So, Detroit

Please read this entirely and process it without a knee jerk reaction.

I was front row B-Stage on the far left Louis side.

I had the rainbow American flag I posted about smashed into my purse and it was a big mess, so I was trying to organize my stuff and wrote a note on the flag and the venue security saw that I had it, and reported it to each other and their supervisor to watch me (lol they were literally right in front of me talking about me like I wasn’t there, a+ job.) My section and I also got our tickets checked twice while I was already seated down there - the supervisor said to me that ‘someone kept making complaints’ (don’t share your seat info on fucking harmless ass truly lighthearted and playful posts that get you dragged, don’t carry rainbows, and definitely don’t carry (separate and unrelated to RD) Larry signs if you aren’t up for a bunch of fucking salty ass stares and security all up in your grill.) [I’m oppferit.]

When they got word the boys were going on stage (like a 3 minute warning I think?) The supervisor came over and asked for “Jumper” (a girl more toward the center) and “Rainbow.”) (Me. She pointed right to me and the supervisor looked right at me to verify.)

I didn’t take a pic of what I wrote on the flag, but it was along the white grommeted part, something along the lines of “We all love you and support you and we’ll always be here. Hang in there. Thank you for everything and Indy” etc and signed it 💜 @lornasaurusrexx. I rolled it up into a burrito/football thing and wrapped it with a dollar store (hot pink with black leopard spots!) ribbon hair tie like Harry wears. I made sure the blue star part was peeking out, with all the other colors peeking out so that they could see that it was rainbow. (Hi this is where I’m obligated to say that I did this so it clearly gave them all the knowledge they needed to make an informed decision on whether or not to pick it up therefore did not ‘force them into’ anything.)

I threw it onto the stage before they even made it down to the B-stage since it was dark and because the biker looking security guy (1D’s) with the long black and grey beard guy was flirting with an adult fan and the venue security was focused elsewhere, and it wouldn’t hit or trip the boys.

Obv it was Louis’ side but I knew Harry would be there during DMD etc too. Louis ignored it, which I totally expected anyway. Until WDBHG.

Louis went to the side of the stage where Preston was standing on his right and got a water and took a quick drink. Then he carefully dropped the water bottle down by the flag to try to hit or cover it, he was probably trying to hide it or point it out, then he stepped toward it, very daintily covered it with his mic stand and got it under his foot, and with legit soccer skills, accurately kicked it backward and to his right where Preston was standing. He was not angry, but he was thoughtful and concentrating. It wasn’t a 'get the fuck away from me’ explosive kick. It was sneaky and pretty well hidden and very gracefully and well aimed. Most people wouldn’t even have known what it was except the few people who literally saw me fold it from full size then also saw me throw it. His sneakiness said to me that he didn’t want anyone to see him kick it away.

Preston picked it up and kept it as long as he stood there, he may have either pocketed it or put it aside. I didn’t see Preston much the rest of the night, except for quick buzzing around.

Here’s video. - it happens at the beginning (the round rainbow lump to the left of the white tshirt hanging there. He ignored the white tshirts and they were there all night.)

Obviously I didn’t expect them to do anything with it, because the closet is clearly on lock still with Babygate and now also Xalamander. I especially didn’t expect anything from Louis except for him to ignore it, because we all know his situation.

I needed to sleep on it and process it because my initial reaction was fear/anger (not at Louis, but at 1DHQ, and the entire fucking closet situation. I know he’s not a homophobe and I know he and Harry are together. I know their situation and limitations. Since my rainbow flag was gone, I held my Oops and Hi sign confidently, then out of spite for HQ, taped it to the inside of the damn barricade so it was there the ENTIRE night.

Louis made eye contact with me a few times through the night and his eyes were kind, and I smiled lovingly back, trying to convey my understanding over the flag, even though he only knew for sure that I was responsible for the Oops and Hi sign.

Anyway, don’t give Louis any shit. He did not do it with any malice.

Harry was rounding the corner and blowing kisses, while still facing that direction with his body, he looked toward me, (with my sign still taped below me) and also toward 2tiedships2 (right next to me) and he looked right into her camera (you can see better here than in the gif because it’s zoomed in.) 


(Follow her blog! She’s posting a bunch of gif’s from the show! - and she’ll be posting more and she will also be posting gifs of the video of Louis that I took where he kicked the flag to Preston and a separate video she took where you can see that Preston was standing there to Louis’ right at the time.)

Anyway I love Louis and I love Harry and I love LouisandHarry and Louis and Harry and I’m here to see this through to the end.

An Open Letter To Khonsu:

I remember this dashboard atmosphere around  years ago~

Ptah was all over my dash. LIKE HE WAS EVERYWHERE. Suddenly, his followers popped up like fucking loot on Diablo 3 - Torment X and everyone was suddenly talking about him or mentioned him in a post.


I get it Khonsu, you want my answer, but Father already said that I can take my own sweet time to decide. Its not exactly digestible when a god comes at you and said “I want you to recreate my myths”.




Stop flooding my dash with your selfies cause its starting to feel that I am receiving unrequested dick pics from boys on Grindr. 

 I’ll see you again sometime during the new moon, for all that new ventures new moon luck. Okay? I’ll tell you then. anditsprobablyayesanywayssowaitabitwillya

and Lord Khonsu, enough with the selfies. >_> Lemme enjoy Diablo 3 Season 4 in peace.

ps: I am not mad, I am just occupied. 

pps: Father this is all your fault im not seeing you until the dark moon

anonymous asked:

When it come to story, what game have the better aspects that Sonic Team can fallow? not asking for the best but the one that it can inspire a better direction when it come to story.

Adventure if we’re talking about ideal direction

- It has great tonal balance; Not too dark but not too lighthearted. I think a Sonic game story should be lighthearted when necessary and dark when necessary, the tone shouldn’t be forced.

- It ties up it’s plot points soundly. A Sonic game’s story shouldn’t bring up plot threads then ignore them unless a plot thread is planned to be tied-up in a future game, that’s a basic of storytelling.

- Character’s stories cross over at multiple points, allowing for interaction between the characters.

- It’s characterization is great as is it’s character development. Plot points cleverly facilitate the latter i.e Tails saving Station Square when Eggman reaches the end of his tether Amy tries to reunite Birdie with his/her family and decides to garner Sonic’s respect in a constructive way.

- The villain is proactive and continually throws curveballs at the characters i.e Dr Eggman continually steals the emeralds Sonic finds, shatters the Master Emerald and frees Chaos, Sics a robot on Amy etc. The character’s are faced with consistent threat and Dr Eggman shows off his villainy very well.

- There is a sense of intrigue developed via the insights into the past and you get the feeling that there is more to Chaos than meets the eye. Only proven when it goes rogue.

Madoka Kaname! If you’re looking for a lighthearted slice of life magical girl series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is the anime for you!

PMMM won’t give you feels. I repeat, IT WON’T GIVE YOU FEELS.

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how are you so positive? i feel so alone and upset almost every day. i don't even got out of my room because my family and friends are always busy. i would like to do things by myself and outside but i never know what to do. i would like to be like those people who go out and drink by themselves but i'm so shy and anxious all the time. idk why i never want to be by myself

Truthfully, practicing being positive is a big part of my yoga practice (most of it is practiced off the mat). I try to incorporate lots of patience and allow space for mistakes because I am human and I’m more than likely not going to get things right the first try. It has come in time, with lots of negative emotions and thoughts, but I really try to continuously train my mind to think of the good things every day, & think of the lighthearted and carefree ways to live and how I want to manifest that in my life. 

It’s getting past that mental block where the real breakthrough happens, and that’s just going to come with a consistent practice of being patient and treating yourself the right way. I’m not saying you need to practice yoga poses to achieve this (although it does help teach you :).  But just doing things for yourself in a nice and comfortable process. Baby steps. If that means you walk outside of your house tomorrow and make it only to the mailbox or car before you turn around, then hey! you’re making some progress :) And then if the next day you try to make it around the block, or down the street, then you are progressively getting there. Don’t ever feel the need to compare yourself with other people and their progress.. if you see the neighbor next door go out to the mailbox and they keep going, that’s okay. It’s not about comparing your journey vs. their journey. We have no idea where their journey began.

The thing about anxiety is that when we feel anxious we don’t realize that this feeling is only an emotion, it’s only a fleeting thought.. so very temporary and it does not identify with Who. You. Are! Therefore, why let it take control over you and what you want to accomplish, ya know? Anxiety is a part of (what I believe to be true) every person’s life in some form or another. I believe it stems from the idea that “humans want to receive the things they are waiting for as quickly as possible. Or they want to drive away whatever is causing their fear”. They haven’t exactly mastered living in the moment peacefully with things as they are. Life is tough sometimes and we just have to learn to deal with it otherwise it will, and does, affect how we view things. Don’t ask your anxiety to leave forever but instead invite it in with open arms and say “listen anxiety, I understand you are in here but I am going to do this for me. Even if you don’t want me to. I have the power inside me to not let you take control”. There is nothing wrong with having anxiety, you don’t suck, you aren’t a failure, you are not alone. You are the perfect little being created and brought here to live life the way you deserve, and you have every reason to go do what your heart desires. Be patient and loving with yourself and the process
I am sending some loving vibes your way <3

“My parents were really against me when I told them I’m doing work as a tattoo artist, but I ended up persuading them that it was okay.”
“How did you do that?”
“Aside from the tattooing I have never done anything my parents said not to do. I was a son who listened to them really well.”
“Have you ever had a hard time because other’s prejudice about tattoos?”
“Sometimes older grandmothers on the subway look at my arm and ask, ‘What is that?’ But I just greet them and explain it’s my tattoo by saying, ‘This? You can’t erase it~ feel free to admire it~’ and wink at them with a smile. Then they really like me.”

“부모님이 제가 타투 아티스트 한다고하니까 반대를 많이 하셨는데 결국은 제가 설득을 했어요.”
“어떻게 설득했어요?”
“타투 빼고 부모님이 하지 말라는 건 절대 안 했어요. 정말 말 잘 듣는 아들이었죠.”
“일상 생활에서 문신에 대한 편견 때문에 불편할 때가 있나요?”
“가끔 지하철에서 할머님들이 제 팔 보고 ’이거 뭐야?’ 하고 여쭤보세요. 그럼 전 문신이라고 설명드리고 ‘이거요? 안 지워지는 거예요~ 예쁘게 봐주세요~’ 하고 찡긋 웃으면서 인사드리면 할머님들이 정말 좋아해주세요.” 


New in the Birdcage Bottom Books shop:

Ohara Hale’s “Moderne Luv”

Drawn with a thick black pencil in a minimalistic cartoony style and paired with a lighthearted and simple slang-based dialogue, Ohara Hale’s Moderne Luv manages to convey true-to-life emotion and intimacy with such brevity. The story follows the relationship of two easily recognized ( yes, that is what you think it is) yet anatomically distorted characters ( that can be mix and matched, as noted by the author in the beginning of the book) as they struggle to understand a relationship we are all currently in the process of understanding how to navigate : the need/desire for physical intimacy, the convenience of technology yet distance it creates, and our ever-more pressing drive to “work”. The book flows playfully as it covers mature topics but carries a tinge of melancholy, ending purposefully ambiguous so that “the reader can react and interpret the ending based on their own experience so the story tells their story as well”.

Published by Ray Ray Books

5.5” x 8.5”, 40 pages. $5
Full-color cover with b&w interior

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The Meeting of Torako Lam

A/N: Bentley properly meets Torako Lam for the first time. His first impression of her is ‘loud.’


           Bentley was scribbling his side of the conversation Alcor at lunch, minding his own business and stealing quick bites of food between words when somebody set their bento down in the seat across from his.

           Alcor stopped mid-word, and Bentley looked up. It was a classmate he only vaguely recognized from Mathematical Magic as being one of the more boisterous people. They’d never actually really spoken, so he was understandably confused when she grinned and said, “Hey Ben! How’s it hanging?”

           “Uh,” was his intelligent response. When she sat down and looked at her bento to unstack it, he shot a quick what the hell look at Alcor, who jerked his shoulders up and then let them fall. Apparently it was called a ‘shrug,’ whatever that was.

           “Yeah, we don’t talk much do we?” The stranger laughed and glanced up from her box. “Hey, do you like musubi? My dad cooks it with too much soy and it kills me every time.”

           “Uh,” Bentley repeated. He wanted to ask who she was, but he also really didn’t want to embarrass himself more than he usually did. “I…guess?”

           “Here you go then!” She slid the top box over, and Bentley stared down in it in confusion. There were two musubi, yes, but also a pile of seaweed salad.

           He pointed at it with his chopsticks. “Um.”

           With a dismissive wave, she set into the second half of her bento. “Eh, take it. Too much of a pain to separate it out.”

           “Okay,” Bentley said, but he didn’t go for the offered food.

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Or alternatively, being bisexual does not mean you like threesomes. 

Polyamory is one of the most under represented orientations (for lack of better word) and people always unintentionally throw it under the bus when defending their own sexuality. So hey! An extra moment to consider polyamory is all it takes :’)

(The pansexuality flag is included since it’s a very similar issue for panpoly people)

Fifty Laps, Ackerman

I just had this idea and it’s happening. 

Even though she’s been promoted, he could still punish her if she sassed him. Funnily enough, if she ever did, it was with such a flat tone that it was almost impossible to catch the quip, but Levi was a master at using flat tones and sarcasm–so he was always first to catch it. 

Of course, there were times that she would say something and he couldn’t help but just let it slide because dammit some times the things she said were so sly that he didn’t know whether to stand and stare or applaud her. 

The best time Levi could recall was when they were reviewing the last details of a mission toward the walls. It was simple reconnaissance and information extraction and they had been told to work alongside the Garrison because they had been involved with the target. It just so happened that Rico Brzenska had a subordinate who liked sarcasm a bit too much for it to be amusing. 

“Please tell me you’re joking,” Corporal Gotlieb had exhaled after they had finished running through the basic plan. “You plan on doing this in the dead of night? You won’t have the lighting! You’d cream yourselves flying up the wall before you could find the guy." 

"We’ve already tracked the target’s usual route and timing from the initial post to post B,” Mikasa supplied, eyebrow twitching with just the slightest show of irritation. Levi had ceased speaking any further after the fifth time Gotlieb had questioned them, because no matter how many times they explained or glared at the short haired man, he carried on with robust protests. “Besides, we’ve enough experience flying with little natural light. It shouldn’t be a problem, so long as you, Corporal, do your part and get the equipment we need right at the 500 yard line." 

"And you expect me to just fire my hooks and hang off the wall and wait for you two to show up to do that, is that it?” Gotlieb snarked back, scowling. “Well, you can forget it because I’m not going to hang off the side of the wall for a Titan to take me as a midnight snack. I’d rather shit my own pants." 

Mikasa’s eyes flashed with aggravation, "Then you can do so and we’ll follow the stench to the post, or you can follow orders and just make sure the equipment is secured." 

"Mikasa,” Levi spoke up, and the daggers flying between the two soldiers ceased when they looked at the short Captain. “A moment,” he said before pushing away from his chair and sauntering toward the door, his subordinate at his heels. 

The second the door closed, she was sighing and rubbing the tips of her fingers against the bridge of her nose. “That man is infuriating,” Mikasa griped. 

“As much as I agree with you, you can’t be telling the only contacts we have to go shit themselves over the wall.” Levi replied, lips twitching and when she glanced up he was wiping the grin off his face. She almost smiled in response. 

“We need to convince them, and insulting them won’t help. This is a two man mission so we won’t be getting the back up we’d like, so this means kissing ass until we can get past this part, alright?" 

"Can we not kiss that guy’s ass, at least?” Mikasa sighed, “I don’t want shit all over my mouth." 

It was the snapping point, and Levi had to duck his head forward and place a palm over his face, letting out a snort as his shoulders bounced with unexpected mirth. ”Fuck, Mikasa,“ He said in between wheezes and Mikasa had to bite down to keep from giggling–feeling all too surprised as well since this was the first time she’s actually heard the sour man laugh. 

"Fifty laps,” He said, laughter dying down as he pulled his hand away from his face to adjust his cravat. Mikasa groaned.

“Captain,” She tried to protest, but he shook his head. 

“I need you focused,” Levi explained, clearing his throat. “Blow off some steam before you try to strangle the brat in the room, alright?" 

"I really don’t–”

“Fifty laps, Ackerman,” He repeated, eyebrow rising, “Now.”

Pursing her lips, Mikasa nodded and pressed a quick salute to her chest, “Yes, sir." 

Levi shook his head as he watched her turn and flounce away, feeling the corner of his lip rise again before schooling his features into a more intimidating expression that fit his face better than laughing did. Turning around, he opened the door and pushed through the door, "Alright, shit for brains, this is how we’re going to do it."