This is where the fitness community sort of annoys me. If you aren’t thin…or (excuse me), ~lean~ then you must be unhappy. You should probably be beating yourself up. You must be a before photo. Not once in my caption was I berating myself but actually making a lighthearted remark about my own physique. I’m chubby, yep, AND I’m also strong and fit. I can be all of those, and I can also be confident about it. 👍🏼👍🏼

Acknowledging I’m not a size zero is not being my own enemy. Forcing myself to get by on 500 calories a day and hating myself down to 130 lbs was when I was my own worst enemy.

Imagine: Spencer taking you on a surprise date to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. You appreciate the gesture and agree to join him, but things turn South quickly when the first firework goes off.

Fourth of July// lighthearted fluff
Requested by insrugentserum
(I’m actually Canadian but Happy Fourth of July to all of you Americans!)

Your boyfriend, Dr. Spencer Reid, and criminal profiler for the FBI, a title that made him seem so important, and more importantly, you loved teasing him with, had the Fourth of July weekend off, and had decided to surprise you. He hadn’t bothered to tell you any details of where you were going, except for to be dressed for the weather and be ready for 8 o'clock on the dot.

Like the perfectionist you are, you spend all afternoon preparing yourself for the event, anxious yet excited for what he is planning. When the time finally arrives, you sit ready and waiting on the couch. A few knocks at the door startle you a little, after all you have never been fond of sudden noises. The door opens to reveal your boyfriend, gleaming and radiating with happiness. 

“You certainly look beautiful tonight.” he smiles, taking a moment to examine you from head to toe. 

“Thank you.” you beam, your gaze falling to the floor beneath you as your cheeks heat up and emit a rosy colour. He admires the sight of you, watching closely as you bite your lower lip in anticipation.

“Well, we had better get going.” he states, ushering for you to follow him out the door and to his car. You cannot help but wonder what adventure awaits you tonight as you shift anxiously in your seat. After a few minutes of driving, you come to a stop outside of a field crowded with a colossal amount of people, all seemingly immersed in a sea of chatter.

Spencer is first out of the car, walking around to the passenger side door and opening it for you. Maybe chivalry isn’t as dead as you thought it was. You follow him to the trunk of the car, watching as he pulls a weaved picnic basket out of the trunk, along with a large, navy blue blanket. Slinging the blanket over his shoulder, he closes the trunk and intertwines his large hand with your petite one. As you walk, you admire the magnificent simplicity that nature has to offer. The sun is setting upon the horizon as several birds fly overhead, back to their nests for the night. It is particularly warm out tonight, with a slight, but refreshing breeze to briefly relieve the clusters of people of the heat. Perfect weather for a picnic. 

You assist the young profiler with the blanket, giggling when he somehow manages to tangle himself in it. 

“How is it that you catch conniving serial killers for a living, but a simple blanket has the ability to take you down?” you tease him. 

“Shut up.” he mumbles as you untangle him from the blanket, successfully managing to spread it out on the ground by yourself. You sit down and he follows, placing the picnic basket in the space between the two of you. You eat in blissful silence, gravitating closer to each other. By the time you are done eating, you find yourself comfortably wrapped in Spencer’s arms. 

“This is nice.” you sigh, relaxing into his arms. He kisses the top of your head, smiling into your hair and peering up into the dark night sky. You tilt your chin up, gently cupping his chin with your hand and guiding his lips to meet yours. Your lips move in perfect unison as the crowds of people around you go about their lives. He is first to break away, urging you to look up into the night sky.

Your eyes meet the single bright red neon light, and your body stills. The smile plastered across your face quickly disappears as the first firework explodes in the night sky above you. You let out a quick yelp, throwing your hands up to shield your ears as your body shivers in terror. Spencer immediately turns his attention to your quivering form as another firework goes off. 

“Are you okay?” he asks. 

You cannot bring yourself to respond and your head is pounding on the inside. Spencer acts fast, quickly packing up the remainder of the picnic and guiding you to your feet. Your legs are shaking and you lean against your boyfriend for support, never once removing your hands from your ears. Once you are in the passenger seat, Spencer shuts the door for you and rushes to the driver’s side, rushing to put distance between you and the fireworks. Once they are a mere echo among the night, Spencer pulls into a nearby Starbucks, rushing in and returning with a hot chocolate for you. 

“Look at me,” he urges, “Deep breaths in and out.” You remove your hands from your ears as you begin to regain control of your body. He hands you the hot drink, and you accept it with a small smile. He strokes your hair for a few moments as you calm down. Finally, he asks, “What’s wrong?” 

“I um..” you trail off, collecting your thoughts “This is so stupid..” you cut yourself off, “I’m afraid of loud noises…” 

“Phonophobia?” Spencer asks, shifting his attention to your back and rubbing it in small circular motions, “I’m so sorry, I should have told you where I was taking you-”

“It’s okay.” you smile, “I just hope I didn’t ruin your night. I know you love this type of thing.” 

“You could never ruin my night.” he reassures you, “In fact, I have an idea.” 

You raise a curious eyebrow at him, watching as he drives further and further away from the booming fireworks. He pulls over when he reaches a quiet clearing by the forest. Like before, he guides you out of the car, walking over to the trunk. This time, he pulls out a package of sparklers and a lighter. 

“All the fun of fireworks, but with less noise.” he smiles, handing you a sparkler and lighting it for you. You run around in circles with it, swinging your arms around and laughing. Soon, Spencer follows with a sparkler of his own. The two of you quickly make your way through the pack, dancing and laughing in the moonlight. You quickly draw a heart in the air before your final sparkler burns out, throwing it to the side and running into Spencer’s arms. He catches your lips with his, and you smile into him. 

“I love you.” 
“And I love you.” he smiles back at you as a firework explodes somewhere in the distance.

i think what i hate about the “MURICA” shit is that it originally was making fun of people who thought america was The Land Of The Free The Home Of The Brave With Liberty And Justice For All and has since been adopted by those people as a sort of lighthearted self-parody. like reddit libertarians for instance

4th of July Special: Independence Day with The Avengers.

Title: Independence Day with The Avengers
Pairing: The Avengers x Reader, implied Pietro x Reader kinda sorta
Genre: Fluff, humor
Warnings: None
Prompt: “4th of July with The Avengers” requested by no one, written by me for shits and giggles. Used four of my previous imagines for the day in this one. Because freedom!!!
Summary: The reader spends Independence Day with The Avengers. As you can imagine, it is insane. The story takes place at Clint’s house, because seriously what better place to light fireworks??? Too much light pollution in New York. Also it is written as different parts of the day.
A/N: I’m in a silly mood. Very lighthearted, just a fun read. Hope you like it, and happy 4th of July!

“Really guys, you didn’t need to get me anything,” Steve spoke modestly, holding out his hands in denial.
“Oh shut it, Rogers. We got you things, so deal with it,” you said, thrusting a box wrapped in red, white, and blue paper into his hands. Steve sighed and opened the box reluctantly, but with a stupid grin on his face. He pulled out a vintage looking pocket watch, which had a photo of the team on the inside.
“Y/N, this is amazing,” Steve beamed, pulling you into a hug. You laughed and hugged back.
“Don’t just thank me, it was Tony’s idea,” you said, gesturing to Tony. He shrugged and smiled at Steve. He mirrored his actions, then thanked him.
You were sitting at the kitchen table  with Natasha, a platter of jello shots sitting in front of you. They were made with the rind of a watermelon, and were cut into triangle shapes. The two of you were laughing your asses off and eating the alcoholic treat, having a pleasant conversation. It might have just been the booze.
“Wha’dya mean you’ve met Britney Spears?!?” you half yelled, half laughed. Natasha laughed as well, leaning back in her seat.
“It was kind of weird, I was assigned to protect her from crazy fanboys,” she said, taking a bite of watermelon.
“So you were her body guard,” you said, sipping from a glass of water.
“I wouldn’t call it that,” she said, rolling her eyes. You raised an eyebrow at her. She burst out laughing.
“Okay, yes, I was Britney Spears’ body guard,” she admitted with a groan.
“Knew it.”
“Phil, where did you learn to bake?” you asked, staring at the amazingly decorated cake in front of you. Phil shrugged and added some finishing touches to the desert.
“I guess I just picked it up,” he smiled at you. You chuckled and leaned against the counter, your front covered in flour and icing.
“You think he’ll like it?” you asked, trying to disguise the worry in your voice and failing.
“He’s going to love it, Y/N,” Phil reassured you, placing the cake on the counter and adding two candles with Steve’s age to the top. Even though Steve was in his late 90’s, he sure didn’t look it, for obvious reasons.
When everyone had gathered in the dining room, Steve was sat at the table, blushing and hiding his face as everyone (some of them slightly drunk) sang the Happy Birthday song. Tony, on the other hand, was singing America the Beautiful.
You shivered slightly against the cold night air as you sat on a soft blanket on the lawn. Tony and Bruce were out in the field of tall grass and everyone else was huddled together on blankets. Pietro, who just so happened to be next to you, noticed your shiver, and pulled you closer to him. He wrapped his blanket around you and smiled as you thanked him under your breath.
Suddenly the sky was lit up with red, white, and blue, in all different kinds of shapes. Stars, Cap’s shield, the American flag… and then it got weird.
Tony had somehow managed to make it so that the fireworks spelled out the words, “Cap is a nerd,” “Ultron wasn’t our fault,” and “Nat isn’t even American.” The night ended in laughter and cuddling up to Pietro, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Hi, Im Maryssa. Im 17, I live in northern Michigan. I love animals, watching tv shows and movies. I like to read and write. I also love to take my German Shepherd puppy to the beach or anywhere that will allow her. I am a single lesbian looking for friends or a girlfriend but only if it is right. I can be awkward at first so I am looking for someone a little more lighthearted and funny. I will try my best not to be too awkward!

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I can't believe people hate you. At least you're not that stupid gender of the day blog that acts like it's empowering trans people but just makes gender more of a joke.

hi! i know you’re trying to help or be positive here, but don’t send me messages like this.

i am a trans person and this blog was actually inspired by genderoftheday- and you’d know that since i talk about it a LOT. the thing is is that with a blog like that, its important to know that genderoftheday isn’t trying to “empower” trans people- it’s turning a serious topic that millions of people have struggled over and turns it into something more lighthearted that trans people can find a mutual sense of humor in so that this thing that people have died over and because of doesnt seem so big and scary.

gender is a social construct and people dont need to die over it, but they do every single day. what’s the statistic- 1 in 8 trans woc will be murdered in their lifetime? genderoftheday is simply turning such a serious, foreboding topic into something that trans people can find a community of humor about. its not making fun of trans people nor is it trying to empower them- gender isnt a joke, so what genderoftheday is trying to do is make people realize that this really isnt something that needs to be taken so seriously. its trying to make it into a joke so people will stop being murdered over it.

genderoftheday keep up the good work!

Dreams into Waking

Happy 4th of July!

If anyone were to ask Peggy Carter to outline the movie she and her best gal, Angie Martinelli, had chosen to see, the British woman would have been at a loss for words. Angie had practically begged Peggy to take her to see The Inspector General, and since it starred Danny Kaye, one of Angie’s favorite actors, she easily acquiesced. Besides, she found the man’s films entertaining – the lighthearted comedies were a nice change of pace from the harsh realities of her job – but although Peggy liked Danny Kaye well enough, she hadn’t paid that much attention to this particular movie, choosing instead to focus on the stunning woman sitting beside her.

Indeed, as soon as the house lights lowered, Peggy casually adjusted her coat until it lay over both their laps and then slipped her hand into Angie’s, fingers lacing together, Peggy’s thumb casually stroking Angie’s soft warm skin.

When Angie laughed at a particularly funny moment in the film, Peggy took the opportunity to shift in her seat and furtively trail her foot up Angie’s calf, delighting in the way Angie’s laugh caught in her throat and instantly transformed into a pleased giggle.

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(I don’t usually do these types fics, but I wanted to try something new. Hope you like it! :)

“You guys are doing great, just hold that pose Jungkook. Look me straight in the eyes. And….we got it!” The photographer yelled at everyone on the shoot. “We’re done with you two. You guys can head off to get changed.”  Jungkook and Taehyung nodded  and bounded out of the room to change.

The other guys were either getting their makeup done or about shoot, so they were alone. In the bathroom, the two disrobed without much conversation. The other day, Taehyung and Jungkook had an awkward encounter that neither of them wanted to talk about.

“That was a fun shoot. Don’t you think so too?” Taehyung asked trying to be lighthearted as he took off his pants. 

Jungkook, a few feet away, pulled his shirt over his head. “I guess it was. I sort of wish the other guys could have been there to cheer us on more.” He said not looking him in the eyes. 

“Jungkookie, I’m really sorry about yesterday…” Taehyung said, but stopped. Jungkook looked Taehyung over. “I didnt mean to-" 

"I don’t care what you did or didn’t mean to do yesterday!” Jungkook yelled and turned away from him suddenly embarrassed with his shirt off. “And stop calling me Jungkookie." 

Taehyung stepped towards Jungkook. "We’re friends, okay. We’re brothers even.” Jungkook turned to him suddenly realizing they were both just in their underwear. He tried to look away, but his eyes wandered. “Uh…” Taehyung was about to question him when Jungkook cornered Taehyung.

“Do you really like me?” He asked. Taehyung wasn’t sure if he was being serious or not. “Do you like me as a brother or as…something more?” Jungkook asked. Taehyung only shied away. Jungkook backed away from him. “I guess now I’m sorry for having frightened you.”

Taehyung pulled his pants up quickly. Yesterday had been a mistake, but this was different. Jungkook seemed different. He was about to zip the zipper when it got stuck. He couldn’t get it to come up. “Ugh!” Taehyung let out a sigh and dropped his hands. “I can’t get this stupid zipper up again. I hate these pants for this very reason,” 

‘Do you need help?’ Jungkook offered. Taehyung shook his head and tried again. Jungkooked bent down and forcefully tried to fix the zipper. “I think it helps to get fresh eyes on a tough situation.” Taehyung tried not to feel awkward, but it was. Jungkook was one of his best friends, but they weren’t this close. 

Jungkook easily zipped up the zipper. “There you go. I knew I could do it.” Taehyung nodded and thanked him. “You owe me a favor now. Okay?” He said as he put his shirt back on.

“What? You mean, right now?” Taehyung asked looking side to side. Jungkook nodded. “What do you want exactly?” 

“I just want you to answer me one question.” Taehyung nodded vigorously at him. “Do you want to get some ramen later? There’s a place down the street that no one will take me to and I really want to go with someone. Will you go with me?”

Taehyung smiled and jumped up and down. “Yeah, of course. I love ramen!! Let’s go right now!” Jungkook put on a shirt and the two headed out the door.

“Are we cool, Jungkookie?” Taehyung asked.

Jungkooked nodded, “I was just messing with you. Besides, this is payback for yesterday.” Taehyung smiled and put his arm around Jungkook’s shoulder and the two left the shoot to get ramen. It was good ramen, as Jungkook had predicted it would be.

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“Please, not now.” //heyooo

“Why not? You’re not gettin’ shy on me are ya?” Frank’s voice was not as lighthearted as it usually was. It was a month before his birthday and this was always a tough time for him, and the more it came to the end of the year, he would acknowledge that it would be the next year that it would be a new starting year without Ava Gardner. His birthday was a horrid event, one he would get depressive over in a mere moment, and now it was all coming together….and for once, Frank had been behaving hostile, perhaps even cruel. He had been drinking gin this evening and currently was trying to humilate Ricky in a crowd full of people; as if it were a pass time hobby. Frank had not done this before, but he had been drinking Gin…and Gin made him _cruel. _If anything this was rather generous of Frank to be trying to humiliate Ricky this way…but it seemed to be a case that for once, he was not yelling. That would come later. He was not trashing the room either. That would come later too.


I have a confession to make.

And I know I’m like a total idiot for feeling this way.

I know humor is fun & lighthearted & endearing & all that.

But I hate the nickname for Solas as Egg.

I get it. I get why people use the nickname fondly. But the first times I heard him referred to as an egg, it was denigrating, calling him ugly and scoffing at him.

And that just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Because I hate it when someone cuts another person down, and uses their appearance to do so. Even if it’s a fictional character were talking about. It’s just so petty & mean.

((Not saying everyone who calls him “egg” does that. No. Not at all. I’m sure most people are referring to him fondly. It’s just that my first experiences with the term colored my view of it. I know it’s stupid. It’s just my little quirk. ^_^ Keep calling him egg & ignore me.))

so what did we learn from this update guys

 a few things. 

im probably way behind and this post has probably already been made but its never too late to talk about how dave strider was literally abused in canon

ok 1st off: this isnt the first time we hear about bro being abusive.

back in the physical comics there was a section where hussie made a cliffnote about it.


photo credits to tumblr user uraniumumbra. the text says: ““In round two of Dave’s strife, he tries to escape from the relentless puppet pummeling, but bro slashes the ABSCOND command, just like he sliced all the other battle commands in round one. The message is clear. Dave can’t escape until he has been dealt the requisite daily helping of domestic abuse, wait I mean ninja training. What did I say there? Nothing. It was nothing. Homestuck is a lighthearted and funny cartoon dealing in highly abstract and stylized household situations, and nothing about it shall evoke the gritty realities experienced every day by real life victims of abuse. Now let’s watch this 30-something year old man pound the daylights out of his adopted 13 year old brother and biological son.”

so we’ve had it hinted at us for awhile.

but this update completely spews things outta the water.

lets take things one by one

so the first thing dave gets i nto when talking to dirk about bro was that he knows wholeheartedly that bro didn’t care about him. he says he always thought it was a typical relationship because his point of reference was his friends who all bitterly complained about the gaurdians. he was in denial because the only other  times he ever heard about other parenting styles was when his friends completely blew things about their life out of proportion. he thought it was normal to not be cared about.

he also goes on to say that he didn’t know what a typical childhood was supposed to be like. he learned what a refrigerator was for by watching fucking movies.

not only that, but he clearly states that bro never took any initiative to take care of dave. he didn’t do the laundry and they never had the typical “father son” talks. everything domestic he had to learn about on his own.

then theres this part of the log:

dave says he still feels jittery thinking about how he used to have to sneak aroun bro. he knows it was a bad environment, because it made him nervous.

if you  look at older logs, which i cant be bothered to find right now, dave constantly reassured his friends that bro was cool and that the trainings were just a way of life. but in this log, he reveals that he didn’t like them.

at all.

in fact, he says he never wants to see blood, be near danger, or hear metal sounds. ie, be around anything that would remind him of the strifes thy used to have.

huh! imagine that!

dave admits to being fucked up because of bro’s parenting style, and then says that he wants to avoid things that remind him of strifes. aka one of the most traumatizing things bro put him through.

we also don’t know the extent of the strifes. how badly did dave get hurt? how often did they strife? twice a day? three times? whenever there was a chance? and if you look back to what hussie originally wrote about their relationship he mentions that bro won’t let dave leave the roof until he gets beaten the shit out of.

so dave then realizes how long its taken him to put everything together. he was uncared for, he didn’t have any adults who were good role models, and he even says that it wasnt until he spent more time around his friends did he realize what it actually felt like to be cares about.

now lets look at my all time favorite model, the kübler ross.

the  kübler ross model is typically used and referred to in relatioin to grieving, loss, or substance abuse. typically grieving or loss, like a loved one getting a terminal illness or being told you had cancer.

however, dave fits perfectly into the first two phases, which also serve as his reaction to the trauma bro put him in.

the first few stages are denial and anger. dave has been denying bro’s toxicity and abusive parenting the entire comic until recent updates. and his reaction? he’s pretty pissed about it, specifically about not realizing sooner.

now, bro’s dead, so the trauma isn’t actively happening.

but if it was, we’d probably see the next few stages somewhere in daves life, which are bargaining, depression, and acceptance. we will never know if dave would’ve gotten past his denial if bro hadn’t died; he easily could’ve subjected himself to bro’s abuse for the rest of his life. (an alternate way to look at it would be that dave skipped over bargaining entirely, and that this log was his acceptance.)

TL;DR: dave is finally admitting to have been being in denial over bro’s abusive parenting dave is admitting that it was toxic and that he still gets jumpy thinking about it. dave, quite possibly, has ptsd from the whole event. and lastly, yeah, this is hussie letting yall know, again, that bro was caonically abusive.

thanks for reading have a nice day
Glow - written by Anonymous
By Organization for Transformative Works


Alien AU, with a hint of Royal AU. A summer barbecue at the Tomlinson’s is interrupted by a naked visitor from a peaceful planet far, far away. Can an alien and a human survive a summer together for the sake of the human race?

Author - Anonymous (this will be edited when the author is revealed)

One shot - 41,463 words

Recc’ed and recc’ed and recc’ed again by intenselouis but thank goodness because I’m so glad I read this!

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!

I had no idea how badly I needed an alien + royal + magic + summer romance + intergalactic soulmates AU until this very moment. OH MY GAWD. It’s freaking wonderful!!!

This fic is hilarious on so many different levels. Prince Alien Harry from the Beez Neez (had to throw my own in the pot, haha) and med student Louis are lighthearted, addicting, and absolute perfection!

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, because it’s just too cute and fun for you to not experience finding out for yourself, but hear me when I say it’s darling and so inventive. I’ve never read a fic like this, and I’m just so so so glad it was written. 

And did I mention it’s funny?? Because it’s so funny! Louis is super sharp and quick with the wit, and Harry’s fumbles with human things are wonderful. There’s also a wonderful scene where H & L discuss social issues, and it doesn’t distract from the lighthearted plot at all, but it definitely makes you nod and wish everyone was accepting and loving in this world.

You know I have to close with this…. Harry would be sad if I didn’t… so here ya go…..

Read this fic! It’s OUTTA THIS WORLD! 

The first CG preview for Because We’re Here! In which Elfriede runs into a spot of bother, major-life-decisions-wise. I won’t give too much away, but as I’m sure you can tell, there’s a good amount of context to this scene.

It might be odd for the first CG shown for an otome game to be one with such a focus on the female protagonist, haha. But I think it’s representative. Because We’re Here is a game of two sides - the sweet and lighthearted love stories… and the darkness and anti-romantic horror ready to take over at any minute.

Which side will win out is, er, rather up to you.

“My parents were really against me when I told them I’m doing work as a tattoo artist, but I ended up persuading them that it was okay.”
“How did you do that?”
“Aside from the tattooing I have never done anything my parents said not to do. I was a son who listened to them really well.”
“Have you ever had a hard time because other’s prejudice about tattoos?”
“Sometimes older grandmothers on the subway look at my arm and ask, ‘What is that?’ But I just greet them and explain it’s my tattoo by saying, ‘This? You can’t erase it~ feel free to admire it~’ and wink at them with a smile. Then they really like me.”

“부모님이 제가 타투 아티스트 한다고하니까 반대를 많이 하셨는데 결국은 제가 설득을 했어요.”
“어떻게 설득했어요?”
“타투 빼고 부모님이 하지 말라는 건 절대 안 했어요. 정말 말 잘 듣는 아들이었죠.”
“일상 생활에서 문신에 대한 편견 때문에 불편할 때가 있나요?”
“가끔 지하철에서 할머님들이 제 팔 보고 ’이거 뭐야?’ 하고 여쭤보세요. 그럼 전 문신이라고 설명드리고 ‘이거요? 안 지워지는 거예요~ 예쁘게 봐주세요~’ 하고 찡긋 웃으면서 인사드리면 할머님들이 정말 좋아해주세요.”