Green, Yellow, Red - (Astro Rocky)

Request:  Could you do a Rocky from Astro scenario/oneshot?

Word count: 731

Scenario: Rocky is jealous of a guy walking you home and being too touchy. 

Green Light 

You were at school much later than usual. Final exams were breathing down your neck and you really needed the extra help from anyone that was willing. The sun had already set in Seoul, that nice hour where the moon wasn’t out but the sun was long gone. Since it was so dark out, the guy tutoring you offered to walk you home. You couldn’t deny, and you would appreciate the company since you had to walk all the way to Rocky’s dorm. 

Grabbing your bag, you pranced out of school with (guy’s name). While you were usually quiet while walking home, he cracked jokes as you walked along the quiet streets. The laughter both of you emitted seemed to float through the air and occasionally you would have to stop in order to catch your breath. The atmosphere (guy’s name) set off was hilarious and not once did you stop smiling. 

Yellow Light 

Rocky waited for you at his dorm. The others had gone out for dinner while he stayed to wait for you. Rocky knew you would be walking here late so he sat outside to await your arrival. 

He heard you before he saw you. Your infectious laugh echoed from down the block, but loud laughs from a guy mixed with yours. When you finally entered his line of sight, he felt uncertainty bubble in his stomach. Your arms were linked with that guy and occasionally you would bend over, almost in tears, from laughing so hard. When you finally spotted Minhyuk you unlinked yourself from the guy and skipped towards him. Wrapping your arms around your boyfriend, you hummed into his chest just how much you missed him. Rocky let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding while he held you in his arms. 

“Oh! How rude of me! Rocky, this is (guy’s name)! He’s been tutoring and was sweet enough to walk me here.” 

“Nice to meet you.” Your friend put his hand out for Minhyuk to shake. Reluctantly, they shook hands

Red Light 

“I better get going, Y/N.” Your guy friend ruffled your hair as you whined at the fact he had to leave. 

“Don’t worry. I’ll see you on Friday for our next session.”  

Rocky gritted his teeth at the fact you had to meet with your friend twice a week. (guy’s name) had seemed nice, but you also seemed to be really close to him. Minhyuk didn’t like how open you were with touching and talking with him. 

You nodded your head at your friend. He had walked less than 3 steps, before turning around and placing a chaste kiss onto your cheek. Then, he walked off, his hands in his pocket and whistling and tune. 

Your cheeks were flushed and shock was evident on not only your face, but your boyfriends as well. Minhyuk clenched his fist and stomped inside alone, running into his room and slamming the door loud enough for you to hear how pissed he was. 

You ran inside after your obviously upset darling. You practically tripped up the stairs before you could raid his door with a series of pleading knocks. 

“Come on, babe! Let me in! I didn’t know he was going to do that! Rocky, please! I know you are jealous but I promise I’m only interested in you!” 

Minhyuk sprung open his door at the accusation of him being jealous. 

“I am not jealous. I know you are mine. As if i was threatened by that….that…nerdy boring kid. PLease. I couldn’t care less.”  

“Oh really? Then you would be cool if I go call him right now and tell him I want to study even more with him? Maybe even go buy a latte together?” 

You teased Minhyuk as you ran down the stairs as if you were running away from him. 

“Yah! Get back here!” 

He grabbed you around your waist and pulled you into the kitchen before placing you so that you were sitting on the counter and he stood between your legs. Rocky pressed his forehead against yours, letting your breathe mingle with his. 

“So maybe I was a bit jealous, but I have a right to be when he’s all over you like that.” 

“That may possibly be true, but you just have to remember…I’m yours. And I will always be only and forever yours.” 

Green light

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