30 day Sonic Challenge

Day 9: Your favorite sonic videogame

That honor goes to none other than Sonic Unleashed! There’s so so many things I could go on about why I love this game so freaking much!

First off, the game’s story is so great. It’s lighthearted and it’s pretty funny at some points. The small jokes in it make anyone laugh or even crack a small smile. Everything in this story is beautifully written and the dialogue is spot on. The voice acting helps bring out the emotion of the scenes in the game (and the voice acting is probably one of the best in the series as a whole). It brings out the characters and really shows who they are in the game. Even Sonic’s small “WWOOO!” when he runs helps shape his personality overall. It shows us his love for speed and why he loves doing what he does. Even details like that help the game’s story get a A rank.

The music is AMAZING! There’s not one thing I don’t love about the music. It’s catchy, it’s fun and it’s rocking! Nothing more said other than “endless possibility” being one of the best Sonic songs out there. The music is great.

The graphics, by now, everyone should know the graphics are gorgeous in this game. I go as far to say it’s better than Sonic Generations and even Sonic Lost World. (especially those opening and ending cutscenes oh my god! I swear they were made by Sega gods.) I don’t know if it’s just me, but I also feel as though the in game cutscenes showed more emotion to the characters, or the character models in general, than what we get today.

Now, I personally love the day time and night time stages. Yes, even the werehog stages, I found, really enjoyable. You got so many things you can do with the werehog. He has literally 40+ combat moves and is a joy to play as. The Day time stages are awesome. Not only the environments in the stages are really cool, for both night and day time, but the hub worlds really bring the sense of placement in the game. You could literally pick out where exactly you are in every stage and hub world from our own world. It’s freaking amazing! Even Eggman land is fun and crazy to run in. How does he afford to build these parks?!?! (the final boss fight is well worth the long time playing, and it is so much fun to play. Yes, it’s challenging to beat, but man is it worth it.)

Overall, Sonic unleashed is a game I find underrated by a lot of fans. It deserves more respect than it gets and more love than it receives. For anyone who hasn’t had the chance, get your gamer hands on this game. It’s way past worth the money and the time in the world.

Title: Intervention

Fandom/Ship: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend / Greg/Rebecca (AKA Bartender Hans/Mother Teresa Luther King)

Timeline: A lovely post-Thanksgiving episode world where everybody is friends and nothing hurts

Summary: Rebecca and Greg’s friends take matters into their own hands.

On Ao3

Note: HAPPY GALENTINES DAY! You are all spectacular tree sharks. Here’s some lighthearted fic in celebration.

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Scenarios that didn’t happen? At first she couldn’t but scoff, especially as she went through the phases of strangling-angry sex, but she could read concern in his voice. “I always wear nice lingerie.” was her only comment, intending to keep the conversation lighthearted for one more moment, before moving off towards a corner, turning a copper kettle on. 

“Mask off, Zed, unless you want me to repeat the strangling scenario or call the duck. It is necessary to see your reactions as you speak.” she began, leaning against the table as she waited for the water to boil. For a moment she didn’t say anything, merely rummaging through her own mind with the information given. 

“First of all, this is real. I won’t strangle you, I have no pet duck, and I will certainly not have sex with you.

At a first glance, you have psychosis. Chronic hallucinatory psychosis.” she explained, turning to pour the water into two cups and adding two tea infusers, before moving back to the desk with both cups, sitting back down. “You say it started harmless, thoughts, rough scenarios.

Did you imagine them voluntary or were these involuntary thoughts from the beginning that went out of your control?”



There’s a new web series that debuts tomorrow (February 14) evening on Youtube called Brunch Bound!

Brunch Bound is a short web series about 4 young black friends who have all agreed to meet up for brunch. The women share their takes on blind dates, choosing a major, office romances, starting a business, and everything in between all while searching New York City for the perfect brunch spot. Brunch Bound is a lighthearted scripted comedy that follows friends as they try to catch up and realize that much has changed since their last meet. We caught up with series creator, writer, and actress Tasha Pierre to talk about the show.

Here’s the trailer! Please be sure to like, comment, and share!

Do I even like RWBY anymore?

I liked RWBY back when it was a lighthearted show. I liked RWBY because it was funny and cute with awesome action scenes. I didn’t mind that it was cartoonish and childish. I’ve been burned out by angst in the past. I am tired of grim-dark shows. So RWBY was exactly what I wanted.

Now? I feel genuinely betrayed. This isn’t a tone shift. It’s a genre shift. The show isn’t action/comedy anymore. It’s action/tragedy.

I hate this. I want the show to go back to its roots. I want Pyrrha back, even if they have to pull a time-travel reboot to accomplish it.

I’m just really mad and I don’t want my love for RWBY to end. I have a really big story to tell. But now I’m not feeling it.

I never asked for them to make the show darker. I was fine before. Now I’m not fine.

anonymous asked:

Time for some more lighthearted questions! I see you're a fan of the SR-71 Blackbird. Is it your favorite aircraft utilized by the Air Force? If not, what is, and why? What is your opinion on the F-35 Lightning II?

The Blackbird is an incredible macine, but my fave has to be the Warthog.

I’m a big fan of single-role aircraft. Do one thing, and do it well. As such, not a huge supporter of the -35. Yes, it can do a lot of things…but none of them very well.

“My parents were really against me when I told them I’m doing work as a tattoo artist, but I ended up persuading them that it was okay.”
“How did you do that?”
“Aside from the tattooing I have never done anything my parents said not to do. I was a son who listened to them really well.”
“Have you ever had a hard time because other’s prejudice about tattoos?”
“Sometimes older grandmothers on the subway look at my arm and ask, ‘What is that?’ But I just greet them and explain it’s my tattoo by saying, ‘This? You can’t erase it~ feel free to admire it~’ and wink at them with a smile. Then they really like me.”

“부모님이 제가 타투 아티스트 한다고하니까 반대를 많이 하셨는데 결국은 제가 설득을 했어요.”
“어떻게 설득했어요?”
“타투 빼고 부모님이 하지 말라는 건 절대 안 했어요. 정말 말 잘 듣는 아들이었죠.”
“일상 생활에서 문신에 대한 편견 때문에 불편할 때가 있나요?”
“가끔 지하철에서 할머님들이 제 팔 보고 ’이거 뭐야?’ 하고 여쭤보세요. 그럼 전 문신이라고 설명드리고 ‘이거요? 안 지워지는 거예요~ 예쁘게 봐주세요~’ 하고 찡긋 웃으면서 인사드리면 할머님들이 정말 좋아해주세요.” 


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Ohara Hale’s “Moderne Luv”

Drawn with a thick black pencil in a minimalistic cartoony style and paired with a lighthearted and simple slang-based dialogue, Ohara Hale’s Moderne Luv manages to convey true-to-life emotion and intimacy with such brevity. The story follows the relationship of two easily recognized ( yes, that is what you think it is) yet anatomically distorted characters ( that can be mix and matched, as noted by the author in the beginning of the book) as they struggle to understand a relationship we are all currently in the process of understanding how to navigate : the need/desire for physical intimacy, the convenience of technology yet distance it creates, and our ever-more pressing drive to “work”. The book flows playfully as it covers mature topics but carries a tinge of melancholy, ending purposefully ambiguous so that “the reader can react and interpret the ending based on their own experience so the story tells their story as well”.

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