Here you can see my two illustrations for the “Great Personality” artshow by Light Grey Art Lab. I had the honour to illustrate two backgrounds: a Museum of Natural History and a Wooded Campground. As always it was a great pleasure to illustrate for one of LGLA’s fantastic artshows.

All the amazing characters and backgrounds were used to create a a series of four interactive dating-sim games. The first part of the game ist already ready.

So go, download and play it, it is great!

Trailer to the game.

The exhibition, where you can have a look at all the fantastic illustrations, started on January 24th and will remain on display until February 21st. So go and have a look, if you have the chance.

You can see all the backgrounds/characters in the game and order prints here:


A little late posting this due to being sick, but this is my piece for the Bower Bird show! This postcard features my ever-growing teapot collection. It’s such an honor to be part of a show with so many different artists I look up to! Everyone did a great job. You can buy the postcard or prints at: