, forget the ulterior motive.

This moment is for them and them only.

And they’re going to bask in it. 


*Can you feel the love tonight plays softly in the distance*

RIP The Final Problem

It’s been a strange week. A week of “art imitate life; life imitates art” on a constant loop. As I dreaded the approaching Inauguration Day, the last thing I expected was the creators of Sherlock breaking the fourth wall to remind me “life is rarely pure and never simple.” Uh, thanks. I guess?

I have engaged with TFP in good faith and expressed my disappointment and constructed my theory. I have attempted rewatching in multiple occasions since in hope to gain insights but failed miserably. There have been many brilliant readings by so many of you, and honestly, you gave me the brightest and most lighthearted moments in an otherwise miserable week. You rule, truly; and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

TFP is an abnormality in bbc Sherlock canon – you don’t have to see or believe in the romance between Sherlock and John to recognize the fact. Many audiences did as well, and I hear the same conclusion from friends (most casual of all casuals) – the creators jumped the shark. There is likely a reason; everything about the episode screams inconsistencies, and they were made to be noticeable. But there’s the rub – without proper context (TPTB’s silence), every single explanation is plausible. We can speculate, endlessly, because anything is possible. The exact same could be said of the plot of TFP.

My feeling regarding the possibility of a fourth episode remains the same: there is no evidence supporting the claim, but I cannot ignore the abnormality that was TFP even if I wanted to. But I am done trying to justify an episode that defies logic: where the text and the subtext seemingly cancel each other out at every turn. TFP offers just enough for every reading possible under the sun yet providing an equal amount of plausible deniability; an episode that could mean anything, therefore nothing at all. The only thing left of TFP at this point for me is its potential for spectacular crack (and there’ll be plenty).

One thing is clear, however; the crisis of narrative is one manufactured deliberately by the creators of Sherlock; they may not have anticipated the severity of its impact on our corner of the fandom, but to say they are not aware of the queer reading of acd canon, and of Sherlock due to the queer codings they applied in their own show is utterly laughable. A fourth episode will not change this fact – no matter how much I still love the story of Sherlock and John, I will continue to hold Mofftiss and Co. responsible for employing the offensive tactics at the expense of the show’s most loyal fans. So good riddance, The Final Problem; I will not let the ill-intention or ignorance of a few in power denies us the beautiful story between Sherlock and John — one that we cherish with all our hearts and souls ever since the day they met (7 or 130 years ago, take your pick).

Married Life: Hani (EXID)

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Prompt: How would dating and marrying hani (EXID) be?       

Hani! <3 She’s so bloody cute, protect her please! And support EXID! :D

  • Hani cried at your wedding, and if you think it was a few tears. Let me tell you, she full on bawled at her wedding, and she didn’t want photos of that.
  • So you actually took your wedding photos a day after your wedding. But you didn’t mind because you got to see her in a magnificent wedding dress for the second time.
  • Married life with her is like eating cotton candy.
  • It’s a lighthearted marriage with a lot of teasing and you rarely fight over things
  • The most you tend to fight about (unless it’s a serious fight) is what you’re going to make / order for dinner, or what you wanted to watch that night.
  • It tended to be her Korean Drama vs your favourite TV show. But you compromised after several tickle fights
  • It’s weird how she can become a fluffy puppy and then turn into some sex goddess

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  • She loves scaring you, she’ll purposely jump out behind walls or scare you from around the corner.   
  • Hyerin tends to be her partner in disguise
  • You’d get a huge lecture from Elly and Solji about ‘treating her right’ and that you better not break her heart because Elly is terrifying when she’s angry
  • When she comes home after a tour, she will immediately pounce on you, smooching kisses all over you and hugging you close saying how much she missed you and that touching you was so much different than seeing you on a screen
  • She knows how to work her body and likes to distract you around your friends.
  • Drags you out to clubs just so you can dance together
  • Knows every spot on your body that makes you ticklish

Can the first episode of Voltron season three be the Black Lion suddenly moving and acting on its own because Shiro actually got fused with him and now they have to find out how to unfuse him but it’s surprisingly lighthearted because Lion!Shiro still tries to move and act like he’s still human and he causes… Maybe a little too much damage. Also he has a tail like this and that just can’t end well

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Hey I have this sorta comical scenario in my head... So the cryopods are down in the castle ship, and Coran says they need to go to some planet to get a thing to put them running again. Meanwhile shiro says "alright you have to do the possible and the impossible to be alright while the cryopods are down. I don't want anyone injured". And then each and every paladin manages to hurt them self in a battle (slightly or seriously, depending on how lighthearted we want the situation)

this would be SO GREAT to read omw i love. it could go so many directions

OK, I’ll remind you again. The only difference between you and a sage is that you think the world and all this stuff going on is real; you identify with it and get all caught up. When a sage sees the world, an expression of Consciousness is apperceived; the sage remains cool and lighthearted.

Robert Adams


ok BUT consider: au where yuuri and victor are 2 doctors and yurio has been their patient since he was a baby (well yuuri’s patient but the two are a package deal soo lmao) so they basically watch him grow up and act like his two dads and i know doctors usually wear white coats but drawing them in scrubs is much more fun


Marian Hawke | Headcanon Meme☆ - happy headcanon requested by @zabka-zee & @madameinquisitor

Let’s be real, all Ferelden’s are happiest when they’re bonding with their Mabari companion.

And Marian’s happens to be named Bear, after the the most terrifying creature to come across in the Ferelden Hinterlands. (Though to Bethany it was more like a huggable Teddy Bear thing).